I have been attacked by the plot bunnies, yet they are not the ones that I want to attack me and I find that a little tiresome. I know I should be working on Diversus Vicis, but this one nibbled my kneecaps until I did as I was told. Also, I needed something to write that wasn't quite the angst that I've come to rely on.

Disclaimer: No, really, Kripke just gave them to me? Oh. Right. Well I can dream can't I? Still not mine.


The cherub is well aware of the identity of the seraph who found him, the one who revealed him to the humans who followed, and he is very well aware of the fact that he is close to fallen, one look at the effort his brother expended to tether him is evidence of that. However, he cannot help but feel a little for him.

The thing is, of all the angels, the third class cherubim are the ones most capable of emotion, of feeling more than they ought. They orchestrate the love that grows between humans, the important bloodlines that have to be joined to create the facilitators of all things to come, but to do that they have to understand a measure of it and understand some of it they do. These cherubim are the very symbol of that emotion, that love, that humans put so much stock and faith in. He knows it, so he recognises it when he sees it, when he feels it and he has felt it. He felt it the day that Castiel looked into his mind.

It is something of a two way street, peering into the minds of brothers. Even though Castiel may have once been higher on the chain than the cherub, his slow fall allows the cherub to sneak past his defences while his brother is occupied and it all makes so much sense. He understands, now, what the others do not, what they cannot. Castiel did not take the actions he did through disobedience, he took them because someone has imprinted on his heart and that does not mean the heart of the vessel, no, that means the heart of an angel.

That is a big deal, as the humans say, a really big deal, and there is only one being in the universe who is capable of it. Obviously He has a plan for these two and they do not know it yet. The cherub is more than happy to give them a little nudge.

It will take time, probably more than one call from Dean for help or understanding, but the cherub will make sure that the human soul lives and feels and one day sees the reward that He has put in front of his eyes. It is what the minor angel does after all.