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She shivered as she felt his breath upon her ear. He smirked at her reaction enjoying the fact that he had an effect on her.

"Are you cold Bonnie? 'Cause I know a sure fire way to warm up," his eyes showed that he was finding this amusing, she was his entertainment.

Bonnie was furious and embarrassed that she couldn't control the way her body responded to him. Glaring daggers at him she leaned in to whisper in his ear as well.

"I'm not as cold as you," she said slowly and icily and then ripped her hand away from his to turn around and ignore him. He didn't miss the fact that she was referring to more than his core temperature. As she moved to hop into her car Damon pulled her violently towards him, kicked the door shut and then slammed her against the car. His body was against hers in less than a heart beat and he held her wrists above her head.

"I'll scream," she spat out venomously.

"Go ahead, it's dinner time and I'd be more than happy to kill anyone who comes to rescue you."

Even though she knew she didn't have the strength, she struggled to break free. Damon's fingers dug into her wrists. And that's when it happened. She gasped as the vision came to her in a flash. She saw Damon. It was obvious by the clothes that he was wearing that it was a vision of the past.


"You're a disappointment to me Damon," said a stern looking man, sitting at an antique desk.

"Yes. Anything else you'd like to say to me father?" asked Damon with an expression that said he was taking no interest in what his father had to say. He leaned against the wall making sure to look thoroughly bored.

"You do not care about anything do you son?!" said Giuseppe furiously.

"I care about when this conversation is going to end father," Damon answered calmly.

"Get out of my sight!"

Damon crossed the room casually and opened the door. When he was on the other side of it he became less casual. In fact, the bored expression in his eyes was replaced by an unexpressed rage and he marched quickly through the house until he was outside.

He breathed in the fresh air that his garden had to offer, as if he had been suffocating. He then sat upon a nearby rock and looked to the sky and whispered his thoughts to the only person he felt would listen to him.

"It would not be this way if you were here would it mother? If you were here he would not detest me the way he does now, because you being here would mean that I did not kill you by being born. If you were here I would not feel so lost would I? You would care to help me find my way."


Bonnie blinked and her eyes took a few seconds to focus on what was in front of her. The present came crashing back as she saw Damon looking at her with a serious expression and then all of a sudden her other senses came back. She breathed in a sharp breath.

"Damon you're hurting me," she gasped. He let go and took a step back as if he was scared too touch her. Bonnie took turns in cradling each wrist in the other hand.

"What did you see?" he asked in a low voice his eyes never leaving hers. Bonnie looked down unable to face him and decided to lie.

"I-I'm not really sure, it was a quick flash, not like my normal visions. I didn't really understand it."

Damon took a step closer to her.

"You're lying. I'm a vampire Bonnie. I can hear a heart beat from a mile away. It's a beautiful sound and yours all of a sudden went faster after I asked you what you saw. So this is the last time I will ask. What did you see?"

Bonnie shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably while she tried to think of what to say.

"Look at me!" he growled. Her eyes automatically snapped up to his, he looked furious but scared also, as if he already knew that she had seen some secret part of himself that he didn't want anyone to know about.

Bonnie stood up tall and decided to tell the truth. It seemed to be her only option and possibly the best one to keep her alive. She switched her hands around to rub the other wrist and then took a deep breath.

"I saw you Damon. When you were human. You had a-an argument with your dad, you then went outside a-and you spoke to your mother."

Damon's eyes grew slightly wide as he realised that she had witnessed one of his most vulnerable moments. He quickly changed his expression to a guarded one. Bonnie's brow was furrowed and she bit her lip before she spoke softly.

"Damon, it was really common for women to die in childbirth back then - "

"Shut up!" he growled, his hand flew up to wrap around her neck. He pulled her forward by her throat and opened her car door with his other hand. He made sure not to apply any pressure so that she could breathe easily but he did also push her down into her seat by her throat.

"Go home," he commanded, glaring at her before he sped off into the night in the blink of an eye.

Bonnie placed her legs inside, closed the door and began to cry. Her wrists were in pain but she barely registered it. All she could think about was the disgust she felt towards herself for feeling sympathy towards him. The demon that was responsible for her Grams death. What made matters worse was the way she had no control over how her body responded when he was around her. She slammed her hand against the steering wheel in anger, again barely feeling the pain in her wrist.

"Grams what do I do? I feel so lost without you," she whispered, not unlike the way she had witnessed Damon speaking to the heavens.

She wiped her tears away, put the key in the ignition and drove home. When she had pulled into the driveway and parked the car, she checked herself in the mirror to make sure that there was no evidence that she had been crying. She knew that she was coming home early and she didn't want her dad to think that she had had a bad time.

As she reached the door she realised that she didn't have her keys. She had forgotten to pick up her bag. Damn it! As she reached for the spare key under the statue of a mushroom, she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. The adrenaline must have been wearing off and now she was beginning to feel the full extent of her physical pain.

She took a deep breath before she turned the key in the lock. Happy face! Happy face! Happy face!

"Hey dad!" she chirped as she entered the house.

"Hey kiddo," he exclaimed from the couch, surprised to see her. He pressed the mute button on the remote and then gave her his full attention. "What are you doing home so early? Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, it was a good night until Elena and Stefan got into a lovers spat, so I thought I'd give them a little privacy to sort things out." She forced herself to laugh cheerfully.

"Oh," he said disappointed. "Well do you want to spend some time with your old man? Watch the game or maybe rent a movie and make some of dad's famously, disgustingly fattening nachos?"

"Oooo tempting but I think I'm going to clean up the mess I made of my room and then start on my homework."

"Homework? On a weekend night?"

"Yeah well, I'm still trying to catch up from the days I missed this month," Bonnie replied casually hoping that the subtle reference to her Grams death would influence her dad to give her some space.

"Ok sweetie, well you let me know if you change your mind," he smiled.


Bonnie practically ran up the stairs, then locked her door, turned off the light and crashed into her bed to cry herself to sleep. How could she have been stupid enough to think that this could be a good day?

Back at the Grill Stefan and Elena had just finished paying for their meal when Stefan caught Bonnie's scent. He breathed in the air around him more deeply, a puzzled expression upon his face.

"What?" asked Elena.

"Bonnie was here," stated Stefan and he followed her scent to the booth she had been sitting at. He stood directly in front of it, oblivious to the fact that the couple now occupying the booth was staring at him strangely.

"Uh, dude do you mind?" said the guy.

"Sorry," said Stefan absentmindedly and turned around to face Elena who was looking around.

"I don't see Bonnie anywhere. How long ago was this?" Stefan frowned.

"Damon was here too," he said firmly and then simply walked in the direction of the door.

"What?" Elena almost screeched as she followed him.

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