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Book 1

From the pages of Itachi's diary

February 14, XXXX

Dear Diary,

Today is Valentines Day, and boy! You're not going to believe what just happened to me last night...

My Unforgettable Valentines Day With Sasuke


February 04


"Ouch! Oh, man! Dammit!" Sasuke groaned as he tried to turn the blaring alarm clock off. His head ached from hitting his forehead on the wooden headboard. He was still sleepy, but he needed to wake up. Today was February 4, the day his bestfriend Naruto promised to listen to his problem. Naruto was off from schoolwork that day... so Sasuke will own all of the blonde's attention. He got up groggily as he tired to rub the sleep off his eyes. He was never a morning person, but this time was an exception. He needed the blonde's help badly. He made his way to the bathroom. He quickly undressed and went under the shower. He turned the valve on and a blast of cold water sprayed over him. He was fully awake now.

As he showered, his mind worked... thinking of how to tell Naruto that he was in love with his own brother Itachi. He couldn't keep it in him anymore, he'd go crazy. He needed help as soon as possible. Sasuke was already at the verge of depression. 'Who said love is easy to achieve? Why does everything have to be so complicated in my part? Kami... are you mad at me?' Sasuke thought desperately. It was hard... extremely hard to love someone in silence. It was so difficult to maintain your self control when the one you want was just a room away from you... when you are both living under the same roof... everything was pure torture... especially if you are in love with your own brother!

Uchiha Itachi was the most sought-after bachelor in Konoha. He was as rich as he was famous and was twice the good-looking. He recently just nailed in the deal with Kirigakure and his fame rose to the nines. He was a business tycoon... aside from owning the prestigious Uchiha Electronics Corporation, he was also a stockholder of Arabia's Ghawar Oil Field, He also owns a quarter of the well know Petra Diamonds corporation in Africa. Other from those mentioned earlier, Itachi owned a lot of other businesses. He was a public figure, a role model of the country. He attained his status at the very young age of 21. He was a genius when it comes to doing business, he has the Mida's Touch.

Sasuke had always admired the long-haired man. He was the human form of perfection. Itachi had this commanding presence that could melt anyone's heart. Sasuke would spend hours staring at one of Itachi's pictures that he keeps in a frame. He had been doing this 'hobby' for a long time now in secrecy. He was afraid someone would find out about his feelings for Itachi. He even confided it with Naruto for years, but when Naruto told him that he was gay and had their old prep-school classmate, Sabaku Gaara as a lover... Sasuke's mind was starting to have seconds thoughts about confessing to Naruto the true state of his heart and mind. After all... what would Naruto think... Itachi was his brother, for Kami's sake!

He glanced at the clock above his dresser... 7:46 am... Naruto promised to meet him at the ramen house 2 blocks away from his house by 8 am. Sasuke quickly grabbed a pair stonewashed jeans and a black shirt with a red peace sign over it. He quickly wore black socks and threw on his favorite black old-school sneakers. He galloped downstairs, grabbed a granola bar by the counter and got his keys by the door. He quickly locked the house, jumped on his blue Suzuki GSX-R1000 with his helmet in tow and hurriedly made his way to his meeting place with Naruto. When he reached the diner, Naruto was nowhere to be seen. Sasuke parked his motorbike and went in the diner.

10 minutes later...

"Suke! Sorry I'm late!" a bubblly voice broke the silence as a bushy-haired blonde entered the diner. Sasuke looked up from his steaming cup and smirked at his friend. Naruto smiled widely as he took his place infront of Sasuke. A waitress came to their aide... Naruto gave out his order as the brown haired girl wrote it down. She then refilled Sasuke's cup with green tea. Naruto faced Sasuke as soon as he got comfortable. Sasuke was looking down at the local newspaper he was reading. The headline showed "Konohagakure-Kirigakure:The Union of the Century!" printed in bold letters. Naruto grabbed the papers off Sasuke's hands, the raven looked up... caerulean eyes met his gaze "" Naruto demanded.

Uzumaki Naruto, the perky blonde was Sasuke's closest friend. Both considered themselves as bestfriends and shared most of their inner thoughts with each other. They were the exact opposite of each other... Naruto was bright and bubbly, while Sasuke was dark and collected. They complemented each other well and miraculously had a lot of things in common. Sasuke sighed loudly as the intenstity of Naruto's stare bored deeply into him. Sasuke knew he had to be totally honest with Naruto with this problem he was carrying. Although Naruto was now seeing someone and spent less time with Sasuke, they made it a point to keep in contact every day.

Naruto looked at Sasuke, he knew it was hard for the raven to vent out. He was used to Sasuke's attitude... all he needed was a little squeeze and soon the so called 'problem' will crawl out of his bestfriend. Naruto cancelled his early date with his boyfriend Gaara today just to be with Sasuke. The raven rarely called Naruto for help, so this one's gotta be serious. He stared at the pale skinned man before him "Well? Spill it out, teme..." he coaxed the dark-haired boy. Sasuke opened his mouth but nothing came out. The raven blinked a couple of times and opened his mouth again. "Naru...I just found out I'm gay-ly in love..." his confession came out in a whisper... but it was audible enough for the blonde to hear.

"You what?" Naruto yelled in disbelief. He was sure he was awake. Sasuke blushed as he looked around. The blonde's booming voice captured the attention of some of customers who were now looking at their direction. "Sssshhhh! Not so loud, dobe!" Sasuke scolded the gawking blonde. Naruto's shocked face instantly turned into an incredibly bright smile. He went over and grabbed Sasuke, trapping him in a tight hug "Ooohhhh, I am so happy Suke!" crooned the blonde. Sasuke blushed harder as the scene caught a few giggles from the watchers-by. The blonde released him, "So... who's the lucky guy?" Naruto asked the flushed raven. Sasuke answered slowly "...I-ta-chi..." and Naruto's jaw dropped.

Upon hearing the name that escaped Sasuke's lips, Naruto became shocked. He gulped loudly... this was indeed a shock. Here he was infront of his bestfriend who just confessed to him that he was gay and madly in love with his own aniki. Naruto blinked and saw Sasuke staring right back at him, his obsidian eyes were questioning. Naruto cleared his throat and faced Sasuke "...well, teme... uhm... that's... really..." the blonde trailed off, trying to find the perfect word to explain what he wanted to say. "Stupid... right?" Sasuke said in disgust. He knew it! Naruto would't comprehend his situation. "No! Not stupid, teme... instead, it's true love if you ask me..." the blonde said with a grin.

Sasuke scowled. Was his bestfriend trying to make fun of him? Naruto noticed the adorable pout iin Sasuke's lips. Naruto sat beside Sasuke and looked straight into his eyes "You know teme, falling in love is not easy... it's not the same as having a crush on someone... I personally believe in love at first sight, but I also do believe that love takes time to be discovered..." Naruto explained his idea. Sasuke grunted "Well that's easy for you to say... you're not related to Gaara... but me? I mean... Well look at it... it's so difficult..." Sasuke's voice was coated with frustration. Naruto sighed. Sasuke did have a point... How can one confess to the ever perfect Uchiha Itachi?

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