A.N.: All right a new story yeah. Just some Valentine's fluff for Morgan and Garcia couldn't resist. Set in fifth season, however there has been no Lynch and no Tamara they got together a few months after Penelope was shot. Enjoy.

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Part one

She felt someone watching her, eyes tracing over her back as she tried to sleep, "Didn't your mother ever teach you that it's not polite to stare?"

"Can't help it when I've got a Goddess sleeping beside me," he returned as she rolled onto her back, Derek hovering over her. "Good morning my love," he leaned down and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss running his hands along her sides making her shiver.

Nipping at her bottom lip then soothing it with his tongue, hearing a deep moan emanate from Penelope before feeling her hands clasp his shoulders pulling him down on top of her. She deepens the kiss twisting her tongue around his searching every hot, moist crevice trying to devour him whole. Slowly they pull back, but not before Penelope pull's his bottom lips between her teeth nibbling and licking, dragging a groan from him.

"I'll show you a good morning Hot stuff," Penelope replied sweetly dragging her fingers over his shoulders and down his chest stopping only to toy with his nipples before letting them head south.

Closing his eyes, Derek tried to control himself. He wanted her like a man dying of hungry, but knew the girls would be here soon to pick Penelope up.

"Promises, Promises baby girl," he chuckled sitting up, straddling her hips pressing his hard length into the warm part of her body the one part his body wanted most to be.

Her eyes darken with lust as her right hand began to play with the edge of his pajama bottoms, "No promise sugar more of a fact."

She burrowed a finger just passed the waist band running the perimeter beneath the fabric watching his eyes darken to deep pools of dark chocolate. A sensual smile graced her lips as she worked the soft cotton down passed his hips freeing his hot hard length into her warm hand.

"Damn woman," he hissed throwing his head back, feelings and emotions running through his body.

"And it only gets better sweetness," she answered vaguely flipping them over and sliding down his erection, gaining a deep morn of pleasure from him.

His hands trailed up her body as she moved slowly over him, grinding her hips bragging out their intimate moment together for as long as she could. His fingers brushed the underside of her breasts as he worked the silky fabric of her night gown up and over her head, and wrapping her arms around her shoulders bring her down towards him. His lips latching on a tact pale pink nipple sucking deeply as her pace picked up almost to the point of being frantic. A smug smile curved his lips against her flesh knowing what he did to her only spurred him farther on, bucking his hips up to meet her thrust for thrust.

Trailing his lips over to her other breast, so as not to have it feel left out, while his hands took hold of her butt messaging the soft flesh under his hands. She could feel the burn of release deep in her stomach as her walls clenched around him, dragging him deeper inside her warm heat. Leaning down she nipped at his ear lobe before taking it between her lips and sucking gentling. Dragging his mouth away from her magnificent breasts he traced a path up her neck pulling her lips away from his neck and consuming them in a passion filled kiss drinking in every part of her. His hands never still they ran the length of her back exploring her body like it was the first time getting lost in the sensual sensations she was bring out in him. All too soon he felt her orgasm hit bragging him along for the ride, milking him for all his worth before she collapsed on top of him.

"Now… that was… one hell of a… good morning Goddess," Derek breathed pushing her wild blonde curls aside to kiss her neck.

"Only for you hot stuff," she returned panting, gaining a chuckle from his lips.

Sliding towards his left side, she wrapped her arms around his waist burying her face into his hard chest breathing in the masculine sent that was all Morgan, before placing a kiss to the middle of his chest. Snaking his own arms around her and tugging her into his side, Derek's eyes began to slide shut, then flew open when he felt her pinch his side.

"What was that for?" he questioned indignantly though it didn't meet his eyes, which danced with amusement.

Penelope looked at him expectantly wondering when he'd get what today was. When she saw no understanding she sighed and started to roll away. She didn't get far, because his arms held her in place, his hands starting to tickle her sides making her squirm.

"Stop," she exclaimed trying to worm her way away from his questing fingers.

"No can do sugar lips you pinch me I tickle you until I have you begging."

"I give, please, I give," she returned breathless.

"Nope," he said rolling over trapping her beneath his body.

She wriggled around brushing his body with hers trying to give him a little payback. It never worked he just trapped her lower body by clamping his thighs around her hips holding her in place while his hands continued their relentless pursuit. Heat flared in his eyes as he watched her writhe beneath him, but one look at the clock told him their fun had to come to an end soon. He had plans after all.

Easing up he planted one last longing kiss to her lips before pulling away and getting off the bed. She rolled over her side watching him walk around there bedroom. All power and masculine strength, yet she knew that beneath that hard covering beat the heart of a gentle, caring and loving man. Of course it didn't hurt that he walked around naked his body flexing and straining with every step. She could watch that tight backside walk away all day and never get tried.

Sighing she knew it was time to get up the girls would be here soon for their Sunday day of pampering and clothes shopping. Something they did when work and life permitted. However, she figured that today would be different given what day it was. She hoped that Derek hadn't forgotten, in the almost three years they'd been together he hadn't forgotten one. Yet, today, this morning there was no breakfast in bed, no roses or heart shaped boxes of chocolate. She was beginning to wonder if the newness of their relationship was wearing off.

Covertly Derek looked behind him watching Penelope fiddle with the sheet wrapped around her body and his hungry for her reignited in his blood. He wanted nothing more than to jump back into that bed with her and claim what was his. But not today, today would be, or so he hoped, a special day that she'd remember for the rest of their lives.