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Part five

One year later…

"Pen would you please stop pacing the damn floor you're making me dizzy," Emily complained for the hundred time that afternoon.

"Sorry Em, I'm just nervous," Penelope returned sheepishly taking a seat.

"Nothing to be nervous about Pen everything's going to go off without a hitch," JJ said from beside her.

Doubt filled brown eyes met light blue, "It's just hard to believe I'm getting married today."

"About damn time to," another voice from the tents doorway answered.

"Thank God maybe you can keep her calm Fran before Emily handcuffs her to a chair," JJ stated watching as Penelope started to pace again.

"I swear to God Derek if you don't stop fidgeting with your damn tie and sit down I don't know what I'm going to do, but it'll be drastic," Hotch exclaimed a little to harshly as he watched his normally collected agent pace the floor in front of him.

"Want me to get some rope and hog tie him to the chair," Rossi threw in receiving a glair from Derek.

"No cause I don't want Penelope on my ass for messing his suit up and she will know," Hotch huffed ready to wring some necks. "For the love of God just sit down."

Derek sat but not for long he had too much nervous pent up energy to relax or even settle down. He never did understand how Hotch managed to do this not once but twice.

"I give," Hotch exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air vacating the small tent.

"What's his problem?" Derek asked when the wind blew in making everything move in the gentle breeze.

Rossi chuckled, "You've got him so nervous, which is kind of funny to see really."

"What's he got to be nervous about I'm getting married."

"You pacing is working his nerves," Reid tossed in from his set by the plastic window.

Derek just shook his head, not understand Hotch's reaction. Today he was finally getting to marry the one woman he's loved for so long. She was and is his best friend, the love he thought he'd never find let alone get to keep and treasure for the rest of his life. A goofy smile lit his features at the thought that she would finally be his forever.

"Everyone decent in there," came Hotch's booming voice.

"As decent as we can be boss man," Penelope answered with a slight giggle.

The flap turned back and Hotch appeared dressed in a black tux with a wine red bowtie around his neck. Thankfully there was a slight cooling breeze to keep both guests and wedding party comfortable.

His eyes settled on the bride to be and a rare smile filled his face reaching those soft brown eyes. "You look beautiful Penelope," he voiced, happiness in his tone.

"Thank you Aaron," she replied a slight blush creeping up her cheeks.

"So is everyone ready, before Derek wears a whole in the grass back in his tent," He asked offering Emily his arm.

She gave him an exasperated look, "Having the same trouble with him hu?"

"Oh you don't even know the half of it."

"Try me," Emily responded feeling someone slap her arm.

"I wasn't that bad," Penelope whined following the couple out.

Both JJ and Emily echoed each other, "Yes you were," then laughed.

The guests though few in number, were all seated and waiting for the bride to arrive. Derek stood up at the front of the make shift alter perched just at the beginning of the pedestrian bridge over lake Potomac. It took a bit of doing to get the city council to agree to let them have their wedding held there, but after a few well placed calls everything had came together.

He looked to his left where Reid stood as his best man looking dapper in his tux a black bowtie at his neck. Penelope had insisted on each groomsman's wear a different color bowtie she didn't want a boring humdrum wedding, therefore color was a must. He glanced out into the crowd seeing his sisters sitting in the front row, happy tears all ready falling from their eyes. His mother caught his eyes as she was walked up the aisle by Rossi. She gave him a reassuring albeit watery smile. He remembered their talk the previous night.

They had separated Derek and Penelope from each other. Penelope would be staying at the Hotchner's resident until the morning leaving Derek to sleep in there big bed all alone.

Though at the moment he sat with a picture book in his hand flipping through page by page, when he felt a warm hand come to rest on his shoulder.

"Hey Ma," Derek said, glancing up at her.

"Everything all right baby?"

He nodded, "Just looking through a few memories."

"You know he'd be proud of you," Fran offered with a smile coming to sit beside her son.

"I know, I just wish…"

"That he could be here for this, so do I honey, but it was just not meant to be."

Clearing the lump from his throat Derek tried to speak, "You think he's watching, you know from up there?"

"I know he is and I'm sure he's sending all his love and happiness to you." She answered then pulled something from her pocket, "I have something for you." She handed over the small oval box.

With shaking hands Derek took the offered velvet covered package a bit unsure if he wanted to open it.

"He'd want you to wear these tomorrow," she said, her voice quite and reassuring.

Slowing he lifted the lid, there resting inside of black velvet were two gold cufflinks in the shape of the letter M. he knew them well. His father would put them on even Sunday morning for church saying that when he wore them his father and grandfather would always be with him no matter where he went or the miles in between them.

He felt tears burn the back of his eyes, but he pushed passed them and gathered his mother in a tight hug. "Thank you Ma."

"No thanks necessary baby you just have a good long life with that fabulous woman of yours that's all I'm asking that and grandbabies."

Now as he stands there waiting for his beautiful baby girl to walk down the aisle he fingered those same cufflinks feelings joy spread through his body ready for the rest of his life to began.

The music changed as Emily walked down the aisle first, her five month baby bump barely showing in the burgundy off the shoulder dress that was fitted at her breasts, but fell in waves down her body little rhinestones dotted the silk material making it glitter in the afternoon sun light. Her hair fell in tight curls framing her face as she carried a small bouquet of baby pink roses. JJ appeared just behind her, blonde hair twisted up in an elegant French twist little wisps of hair floated around her face. Her dark blue halter dress bringing out the color in her eyes, much like Emily's the fabric had small rhinestones dotting the material in her hands a small group of pale yellow roses. She'd wanted dresses the girls could wear again not something that they'd put in the closet and never take out again. Henry followed, in his little black tux making a dashing appearance as ring bearer, to the ohhs and ahhs of the gathered crowd.

When the music changed for the second time, Derek held his breath, his eyes trailing down the short cloth covered aisle to where his baby girl stood, breath taking as always. Blonde hair down around her shoulders in soft curls, dark blue streaks running through the locks her something blue was what she'd told him. Her dress was two piece. The top a handmade corset with dark red vine flowers stitched against a white silk fabric, a simple silk blouse with dark red roses embroidered at the cuffs underneath, at her waist a flowing white silk skirt. His beauty decided to go barefoot, telling him that she wanted to feel the grass underneath her feet instead of tripping over three inch heels.

But none of that mattered to him, all he could see was her radiated smile and the love in her sweet honey colored eyes. He almost had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, cause the angel walking towards him surely couldn't be for him.

Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man
Lookin at you standin there I know I am
Barefooted beauty with eyes that blue
The sun shine sure looks good on you
I swear

Hotch stood on one side and Rossi on the other. She'd told him that she couldn't decide between the two, so she asked them both to walk her down the aisle. Now walking towards her husband to be, she was glad she had both of them to hold her up.

From the moment her eyes landed on his gorgeous frame her breath left her body. He truly was a vision to behold standing up there in his black tux with dark red bowtie. She could see that he was fidgeting with the cufflinks his mother had giving him.

Her heart filled with love as their eyes met and held as she inched her way towards him. When they came to a stop she turned briefly to Rossi placing a chaste kiss to his cheek before squeezing his hand in thanks and letting up take his seat. She turned to face Hotch, his smile meaning so much to her. She was glad he'd found happiness again after his break up with Haley. In a way Emily completed him like Haley had never been able to and now they were expecting their first child. Though it had taken a little time, but Jack had finally gotten use to the idea that he was going to be a big brother.

"Thank you Aaron," she whispered, leaning in to place the same chaste kiss to his cheek before letting him go.

Her glaze returned to Derek as she took his hand and started the rest of her life with the man she would always love.

Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby
Happy ever after, after all this time
Oh there's gonna be some ups and downs
but with you to wrap my arms around
I'm fine

So baby, hold on tight
Don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin
You gotta know when you've got a good thing

You know you keep on bringin out the best of me
And I need you now even more than the air I breathe

You can make me laugh when I wanna cry
This will last forever I just know, I know

So baby, hold on tight
Don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin
You gotta know when you've gotta good thing

We got a good thing, baby, woah
So hold on tight
Baby, don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin
You gotta know, oh you gotta know
Oh you gotta know, you gotta know
When you got a good thing

We got a good thing baby
Woah, woah, woah, woah

Ten months later…

'You've reached Derek and Penelope, we're not home right now to busy having sex right now to come to the phone. Leave a message.'

"You know you two really need to change that message," came Fran Morgan's voice over the machine.

"Ma," Derek answered thanking God that he didn't blush easily.

"Yes son."

"When's your flight going to land?"

"In two hours honey. How's Penelope doing?"

He sighed, running a hand over his head, "I'm taking her to the hospital as we speak. I think the baby's ready to pop out."

Fran chuckled, "Well then go my son and I'll see you in a bit."

"I'll have Hotch pick you up, bye Ma," he returned hanging up, as he raced around their house grabbing Penelope's things.

He was at the SUV when her voice sounded from the front door. "You forgetting something handsome?"

He looked back at her deer in the head lights stair racking his brain then it dawned on him and he raced back, "Sorry baby girl," he exclaimed bending slightly and picking his wife up in his arms and cradling her close rushing to the truck.

She laughed the whole way shaking her head at his antics.

Four hours later, Helen Francine Morgan was born a health seven pounds three ounces, twenty one inches long.

Brushing a stray lock of blonde hair away from her forehead, Derek leaned down and placed a kiss to his wife's forehead, whispering, "Thank you my love for giving me the two best gifts a man could ever have."

The years though, were at times tough they always managed to keep tight to one another. Their family grew in size, but nothing ever came between them their new when they had a good thing, a lasting bond of hope, love, faith and family.

The End

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