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She stared into the blood red eyes of an angelic demon. The demonic woman stood tall and proud, like a goddess with a sinister smirk on her beautiful face. Her tongue darted out wetting her lips in anticipation as her red eyes glowed with excitement. Two large males stood on either side of her wearing the same smirks, looking very eager for what they knew was coming.

She knew she should have been afraid, petrified of what they were going to do to her, of the pain they were going to inflect, but she wasn't. She had seen this coming for months now and had accepted her fate long ago, just as she had done with him.

She smiled softly as images of him filled her mind. The way he seemed to smile more with his eyes than his mouth, which she had always thought, was a shame as his smile was beautiful; it was crooked and shy seeming to fit perfectly on his bone white face. His mop of thick curly blonde hair that had a bad habit of falling into his expressive eyes, hiding them from view. The way he loved her unconditionally despite all her faults.

The smile then fell form her face when she realized what this would do to him. She was afraid for him, the man she had given her heart and soul to, as she knew her death would be hard on him.

The wind rushed by shaking the trees as the rain continued to fall heavily, causing her clothes to stick to her like a second skin. She looked around the field watching as everything slowly shifted into place and closed her eyes as the woman snapped her fingers. She sucked in a deep breath, squared her shoulders, sent a final prayer and waited for death to come.

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