Rating: K

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Warnings: nope

Disclaimer: the only things i own are the rabbit, the quilt, and two copies of the movie mentioned within.

A/n: inspired by (similar) true events.

Chekov pressed his face into his pillow, tears leaking out from under the lids of his tightly closed eyes. he knew it was silly to be crying, that he was perfectly safe, but he couldn't help it. he always slept by the light of his holovid player, but hadn't realized it was broken until it was too late to get help (as everyone was no doubt asleep) and he lacked the tools to fix it himself.

when he was younger he was so afraid oif the dark that he had to keep his bedside light on when he went to sleep. the fear had faded somewhat as he'd gotten older, enough that he'd switched to falling asleep with his holovid on, the light acting as a nightlight and the audio providing something to focus on other than the many disturbing thoughts his overactive imagination would produce if left to it's own devices.

unfortunately, such was the situation now. all he could think about was the ship crashing or being attacked and everyone dying. the logical part of his brain knew that not only was the Enterrpise the best and safest ship in the fleet but it's crew the finest one could ask for, and that he was perfectly safe but he couldn't stop the flood of worries raging in his mind.

he clutched his stuffed rabbit, a well loved blob of mangled yellow fur, tightly and wrapped the quilt his grandmother had made for his as a child around him more closely. he'd have woken up 'Karu, who's room was next door, and asked to share his room, know he wouldn't mind sharing except his best friend had woken up sick and needed his rest. so he'd resigned himself to a mostly, if not entirely, when there was a noise at his door.

he pressed himself into the mattress, openly crying and clutching his rabbit, praying whomever or whatever wouldn't kill him. eyes glued to the door, he let out a half choked noise of surprise as it slid open to reveal the captain on the other side. "Pavel?" he questioned quietly as he peered into the darkened room.

"Da?" he barely managed to get out, combination of tears and accent making him near unintelligible. kirk stepped into the room, heading towards Chekov's voice.

"lights at 20%" he spoken quietly to the computer before turning to the querving teary mess that was Chekov. "Pavel..Pasha...Sulu wanted me to check on you. he heard you crying. what's wrong?" he asked, gathering the quilt wrapped Russian into his arms.

"is holovid. broken. hate dark" he mumbled, along with a garbled bit of Russian, pressing his face against Kirk's neck. Kirk held him, rocking him a bit for a few moments before gently setting him down. he stepped over to the holovid, making sure to stay in Chekov's line of sight, and went to work repairing it. moments later it was glowing softly, showing an old Terran movie Kirk recognised as "Dogma". grinning at his young navigator's choice of movie, which happened to be one of his personal favorites, he moved back to the bed. Chekov had worn himself out and was already half asleep. "Jeez kid" he said, it hitting him just how young his navigator really was. he smiled affectionately as he ran a hand though the Russian's hair.

once he thought the young man was asleep he moved to get up, only to have Chekov roll over and attach himself to his side. "Please stay" he mumbled, somehow managing to sound pitiful despite being more asleep than awake. Kirk chuckled softly and lay down, pulling Chekov gently against his chest and wrapping his arms around him before going to sleep.

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