"The next one?" Hermione blinked. "But, I thought I was only having one?"

"No, it's twins, honey. You didn't see on any of your sonograms?"

"No, why wouldn't I see it?"

"Well, sometimes it depends on the way the babies lie. It's unlucky for you that every sonogram the babies were lying awkwardly. Anyway, no time for talking, we have another baby to deliver!"

"So that means MORE pushing?" Hermione gasped.




After a solid half-hour of pushing, Hermione finally gave birth to the second baby. She was lying against the pillows, utterly exhausted.

"We're going to have to transfigure the baby stuff we have to make double you know?" Draco said.

"You do it." Hermione sighed, "I'm exhausted."

The healer came over, clutching two bundles in blankets. "You ready?"

"Ready?" Hermione asked "I thought we were done at two! Now, I'm having triplets!"


"Uh, no." The healer said. "I meant, are you ready to see your babies?"

"Oh," Hermione laughed with relief. "Thank Merlin, if I'd had to push again, I would've killed myself."

"Now, we can finally find out the sex." Draco laughed.

The healer smiled and handed them a blue and a pink bundle. "You have a boy and a girl. Both perfectly healthy."

Hermione rocked the pink bundle gently. "Oh, she's perfect." She whispered, impatiently dabbing a tear off her cheek. "Hey there, baby."

Draco looked down at his son. "Hey little guy."

The baby boy blinked up at him knowingly. "He recognises his daddy." Hermione smiled.

"Do we have names yet?" The healer asked.

"Oh, no." Hermione looked at Draco. "We never decided on anything."

"Well, I actually had an idea for a girl's name." Draco said. "It's unique, but not really original."

"Sure, go ahead."


"Oh," Hermione sighed. "It's perfect. Should we give her a middle name? I was thinking maybe Alice?"

"Arianna Alice Malfoy." Draco tested it out. "I like it."

Hermione held the baby out, and they switched over. "And what about this little fella? I'll be honest; I quite like the name Stefan."

"And the middle name? Maybe, Caleb?"

"Stefan Caleb Malfoy." Hermione smiled. "We have our names."

The healer smiled "Excellent choices. Oh, and there are some people here to see you."

"People?" Hermione frowned. "Who?"

"Yeah..." Draco said. "When you were resting, I sent an owl to Ginny, Harry, Ron, Katie, Luna and Blaise. And knowing them, they're probably all here."

Sure as anything, everyone he'd just mentioned bustled into the room. "I have a surprise for you!" Ginny exclaimed after the flurry of hugs and well wishes.

"What?" Hermione winced.

"I'm throwing you a baby shower!"

"Uh, Gin? I already had the babies."

"I know, but we forgot to throw you one when you were still pregnant, so we're gonna throw you one as soon as we can. You've had twins; you're going to need more baby stuff."

"Oh, that's sweet of you, but I think I should look after the babies first before I start going out."

"We'll do it when the guys are off work, that way they can look after all the kids whilst we go have fun!"

"Whatever you want, Ginny."

The healer came over to the group. "Excuse me, I let you in to see how she was doing, but I'm afraid you'll all have to leave. There's far too many people in here."

A chorus of "Awwww." Went up.

"Can we each just have a turn at holding the babies?" Luna asked. "Then we'll leave."

"Ok, but don't take too long. I'm going to go fill in the birth certificates."

The babies were both passed around carefully with everyone cooing over them. "What did you name them?" Harry asked, bouncing the boy in his arms.

"Well, the girl is Arianna Alice Malfoy, and the boy is Stefan Caleb Malfoy." Draco said.

"Oh, they're perfect." Katie said.

"Great choice." From Ron.

"Absolutely beautiful." Luna added.

Then, they really had to go, and Arianna and Stefan were given back to their parents.

Hermione rocked Arianna in her arms and watched as she fell asleep. "We didn't know which one we wanted more, and we got both. A boy and a girl."

"Which is the oldest?"

"Stefan, he's half an hour older."

"Speaking of him, look he's falling asleep."

They both watched as both of the twins slept soundly. Draco carefully took them over to their little cribs, which he pushed next to the bed.

Hermione smiled, and patted the space on the bed next to her. She shuffled over to make room for him, and then rested her head on his shoulder.

"Was it worth it?" He asked.


"Being married to me, all the pregnancy stuff, going through labour, having the twins. Was it all worth it?"

"Yes," She sighed. "It was all worth it, to come out of this as a family."


Crap, timing failure xD Originally, Stefan was older by 2 minutes, but I changed it to half an hour, yet forgot to change the bit at the end ^-^ Problem fixed now!