A brief fic about an interaction between Anakin and Darra.

The dining hall was nearly deserted at this time of day. Only a few Jedi remained, including Anakin and Darra.

Anakin loved being with Darra; she was so charismatic. She was like a bright beacon of assurance in the dark, stormy depths of his mind. He was so at ease around her; his numerous fears and misgivings were practically nonexistent around her.

Unfortunately, today her usually cheery chatter had reduced itself to solemn lamentations. Young Skywalker had never seen her so depressed. She was currently seeking comfort by pinpointing her shortcomings on her most recent missions. "It failed because I didn't act quick enough," she was saying. "Lives were lost because of me."

A lump in Anakin's throat formed, making it almost impossible to swallow his mouthful of muffin. She shouldn't be talking like that- not Darra!

"It wasn't your fault," he said intensely. "Those lives weren't taken by you."

"If our settlement had taken effect- would those warrior's families be grieving?" She continued to fret, twisting a piece of reddish-brown hair around her thin finger.

Anakin slapped his muffin back on his tray. He knew that the warriors were the enemy- on the side inducing the violence. "Think of all the lives they freely took. They deserved to die." He had spoken naively and not at all like a Jedi. Darra was clearly thunderstruck that a Jedi Apprentice would even dream of speaking like that.

"Anakin," she said softly. That was all it took to douse the fury in Anakin's eyes. Then she stood and left.


Later that day, Anakin reflected on his foolish words. He reflected on Darra's reply.

He didn't think his exclamations could ever be reconciled. He doubted they would bounce back and be friends. Darra had seen an awful side of him; one he had let out because of the immense trust he placed in her.

But it wouldn't be the same; Darra had witnessed how different they were. Now she knew what a failure as a Jedi he was. She was a bright spirit, and he was a dark spirit. They weren't compatible.

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