Ok, so the original plan was to write this all out and then post like once a week...but I figured that this is gonna be (hopefully) real fecking long, and I'm not gonna painstakingly carve out x amount of chapters for the first few to bomb, so I'm gonna see how this one goes and then who knows? I have already started the next chapter (and, shockingly, my brain has decided to mind fuck me by making me write the FINAL chapter AND the first chapter of the next series before I even wrote the first one...what kind of masochistic frame of mind is that?!?) and I hope this one is well received. I do have some fairly major plans for this. This was all created with a very tenuous link between Saw V and *prepares for abuse* Twilight. You won't see it til the very last chapters, and even then you probably won't see it cos you'll need to have seen both films/at least read New Moon.

Also: this is totally AU. Well, not totally, seeing as about 99% of the first chapter is taken straight from the movie, but seeing as I know extremely little of the comics, this all stems from the movie. And I'm not a great writer for fight scenes, so if you're hoping for shitloads of action, back away now. There will be a fight scene later, but yeah.

Song of the Day: Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistible

There weren't many things that made Tony Stark uncomfortable or speechless. In fact, it was extremely difficult to even fluster him slightly. And yet somehow, here he was, scotch in hand, pretty much bamboozled by the mysterious, red headed, backless dress wearing bombshell not fifty feet away. He didn't even acknowledge the S.H.I.E.L.D agent properly. Extremely X rated scenes were steamrolling through his brain as he mumbled some offhand replies to the man's one sided conversation.

He was vaguely aware that Agent Coulson was expecting an answer to whatever he'd just finished saying – something about a meeting – when the subject of his smouldering stare turned slightly to greet someone. He nearly choked on his scotch.

"Mr. Stark? Did you hear-"

"Yeah! Yes," he cleared his throat and held his hand out, which Coulson took, still staring at who now turned out to be Pepper. "tell you what, you got it, you're absolutely right." He put his scotch down behind him. "Well, uh…I'm gonna go to my assistant, and we'll…make a date." He vanished before the agent could say another word, walking swiftly towards Pepper.

"You look fantastic, I didn't recognise you." He said loudly as he approached her. She turned from the couple she had been chatting to, wide eyed when she saw who was talking to her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, surprised and also, he noticed, happily.

"Just avoiding government agents." He retorted with a smirk.

"Are you by yourself?" she questioned. He would have thought that to be an odd question, but his brain was currently in gawk mode and refused to deviate.

"Where'd you get that dress?" he gave her the universal 'up 'n' down look' of appreciation, to which she smirked.

"Oh, it was a birthday present, from you actually." She was extremely entertained by the serious concentration face he was sporting, trying to maintain decent conversation in favour of his usual 'How you doin'?' chat up lines.

"Wow, I've got great taste." He said modestly.


"So…you wanna dance?" such a simple request threw Pepper off track for a second.

"Oh, no, thank you." Yeah, like a rejection was gonna stop Tony Stark.

"Alright, come on." He grabbed her hand and led her away from the rest of the crowd, drawing a few looks from people around them. They stopped in the god damned centre of the dance floor and he spun her into his arms, instantly taking the lead as Pepper smiled awkwardly at the other dance couples doing a slow waltz. He sensed her tension, and pulled back slightly. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"Oh, no," she said, maybe more than slightly sarcastically. "I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in front of everyone that I work with in a dress with no back." He fingers drummed nervously on his suited arm that he had wrapped around her waist.

He looked her in the eyes (well, near enough) and smiled slightly. "You look great, you smell great-"

"Oh, God."

"-but I could fire you if that'd take the edge off?"

She fought a laugh. "I actually don't think you could tie your shoes without me."

Tony smiled. He didn't think so either. He wasn't about to tell her that though. "Huh, I'd make it a week."

"Oh really? What's you're Social Security number?"

Crap. Crap, crap, crap.


She had to really fight the impending burst of laughter with that. "Five? Right. You're missing just a couple of digits."

"The other eight?" he shrugged as she let out a giggle. "I've got you for the other eight."

Ok, funny moment officially over, that was almost…affectionate. She caught him staring at her and they locked eyes for a couple of seconds. There was something different in the way he was looking at her, something that couldn't just be the dress. They stopped dancing. There appeared to be an elephant in the room, one that Pepper was desperately trying to ignore as it jumped up and down, waving it's trunk around and she felt dozens of sets of eyes boring into her.

"How about a little air?"


"Yes, I need some air." She agreed and he led her out, still holding her hand.

"That was totally weird." She said as soon as they were outside. The brisk night air gave her some relief from the butterflies that were flapping around in her stomach.

"It was totally harmless." he tried to shrug it off, his hands fidgeting with each other, knowing full well she was spot on.

"It was totally not harmless, by the way." She was getting as flustered as he had been earlier and she started babbling. "Everyone…everyone I work with."

He had to try and calm her down. "I think you lost objectivity, we just danced."

"No, it wasn't just the dance, you don't understand because you're you, and everybody knows exactly who you are and how you are with girls, and all of that which is completely fine," she took a quick breath and ploughed on "but then me, you know, you're my boss, and I'm dancing with you-"

"I really don't think it was taken like that-" He tried to cut her off.

"No because then it makes me look like the one who's trying to-"

"I just think you're over stating that's all-"

"And then we're here, and I'm…wearing this ridiculous dress, and then we were dancing like that and…" she finally ran out of things to say and just stared at him. He stared right back at her, taking her all in. How had he never realised just how irresistible she looked? She always looked good, but tonight…she'd made him leave half a glass of scotch for God's sake!

"There's nothing ridiculous about that dress." He said softly. "It's the least ridiculous dress I've ever seen on anyone." He gave his 'up 'n' down' look again as he said it, inching closer to her along the low wall they were leaning against. Her breath hitched. There was barely half a foot between them. He moved his arm to graze his fingers across the inside of her right wrist. He felt her pulse quicken and she grabbed his hand. He chuckled at her reaction.

"That tickles." She mumbled. She saw the arc glowing faintly through his white shirt and lightly traced around the edge of it before placing her whole hand over the silk covered metal.

"So does that." He covered her hand with his larger one. They locked eyes again, and Tony moved in for the kill.


Yeah, I'm evil. What did you think? I'm seriously debating whether I should go down the movie route or go for the scene that wasn't. I have to add that I wrote this whilst mildly inebriated and full of a cold, so I was pretty out of it. And for the record, writing out the Tony/Pepper stuff from the movie? Yeah, that shit took FOREVER. Stop-start-stop-start-rewind-start. Ugh.