Chapter 1: 'New girl'

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Sakura fiddled with the edge of her shirt for the hundredth time as she watched the woman before her write things down on her notepad. It was Sakura's first day at Rockwell Academy; she had gotten a scholarship allowing her to attend the ultra posh and expensive high school. Her parents would have never been able to afford an education like this so Sakura worked extra hard, spending days and nights studying in the hope that she would be able to attend this school.

If you attended Rockwell in high school colleges particularly bent over backwards to give you a place. Sakura knew that without this education she wouldn't get to go to college she needed this. But still the woman or as she was told 'the school guidance counsellor' was intimidating all she did was ask questions and write things down. When the counsellor looked up at met Sakura's eyes a smile appeared on her wrinkling face "Good luck Ms Haruno, you're going to need it." Sakura looked at her for a while before realising the woman was telling her it was time to go "Uh, thank you."

Sakura left confused trying to figure out what the counsellor had meant, walking slowly to the reception desk where she would receive her dorm key. Rockwell Academy was a boarding school; Sakura liked this part it gave her an excuse to be away from home. She loved her parents but she wanted to be away from the poor neighbour hood enjoying her scholarship to a posh school, this was probably the only chance she would get at having a fancy life she wanted to make the most of it. Sakura stopped and waited for the woman on the phone to finish talking. The said woman put down the phone and looked up smiling "Hello how may I help you?" Sakura smiled at the woman. "Umm my name is Sakura, Haruno Sakura and I got a scholarship I was wondering if you had my dorm key." The woman looked at Sakura taking her in with a look that said 'oh you're the smart scholarship kid.' "Just a moment" the woman said and she searched around her desk "I should have it here somewhere."

Sakura was still getting used to the feeling of the little metal key between her fingers, it was her key her room her new life. Even if it was just temporary Sakura felt giddy like someone would after having too much sugar. That feeling vanished as soon as the walked into the first dorm building because her breath was taken away. It was so posh and definitely not what you think the entrance to the school dorm building would look like. The carpet sunk beneath her feet as she walked towards the stairs, her stuff had already been moved to the room courtesy of the school. Sakura trailed her fingers over the railings f the stairs as she walked up. A 25 was the room she was looking for, she looked at the gold plated numbers above each door A 20, A 21, A 22, A 23, A 24 and there it was her dorm room. A 25 smiling she put the key in the lock and twisted it until she heard a soft click.

Gently pushing the door Sakura walked inside and closed it behind her, resting her back against the thick smooth surface of it she sighed. So far so good she thought as she straightened up and walked into the living room part of the dorm. There she was met by a girl with really long blonde hair and bangs covering one of her eyes, a brown haired girl with her hair in two buns on top of her head and a girl with such a dark black colour hair that it looked purple, or maybe it was purple. The blonde grinned. "You must be my new roommate" Sakura nodded at the girl and tried to act normal for some reason she was nervous. "I'm Sakura" The blonde nodded and stood up brushing her purple shirt and white shorts down "Ino" was all the blonde said as she shook Sakura's hand. She then pointed to the girl with the two buns "This is ten-ten, and this is Hinata" Sakura looked to the girl with the long dark hair and smiled. The girl or Hinata smiled back. "Nice to meet you"

Sakura soon realised her roommate was Ino and the other two were Ino's friends, she also realised that Ino liked to talk a lot. She knew everything about everyone, who was hot who was not, who was dating who. You name it she knew it. The school had a system and it went as follows:

Seniors were heads of the student body they were each assigned a freshmen to look after and show around.

Rich seniors with high social status were selected and put onto a student body board where they looked after the well being of every student in the school.

The people who made the board came from ultra rich and powerful families and they could weasel themselves out of any kind of trouble.

Only a selected few made the cut and most of them were guys and according to Ino they were all 'Uber hot'

Then certain people get selected to be put into training for their senior year when they will be put on the board.

Juniors they were the category that had the most people in training to join the student body board. Their dorms are located next to the senior ones.

They make sure to make the freshmen's lives hell.

Sophomores (Ten-ten's category) they aren't in charge of anything. They don't do anything special except they can be selected by the seniors and/or juniors to join them for training but this rarely happens.
Sophomores spend their time working their asses off in hopes of being picked by one of the above to be put into training.

Freshmen (Sakura, Ino and Hinata's category) they are new to the school and its student selection system they get a senior mentor and get picked on by the juniors. Freshman year, like in any other High School is hell here. It happens so rarely that its not really included in what to expect out of the year but, if you are lucky the seniors/juniors might put you into training in your first year but it rarely ever happens.

"Wow" Sakura stated as Ino finished "That's like a government system". Ten-ten nodded "Agreed and its like if you make the board you become royalty. People will know who you are." Ino nodded and tightened her ponytail. "You'll get used to it when you see it in practise for a couple of days. You're lucky you entered right now because if you had of entered any later you would have been given a mentor from the Headmistress. Not that it's a problem but atleast if you're here you get the pull a name out a basket and kinda choose for yourself."

Sakura, because of how far away she lived, was entering the school a week late, but she had been told by the staff that classes haven't started yet. The first week was just for letting the students get settled into their dorms and the campus. Classes began the day after tomorrow because tomorrow was dedicated to getting the system put back in place, getting mentors assigned and fixing any problems people encountered on the first week.

"So tomorrow we go in and get assigned our mentors." Ino was particularly bouncing off the walls with all the bobbing she was doing. Ten-ten grunted, she'd seen it all before. "Why are you so excited about this Ino?" Hinata spoke for the first time. Ino's grin grew even bigger. "As you all know my brother is on the board." Ten-ten and Hinata nodded, Sakura was stumped for a second but carried on listening. "Well because of that he let me in on some unknown news." All three girls moved their heads closer to Ino. "The board members are putting their names in the selection of names for mentors this year!!"

Ino clapped her hands together. Ten-ten's mouth hung open and Hinata's eyes went wide. "Are you serious?" Hinata asked sounding taken aback. Ino nodded and whispered to them all "This year is the best year to be a freshman." Sakura leaned back into the couch and smiled at Ino. "It would suck if you got your brother though Ino" Sakura said as she fiddled with her hair. Ino let out a gasp "I never thought about that! Crap!"

Sakura yawned as the other two laughed, "Hey Ino which is my bedroom?" Ino pointed and Sakura said goodbye and nice meeting them before she went off to bed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Deidara raked his fingers through his hair as he re-read the page before him. "Nope still don't get it" being stupid and blonde ran in the family all you had to do was look at his sister to see that one. Sasori sighed and shook his head grabbing the piece of paper. "There isn't really much to get" Sasori one of the geniuses on the board had been spending the last half hour trying to explain statistics to Deidara the cute dumb blonde of the board.

It wasn't working.

"I give up" Deidara mumbled as he threw the piece of paper against the wall. Tobi walked or ran in waving his arms; Tobi was a junior in training to become a member of the board God only knows how he got selected for training he speaks in the third person and wears an eye patch. "Deidara senpai, Deidara senpai!" And he adds Senpai at the end of most people's names, they weren't even in Japan. The kid was nuts. "Yes Tobi" Deidara sighed and looked up at the guy who was still waving his arms, "Tobi brought your sister to you because he's a good boy!"

Deidara raised his eyebrow as he heard a familiar voice mumble "Stupid weird crazy fuck-tard." Tobi went out the door and dragged in his little sister, her blonde hair looking ruffled. Deidara looked her up and down "Glad to see your keeping your modesty in those lovely long shorts, Ino" Ino glared at him, she was wearing small white denim shorts was that a crime? "Why did you call me here?" she asked looking around a bit awed the board room never ceased to amaze her.

"You're a freshman this year, which means you're going to get a hard time from juniors." Ino grinned "Bring it" Deidara shook his head, she was such a violent thing. "You will not use the power of my name to protect you. Understood?" Ino nodded, she knew why too, because if she did this it would give him and her family a bad name. "You will not make a show of the family here either." Ino nodded again and waited but there was only silence. Looking up she met his blue eyes "Is that it?" he nodded and she exited.

Itachi walked into the room and looked at Tobi then at Deidara "She looks like you" was all he said to Deidara before he went into the back room. Sasori was flicking through the pages of some glossy car magazine he spoke in a drawled voice "It's going to be a long year." Deidara hated to admit it but this time he agreed.

Sakura reached out with her hand and whacked her alarm clock; she was so tired and warm. Outside her bed it was cold but she knew she had to get up. She could hear the shower in Ino's room running and some music playing low. What time does she get up at? Sakura wondered as she climbed out of bed and began shivering as she looked for a towel and her toothbrush.

After drying herself and blow drying her hair she began with her make up, she didn't have a lot like other girls but she made do. Once finished she started looking for her uniform. She pulled on the white fitted blouse and liked the way it hugged her body, the pulled on her skirt and tucked it in just like she was supposed to. The skirt was actually nice and quite short; Sakura looked at the two together in the mirror before putting on the blazer and the knee high socks.

She smiled satisfied with her work, now she had to look for shoes. She didn't have many but she did have a mixture of heels and flats deciding she'd like a little bit of height but only slightly she went for a pair of small heeled pumps. Sakura dressed her bed pulled open her curtains and opened the window then walked out into the kitchen to find Ino wearing pretty high shoes and her hair was in its usual ponytail.

"Hey Sakura, how'd you sleep?" Sakura smiled and sat down "Good, are you bringing your schoolbag today or?" Sakura left the rest of the question unspoken. Ino as talkative of ever sprang back with a 'no' then rambled on about different things. They walked to the main building together while Ino was reapplying her lip-gloss. They both walked into the concert hall and took a seat among the crowd of freshmen. They were at the very front and the stage was right infront of them.

"This is where the board members will sit as they call us up to pull out names. They'll probably say stuff too." Ino explained as Hinata joined them; the room after a while was full of chattering teenagers, boys messing about and girls giggling about their latest crush. Sakura fiddled with the edge of her blazer she felt out of place among the rich people. Hinata was watching her and when Sakura looked at the quiet girl she smiled at Sakura.

The room fell quiet as tall guys or men walked in, with perfectly styled hair and perfect bodies. Every single girl in the room save Sakura sighed and batted their eyelids they were whispering to each other about who was the hottest. Sakura wasn't interested in that thought; she was here for academic purposes only that was it, or so she thought until she saw the last member of the board walk in. He was tall and had a muscular build his eyes were jet black and his hair was tied in a low ponytail at the back of his neck. It looked so soft and silky. Around the smooth skin of his neck was a delicate looking necklace, girls began to squeal and giggle, this guy was well known.

"That's Uchiha Itachi" Ino whispered to Sakura because she noticed the dazed look the pink haired girl had gotten. "He's like the leader of the board and he's to die for gorgeous. His younger brother Sasuke is in our year." Sakura nodded but her eyes never left the raven haired man.

He sat down on the chair in the middle on the stage before them. Considering their position, Sakura was directly infront of him except he was up higher. Sakura kept her face calm, she saw what drooling girls looked like and she didn't want to be one. Her palms became sweaty though, the more she took in of him the more flustered she got. He shuffled some papers infront of him before he stood and walked to the microphone. Now he was definitely infront of her but his eyes were on the back of the hall, the room fell silent as he spoke.

"Welcome to Rockwell Academy, on behalf of the staff and student body board I would like to wish you all a very enjoyable time here." His voice was factual and it was smooth, Sakura imagined if she held it, it would feel like velvet. "Before we move on to the choosing of the mentors, I would like the point something out. This will take a long time so when you're mentor has been given to you please feel free to leave. All mentors will be here at four thirty pm this afternoon for you to meet so there is no need to hang around."

Everyone nodded and whispered something before going back to listening to Itachi. His eyes began scanning the crowd, taking in each and every single freshman. "We will call a name you will come up take a piece of paper tell one of the board members who you have so we can record it and then leave." Everyone understood, there was no messing around with this guy you did as he said. He sat back down in his chair where a small microphone was located before each member.

A guy with long blonde hair spoke "This will be done in alphabetical order." Ino groaned and she whispered to Sakura "My surname is Yamanaka" Sakura smiled. "Mines Haruno" Ino punched her arm before going back to moaning on about the way they were doing this.

The girls had to sit and wait for a long time and soon Sakura realised that Hinata was talkative when you got to know her. She was quite opinionated when it came to certain things, they both had surnames beginning with 'H' But Sakura was 'H-a' so she was called in the first few. To her mortification, Itachi called her name which she meant she went to him to pull out a name and then she'd have to say it to him. Ino pushed her slightly and mouthed "Go on!"

Sakura walked carefully towards the steps leading up to the stage trying to prevent herself from falling over something. She walked towards the Uchiha who was looking at her walking towards him. She knew it wasn't because he thought she was pretty it was because she had bubblegum pink hair. She was close enough to him to smell him, he smelt amazing and she tried to keep her limbs in check because if she didn't she'd end up jumping on him.

"Haruno Sakura?" He asked still watching her she nodded as she dipped her slender fingers into the bowl full paper pulling out a folded piece before she could open it she heard him say "Congratulations on getting a scholarship. You must be an outstandingly smart girl." She felt her face flush as she stumbled "Umm well, I wouldn't" she trailed off and watched how his lips twitched but didn't turn into a smile. She opened the folded paper and read the swirly black handwriting before her eyes.

Uchiha Itachi.

Sakura closed her eyes for a split second, as she tried to breathe. Itachi waited for her to tell him who she had gotten. Sakura decided to make it seem like she didn't know his name yet "umm Uchiha Itachi." Looking up at him she watched as he wrote it down. "I'll see you at 4:30 pm" Sakura pretending to catch on nodded. "Thank you" she walked to the girls. "Well?" was all Ino said. Sakura looked at both the girls "I got Uchiha Itachi." The both squealed. "I hate you!" Ino exclaimed before she smiled and hugged Sakura "I'll meet you back at the dorm after I'm called." Sakura nodded and with that she left.

Itachi watched as the pink haired girl spoke to Deidara's sister and Neji's cousin and as they squealed. He watched as she walked out with her odd coloured hair swishing slightly. He smirked to himself this would be fun. The process of assigning mentors took a long time and this year was no different by the time they had finished it was two thirty pm. Stretching out his arms as he stood Itachi eyed Tobi who was sleeping on the desk infront of him.

Deidara was on his phone texting, Sasori was listening to his iPod sitting the wrong way round on his chair and Kisame was drinking from a rather suspicious hip flask by the way he was smacking his lips Itachi guessed it was alcohol of some sort. Hidan wasn't here yet he always came back late during the year along with some others. Itachi walked out of the hall without another word leaving the others curious to his silent exit.

If Itachi was anything he was practical, he didn't stress over things that had no need to be stressed about. He didn't indulge in things that may cause him to become addicted to them forming a weakness. He built a wall between him and the world and for the first time in a long time someone had gotten through. Haruno Sakura, she had somehow in that small space of time got under his skin and caused a sensation that reminded him of an itch you couldn't scratch.

As he got closer to his dorm room, he could hear her voice, Akane, his for 2 years now. She was beautiful and smart but right now he wasn't in the mood for her he wanted to go work out or meditate. Somehow that Haruno girl had really gotten under his skin. He didn't like that one bit, he liked his wall his barrier that fact that she had gotten through meant he had left an opening something he never did.

Itachi opened his door before Akane got the chance to see him. Resting his back against the door he closed his eyes. He was going to have to see her again at 4:30, he didn't know if he was happy or pissed off about that. Deciding to settle for a shower, Itachi made his way to the bathroom

Sakura knew at 4:30 you were allowed wear normal clothes but she chose not to. She didn't want to have to pick out and outfit but also she didn't want to see how seriously weird she'd look compared to all the designer clothes and labels these people would have draped over them. Sakura had been sitting on the couch trying to read for the past half an hour but she couldn't. All she could do was fiddle with a piece of paper that had a certain name on it. She had become obsessed after one encounter, she didn't even know him and she didn't care. Her body now had a mind of its own and it was sending odd sensations all over her.

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