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A/N: What will Edward do when Bella asks him to help her cheat on their biology test? Is he willing to risk getting caught and face punishment from his parents? This story is long but packed with drama/action. Enjoy!

Another note: I know Bella doesn't struggle in biology in the Twilight book...but um for the purpose of this story she does.

Edward's POV

It was almost time for Biology class to start, and Bella was extremely nervous about our test today especially since Mr. Banner, our teacher, had promised that it would be quite challenging. I really couldn't understand why Bella was sweating bullets over it. Science was her thing...or at least it had been until this year. Let's just say she'd been distracted lately. For Bella's sake, I pretended to be nervous too, but I had taken biology more times that I could count, and knew that stuff like the back of my hand. Honestly, I could teach it better than Mr. Banner could. Since my lady love was struggling with some of the test material, I'd offered to tutor her. After studying together, she seemed to be quite comfortable with the subject. However, one would not know that now as she stood before me in a state of sheer panic.

It drove me literally insane that Bella was the only person whose mind I could not read. It was so frustrating not knowing what she thought or how she felt about me or about anything for that matter, and the fact that I had no explanation as to why her mind was off limits was even more nerve wracking. I watched her pacing and biting her nails. Her frenzy was starting to be too much, so I begged her to ditch it.

"Bella please calm down." I lowered my voice a few octaves to persuade her to chill out a little.

"It's just this stupid test!" She told me. "I don't think I can pass it!"

On one hand, I couldn't believe she was actually saying that after all the studying we'd done. On the other, I pitied her. She seemed so vulnerable, afraid, and child-like. How could a man not feel sorry for such a pitiful girl? I mostly felt sorry for myself though. Her racing pulse caused my mouth to become saturated with venom. The radiating warmth of her skin...the bright red glow on her face...the tender spot on her neck where blood pumped violently in her carotid artery... It nearly sent me under right then!

Even though I was learning to control my thirst for her blood, I still desired it more than anything...all of it. I suddenly felt lightheaded, which was an abnormal occurence for vampires. I was sure it was just nerves. I had to calm her before I ended up ravenging her right there. I shuttered at that thought and instantly reprimanded myself. I stared at her, thinking of ways to ease her nervousness and to escape the pull of her overwhelming scent.

"Edward. Earth to Edward." Her soft voice was a sweet distraction, one I was so grateful for. However, I nearly came unglued when I looked into those chocolate eyes.

So sexy.

"Edward, where are you? Are you listening to me? I'm about to flunk this biology test and you're daydreaming?" Sweat beaded across her forehead and her face was still flushed. She struggled to take deep short breaths.

My poor sweet Bella. I had always known that she could be erratic, but she was seriously freaking out right now. I reached out to her and gently guided her to a nearby bench. I kneeled in front of her, and cupped her hands.

How can one person smell so damn good? This is ridiculous! She was so fragile and the desire to help her overcame my increasing desire to bite her.

"Bella, look at me please." She shifted her head enough to meet my eyes. I saw fear. I tried to remember if I'd ever witnessed a panic attack. I didn't think I had. "Bella, sweetheart, you are experiencing some serious test anxiety right now. If you don't calm yourself, I am going to have to call Carlisle to bring you a shot of Valium or something." She chuckled. "I know that you are nervous, but you shouldn't be. You know this stuff. We have been over it dozens of times already." She shook her head, obviously not believing a word I said. I grinned. "You know, I should be offended that you think so little of my tutoring skills." She gave me a little smile and shook her head, a silky brown lock of hair draping her face. I gently placed it behind her ear.

"Actually, I think you are a great tutor. It's not you, it's me. I have always had a fear of taking tests. It's easy for you to tell me not to be nervous because you are so perfect and good at everything you do. I suck at everything!" She groaned. "I have to pass this class. Otherwise, I'm going to be repeating it, and Charlie will kill me for sure!"

I kissed her knuckles. "For the record, I am not perfect and I can't do everything. I've had a little bit of practice." I smiled and winked at her. "You know, from having to endure the constant tedium of biology class and medical school and all of that." I smiled at her again. "Please tell me what I can do." Bella stared at me for a moment. She was in deep thought. "Please."

Mmm...those eyes...those damn brown eyes...so impossible to resist. Damn this girl. Those eyes could destroy kingdoms. She knows the power she has over me when she looks at me like that.

I sensed her brain spinning out of control as she came up with what she thought was the best solution to her problem. She inched closer to my face thus allowing her scent to completely psyche me out. Her grin was sheepish, and somehow I knew her idea was going to gut me.

God help me. This is is going to be bad. I thought. She knows that I cannot resist any opportunity to give her anything. What is she up to?

"I was just thinking that maybe you could help me." She pursed her lips and slightly raised her shoulder in an effort to eliminate space between us. Her nose grazed the tip of mine and sent my mind into an instant blur.

Just plain evil.

"Sure, love, what do you need?" I asked. I was nervous now. My intuition told me to run fast, and that this little human girl was about to lure me into something very dangerous.

"I know that you have helped me a lot to get ready for this and I am so grateful to you for that. You know that I love you and I would never ask you to do something that you are uncomfortable doing." She paused, thought a moment and continued. "Well maybe I would, but, I'm saying if it is something you really wouldn't want to do then I would understand if you told me no." She bit her lower lip and waited for some reaction from me.

I looked into her eyes, feeling limited by the inability to read her thoughts. Ugh! This is so frustrating. Why do I get the feeling I'm about to be bamboozled?

"Tell me." I waited while she put on her best puppy dog face. Carlisle had told me the story of the 'The Fall of Man' and I'd found it difficult to understand how one woman could have that much power over a man. Now I understood. The power of a seductive, pitiful woman is unbearable...and Eve wasn't either of the two!

"Of course you can say no, but I was wondering if you could help me…with the test…during the test…you know, like with the answers and stuff."

One cool thing about being a vampire was the automatic response to stress. I froze. She was surprised by my unexpected response. She continued with the cute puppy look and I shook my head in disbelief. My lady love was asking me to cheat! Oh man! I knew she was about to derail me. She had no clue what she was asking me. Cheating, per se, was not necessarily the problem. It was the consequences of my parents finding out that was the issue. They did not set many rules for us. As long as they knew we were safe, and that our activities would not cause problems for our family, they gave us freedom to do as we pleased. They rarely interfered with our relationships. Well...unless Emmett and Rosalie, the freaks that they were, got too carried away. That was always quite sickening to all of us.

Carlisle barely acknowledged our small mistakes, but he was not afraid to rein us in when he needed to. Just like any human father, he would quickly check us if we talked back, cocked attitudes, or if we were just being outright disrespectful. He usually grounded us or took away some privileges, although sometimes the outcome was not very pleasant. We had to really, and I mean really, work his nerves for him to go off on us. Trust me, if we ever reached that point, we had broken down that great wall of patience. It meant we had temporarily demolished his enduring compassion, and the consequences were going to be rough! He wasted no time jerking us back in line with his right hand. Carlisle didn't play around when he whipped us. His philosophy was that, if our grown behinds were in that position, we deserved every bit of it. But again he mostly let us slide, and used every mishap to torture us with a long, boring lecture.

Real punishment was rare...by real I mean getting our asses busted. The one person in our house who got it the most was my brother Emmett. The rest of us dodged Dad's right hand like the plague. Emmett was always doing something to upset my Dad. I didn't know how he did it, but he could irritate the hell out of him. With his pacifist ways, it was difficult for Carlisle to become angry, but that didn't mean he didn't get angry, or that he didn't want to knock us out sometimes...especially us boys. Dad jacking us up was not foreign to any of us. It was the way it had to be every now and then! Admittedly, it was usually quite hilarious when Emmett and Dad got into. That had been the source of much comic relief for me and my brother Jasper. Although Dad didn't know we were laughing. We would have been joining Emmett for sure.

Several years ago, long before Bella, I got in trouble with him because he'd asked me to take out the garbage. For some reason, I'd been extremely irritable that day. I'd had a terrible day at school, Emmett was bugging the hell out of me, and I just didn't feel like being bothered. Besides it was Jasper's turn to take out the trash, it was raining, and I didn't want to get wet. I'd just taken a shower and was in the living room playing my piano when Dad came in and charged me with that task. I'd complained and informed him that it wasn't my turn. He walked over to the piano where I was sitting, and blatantly told me that he didn't care whose turn it was and that he'd asked me to take it out. Well, me like the dumb ass I was, ignored him and when back to playing. You would have thought I'd cursed him or something. He told me I had less than a second to get my behind up and take out that trash like he'd told me to or I would be sorry. I stopped playing, called out to Jazz who was upstairs, and told him that Dad said he needed to take out the trash. That was the day I my "dumb assness" almost discounted me a few teeth. My Dad snatched me up from that piano and tore my ass up. To make long story short, I ended up taking out the trash out in the rain.

Carlisle was an ideal father for any group of 'teenage' kids. He enjoyed having a house full of teenage vampires. He said we kept him young, though he was more than three centuries old. He'd told me that he preferred to have younger coven members because it made for a more exciting existence. Even though we were in our teenage shells, he tried to make every attempt to treat us like adults. That was quite a challenge for him because we all reverted to our teenage atttitudes and melodrama from time to time. That was the hard truth. We rode on that teenage emotional roller coaster all the time. Jasper was the most responsible one of us kids, but even he struggled at times. My Dad understood that we were stuck, and honestly did try to work with us.

Throughout the years when we succumbed to our blood lusts, giving in to the natural desires for human blood, he'd corrected us, not punished us. He never punished us for being what we were. That would be so wrong. We were vampires who needed blood to survive. Vampires killed people in order to exist. Thankfully, he'd taught us to respect human life, but he knew that the thirst was strong. The desire was always there. He could never beat us because we slipped. That would be beyond cruel. He would, however, find a way to show us the negative consequences of our actions, and even find rainbow somewhere in our mess. That was Carlisle. That was who he was.

As with any household filled with teenagers, the establishment of ground rules was necessary. Our rules included, among other things, not destroying the house, no stealing, no cheating, no lying, and no fighting each other. My parents adhered to these rules as if they were set by the Volturri. The big no-no's were being disrespectful, defiance, and lying. The rest would probably land us a good lecture or sound grounding, but those would cause us to get our tails split out of the frame. If the ground rules were violated, punishment was quickly in tow. Just the thought of that sent shivers down my already cold spine.

Carlisle was the one who carried out harsher forms of punishment. My mother was entirely against any form of corporal punishment. She felt that we were adults and should be treated as such. She was driven toward what she termed as 'loving' correction. Carlisle, who was reared by a strict and authoritative father, always politely and gently disagreed with her. He was a fair man and loathed inflicting such pain on his children. He did not punish us without good cause. He always took the time to make sure we understood the reason and purpose of the punishment. When the punishment was over, he comforted us and reaffirmed his love for us.

Now here sat my Bella, desperate and child-like, asking me to take a sip of damnation from my father's right hand. If he found out he would kill me. Oh to be so lucky. I snagged myself out of her alluring presence and silently stood, landing softly and gracefully on my feet. I stood in silence before her watching her eyes intently as they froze in fear. She blushed red.

What am I to do? Do you have to look so desperate? An Audi, jewelry, a beach…anything you could have asked me for and you ask me to help you cheat on the biology test! Uggh…the choices a guy must make for the woman he loves!

"Bella, you know that I will give you what you ask. I don't normally cheat if I can help it. If my father finds out about this I am going to be in a lot of trouble, to say the least. Are you sure you cannot do this on your own?" She seemed clueless of my internal struggle. She stood and took my hands into her own, sending me closer to the edge.

Pleading, wicked yet innocent eyes. Mmmm…Maybe Carlisle won't find out. The mind reading thing has always worked for me in the past when we passed notes in class. Maybe I can hear Mr. Banner's thoughts and know if he becomes suspicious of us in any way.

"Alright I'll do it - but just this once, okay? Only because you have worked some kind of evil magic over me and I can't think straight right now." I smiled in earnest. She looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. I am sure you don't doubt the power of your seductive ways. I smiled through my doubt and the painful thought of disappointing my parents. Please don't let us get caught. Please….

"Of course you can refuse if want. I'll understand."

Somehow I believe you mean that, but at this moment, you want me to stay with my decision to send us both for a dive in shark infested waters.

I drew her close to my chest, chuckling to myself as she shivered at the coolness of my body. "Evil girl you…just follow my lead and we won't get caught. You are a terrible liar so try to act normal." She grinned and hugged me tight. I kissed her softly as the bell rang signifying the start of what was to be a long hour.

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