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Bella's POV

My anger towards Carlisle for punishing Edward was searing way past boiling point. To complicate matters, my foot pain was declaring war on the rest of my body and I could hardly think straight. When I saw Carlisle, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming or crying out at him. This entire mess was a terror that I hoped I would never have to experience again. He tried to smile at me but quickly wiped his face clean when he saw that I was crying. He didn't hesitate to come over and take a look at my swollen ankle.

He was probably thinking that I was crying only because of the injury, but I wasn't. I was crying because all I could hear over and over in my mind was Edward's voice…his cries…his pitiful pleading. All I could think about was the fact that he fell victim to my selfishness, and because of that, both his spirit and heart was broken by the person closest to him…his father.

If I didn't know the dynamics of their relationship, I would never know that Edward was not Carlisle's biological son. Those two were bonded for eternity. Edward was always going on and on about Carlisle this or Carlisle that, and how much he looked up to him. He was always afraid of disappointing him and he always wanted to gain Carlisle's approval. Knowing Carlisle like I did, I knew Edward was really over thinking that whole thing. Carlisle would love him regardless of what he did or became. Their love for each other was genuine and real. I guess that was why I felt so much guilt for what I did. If it were not for me, Edward and Carlisle would still be cool with each other. I knew they would work this out, but I just couldn't see an end to this fiasco.

As gutted and angry as I was, and even more ticked that the 'Great Physician' walked in acting as if yesterday never happened, I suddenly felt awkward and nervous in his presence. I don't know why, but he just commanded respect without having to say one word. He was strong and his sense of self-control made him almost god-like in my opinion. Now he stood gracefully poised and everything about him screamed 'total package.' He usually didn't go crazy in bad situations, but just handled his business, and that made him alright with me. He was cool and always so calm, compassionate, and loving that I usually struggled to keep from just giggling like a little girl when he was around.

I'd always been taught respect adults, and until now that had not even been an issue where Carlisle was concerned. Ever since Edward and I become the 'it' couple, I had really grown to love and care for Carlisle, so giving him the respect that was due to him was never something I had to think about. It just came automatically…almost natural. I normally enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know more about him and his family. I usually wanted to just sit and chat and hang out with him and Edward while teased each other and talked about their past experiences. They had a beautiful relationship, one that sparked some jealousy in me. I'd never had that closeness with my parents and every time I saw them together, I felt happy for them but sad that I'd missed out on that kind of relationship with Charlie and Renee.

It was for this reason why I could not understand why Carlisle would want to physically harm his son. I knew how much he loved Edward. That kid was his life and it just blew my mind that he thought it was acceptable to go all barbaric-ape on him. I totally understood that Carlisle grew up in another time and was stuck in a never ending period piece, but gosh. This was insanity. People didn't do that anymore. At least not the people I was used to being around. There was definitely something wrong with Carlisle's view of the world if he thought that was right. He was a good person through and through, but he had some issues that he needed to deal with.

To say I was disgusted by Carlisle's crude behavior towards my beau was an understatement. I was angry and hurt. I was hurting because I felt like I could trust Carlisle and that he'd sort of been the father to me I never had. I mean, maybe I was overreacting but if he could be so cruel to his own children, what excluded me? He had given me a teaser swat yesterday and it hurt. There was no way I would be able to take what Edward had endured last night. I wasn't used to that. Was Carlisle planning to do this to me if Edward and I ever got married? I mean, I had been preparing myself for an eternity as a vampire, but not one who is married and still gets her biscuit baked by her father. That just didn't make any sense to me. Why would married adults need to get spankings…or in Carlisle's case…TKOs?

Carlisle quickly registered the look of disdain on my face when he helped me lie down. Unless he was blind, he wouldn't have been able to mistake what I was feeling towards him right then. He went to the sink to wash his hands and I sat back up. I wanted to be sitting when I gave him a piece of my mind. He walked towards me with my chart in hand and stood directly in front of me. I was sure that he noticed the venom that was dripping from my pores, however he ignored it. He looked tired and run down.

"Bella, sweetheart." He spoke softly.

Don't fall for it Bella! Stay focused. Carlisle needs to be told off for what he did to Edward and you don't need to be sucked in by his lovey-dovey mumbo-jumbo!

"You might be more comfortable if you lie down."

I winced and grabbed my elbow, jerking away when he tried to reach for me. "I'm good."

Carlisle Cullen was a very intelligent man and I knew without a doubt that he knew exactly why I was upset. He was probably thinking that I was overreacting to the spanking catastrophe which was apparently a normal occurrence in their house. According to Doctor Mike Tyson here, Edward was accustomed to getting his butt spanked. What was I thinking? Whippings were normal for teenagers right? I mean seriously…Carlisle wasn't wrong for pounding the living daylights out of his son. No of course not. I was just being stupid.

NOT! I shook my head at my own sarcasm.

Carlisle sighed and continued to stare at me knowingly. He tried to smile at me to warm the atmosphere, but I wasn't having that. I stared at him like he was stealing my candy. I wanted to hate him right then, but I couldn't. Lord knows he was wrong, but I still loved my future Dad. However, I refused to let him slide even an inch. I wanted him to know just how pissed I was right then.

He decided to move forward. "Bella, looks like you have a pretty nasty injury to your foot. Let's take a look at it." He reached for my foot. I was in too much pain to resist him, even though I didn't care for him touching me right then. If I wasn't hurting so badly, I would have requested a different physician to attend to me. I didn't care at the moment. I just wanted him to do something about the excruciating reminder of my disobedience.

"Ow." I yelped when he pressed around on my swollen foot. I was sure this pain was nothing compared to the torture Edward received last night. In fact, I was positive it wasn't. "I mean really?"

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to see what's going on here." He ignored my attitude once again and kept probing amidst my protests. "It doesn't look like you've broken any bones, maybe fractured something, but it seems like you may only have a second degree sprain. What happened?"

I gave him the nastiest look I could muster in two seconds. "I don't think you really want to know." I was amazed by my boldness, especially towards Carlisle. He gave me that 'don't you talk to me like that young lady' look of his. "I mean, telling you doesn't change anything. It won't make my foot better."

He kept examining my injured ankle. "Hmmm."

I rolled my eyes and bit my bottom lip to keep from screaming when he touched my ankle again. I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure I would be able to control my anger towards him. I was already pissed and I knew it wouldn't take much for me to snap on him, but part of me screamed 'Bella quit before your dumb ass gets fried.' Remembering the way he quickly checked me yesterday in the school parking lot reminded me that I might need to calm down a little.

You are so not getting off that easy!

"Mind yourself, Isabella." He said, writing some stuff down in my chart. He put the pen and chart down and thoroughly examined my foot again. "Don't press your luck."

"Really don't care." I murmured, rubbing my elbow with my head down so he couldn't see my face.

"What was that?" He asked and kept his eyes glued to my ankle. "I didn't hear you."

Liar! You could hear me down the street!

"Isabella, please drop the attitude." He wrote in my chart again and turned my foot over so he could examine the other side. "Yeah, I would definitely call this one a second degree sprain." He was talking mostly to himself. "Probably some severe tearing of the ligaments…joint seems moderately unstable…What would you say your pain level is?"

I folded my arms over my chest and deliberately didn't say anything. I just stared at him like he was a horned frog.

"Bella, you can sit there and act like you don't care and I'll send you home with some ibuprofen or you can help me diagnose you properly so you'll receive proper treatment for your ankle. It's your choice."

I rolled my eyes again. "A ten." I murmured as low I could. Although I was trying to make him strain to hear me, I knew he could hear me with no problem with that supersonic hearing of his.

He ignored my attitude again and started writing and talking to himself again. "…pain is severe…Are you able to walk?"

I shook my head 'no,' disgusted all the more by the fact that I had to even talk to him at that moment.

"…weight-bearing painful…severe edema…tightness…stiffening… " He reexamined the extensive redness and swelling of my foot. "Yeah, I'd say you sprained it, but I'm going to send you down to X-Ray just to make sure there aren't breaks or small fractures anywhere. If it is indeed a sprain, we will need to begin and maintain supportive and preventative treatment today in order to ensure proper healing and to prevent long term complications that we often see resulting from this type of sprain."

I ignored him by twisting my hair with my finger. I wouldn't even look at him. I really didn't care to listen to him further. I just wanted him to get done and let me go so I could try to see Edward today. He gently pressed on my foot and leg some more, and then took out his 'Dr. Savior' tools and checked my breathing and heart rate.

"Open up." He instructed, shining that annoying light down my throat. "Bright light in your eyes…" I was immediately blinded by that stupid wannabe flashlight! There was an edgy silence in the room, and again I tried to remember that this was Carlisle and that no matter what, when all of this mess was over, he was still going to be in my life.

Screw that!

"Now I'm going to look in your ears." He handled me so carefully and his bedside manner was so sincere, I kind of felt bad for treating him like I did. "Tell me if this hurts…" He started pressing around on my head, face, neck, shoulders. I shook my head to indicate I was fine. "Raise your arms for me." I complied, but not without huffing and rolling my eyes at him first. He just sighed at my defiance. He pressed on my arms and chest and then my abdomen.

"I'm fine." I said bluntly. "Didn't break anything above the knees. Edward might a few though."

He shook his head in obvious disbelief. "Bella…I've asked you to put away that ridiculous and childish attitude." He went back to his chair. After a couple of minutes he started talking to me again. "If the x-rays don't show bone damage, you will need to follow what we call the R.I.C.E. method." He began to explain.

Whatever Carlisle! Just get on with this!

Carlisle was trying to be professional and overlook the little teen-tude I was giving him. I was sure he was used to dealing with that on the regular anyway, but he was really becoming impatient with me: however, he secured his composure. He was either trying to avoid an embarrassing scene, or just didn't feel like getting into a discussion about his horrifying parenting skills.

"Do you know what the R.I.C.E method is Bella?" He asked.

I huffed and rolled my eyes at him. "What do you think?

He smiled, but not in a friendly way, and balled his lips. He was trying to keep his cool, but his calmness was on a slippery slope towards my backside, and he appeared to be in a losing battle with his mind. It was obvious that he wanted to remain professional but go into Dad-mode, and the mental struggle was starting to break him a little. After all, technically I was one of his daughters and here I was sitting here talking to him as if he was some random stranger on the street. I was sure that Rosalie dished an attitude worse than this to him all the time, so he was fully equipped to handle anything I dished to him. He held his ground and continued to ignore my moodiness. He continued with his explanation of my treatment.

"The R.I.C.E method is as follows." He took his med-pad and pen and began to write on it. "R means rest. That means you can't walk on it."

I shook my head in disbelief even though I already knew I wasn't going to be able to walk on it anyway for a while. It hurt too damn much. I would have to find a way though because I had to go to school. There was no way I was going to sit out of school and miss out on seeing Edward.

"Don't worry." He read my thoughts. "We'll get you some crutches. " He smirked a little. "Or do you already have a few pair at home."

"Whatever." I mumbled at his stupid sarcasm. He knew I lived in a perpetual state of clumsiness and it was true. I owned five pair of crutches. "Did you let Edward rest last night after you tortured him?"

"Bel-la…" It shouldn't be possible for a little human girl to rattle a three hundred year old man's chains, but I was shaking his to death. He accepted me as his daughter, so I wondered why he didn't take a big bite out of my rebelliousness right then. I knew he was trying to merge his patience with his compassion and God knows whatever else to keep from doing just that.

If I were honest, I guess a part of me wanted that. I needed for him to do that because at least if he did, it would sort of make up for what I put them through. Anyway, that was neither here nor there and if he wasn't going to do it and just keep making empty threats, he could just go ahead and tape me up, give me a lollipop, and wish me god speed. I was so over this already.

"Ice." He continued. "That will help keep the swelling down. Use ice on it several times a day for fifteen-twenty minutes. I don't recommend more than twenty minutes at a time."

Bet you didn't give Edward ice.

I decided to keep that comment to myself. I twiddled my thumbs, making it blatantly obvious that I wanted him to shut up and get through.

"Compress. We will give you a bandage to immobilize the sprain and support the injury."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You should have supported your son instead of going off on him like a freaking lunatic. I kept my head down and played with my skin-level fingernails.

"Elevate. You will need to keep your foot elevated, if possible, above your heart level for at least forty-eight hours. Once I get the x-rays result, I will know how severe the sprain is. If it is a second degree sprain, you may need a more effective means of immobilizing your ankle. You may need splints and an anti-inflammatory medication. If the need arises, we can discuss rehabilitation and supportive therapy later."

I shook my head again. "Whatever."

He sighed. "How did you get this ankle injury, Bella? Since you don't play sports, I can only assume that you were running or something and tripped and fell."

Carlisle Cullen understood that I was a klutz and always got minor injuries, but never something like this…well not that he'd seen. He didn't know about all of the other injuries I'd suffered prior to meeting them. I'm sure being the medical guru he was, he also knew that this type of injury could be just as easily sustained from just twisting it the wrong way. So maybe he was fishing for information.

"I already told the nurse I fell in the backyard on a water marker." I lied again. I figured if Charlie had bought that lie, Carlisle would too. "There. Happy now?"

He sighed heavily and folded his arms over his chest. His blue eyes looked tired for a vampire and I could tell that they were very strained and a little puffy. Had he been crying? I almost felt sorry for him but I pushed those feelings behind Edward's sobs that I kept hearing in my head.

"Bella, I've had about enough of this little attitude of yours. I've had a long night and I have a lot of patients to see today. Where is all of this coming from, sweetheart? I've never seen you so rebellious. Bella, I know how you feel about Edward. I truly understand and appreciate that, but I am very disappointed by your behavior today."

"And? "

He stepped closer to me and shook his head in disbelief. "I understand that you are in pain and probably a little out of your mind right now, but don't get it twisted. You will not keep disrespecting me like this."

That did it. Maybe it was the pain in my foot or momentary insanity, but I lost it.

"Oh, so, like it's okay for you to disrespect everybody else. Such a hypocrite."

"Bella I will not entertain any more of your juvenile foolishness. " He turned to walk away. "I will send the nurse back in and get those x-rays for you. Once I get your results, I'll be back in to discuss them with you."

"I saw what you did to him." He froze, much like Edward did when he responded to stressful situations. The difference was that Carlisle quickly thawed. He spun slowly on his heels with grace that only a vampire could have. His eyes darkened a bit, and he slowly walked towards me. We were eye to eye now and I willed myself not to cower in his presence. It was useless. I might have always had a constant death wish, but I fully understood whose presence I was in. I swallowed and steadied myself, determined to let him know that I'd witness one of the most horrific things I'd ever had to experience in my life. He folded his arms across his chest again and I slid back on the bed.

"You want to run that by me again?" He demanded. Other than his lips, not one part of his body moved.

I swallowed hard again and my body quivered mostly from nervousness.

"I asked you a question, Isabella." His voice was so firm, much firmer than I remember.

"I saw…"

I cleared my throat.

"I was there." I fidgeted on the bed under his intense glare. His eyes were black now, and though he was ominously silent, they told me that he was infuriated by what I just told him. I cringed.

"I saw everything." I didn't know if it was the fact that I was consumed by nervousness or the fact that Carlisle had slowly morphed into a completely different man in seconds, but gone was the attitude. I saw seriousness in his eyes, a look that told me he was not playing with me anymore. He was done. He was waiting for me to continue.

Careful not to spill Alice and Jasper's visit to my bedroom, I proceeded. "I came to your house yesterday evening because I knew that you were going to…" I hesitated and he pinned himself in front of me. "I knew you were going to punish him."

Protect Jazz and Alice Bella. Don't rat them out.

"Because you told me in the school parking lot."

"You did WHAT?" He clenched his teeth.

"I just wanted to talk to you. You told me you were going to punish him-"

"So you trespassed and violated our privacy?"

"No it wasn't like that. I was thinking about what you told me-"

"Bella, stop lying to me. I already know that Alice and Jasper visited you yesterday and told you that Edward was being punished while they were at your house. You had no right to intrude like that."

How in the hell did he know that? Alice wouldn't have told him…would she?

"I wasn't intruding. You guys said I have a standing invitation. I just didn't want him to get punished like that for something I did."

"You had no right to be there Isabella." He was highly irritated by my revelation. "What I do with my children is my business and you were way out of line."

"So I was out of line, but you were not?"

"Bella! This is none of your business. I don't owe you anything and certainly don't owe you explanation for how or why I choose to discipline my children. You have no right to dictate what was right or wrong for me to do where Edward is concerned."

He sighed and rubbed his forehead. He was wound tightly. "You are done, Isabella. That's it." He waved his hand between us to emphasize his point. "You've crossed the line."

"Why? Because I came to your house to talk and saw you literally beating the crap out of your grown son."

He clenched his fists and glued his hands to his hips to control himself. He was very much aware that he was still in the hospital, his place of employment. He'd been in my room for over thirty minutes now and I was sure that as busy as this hospital was, he was going to have to leave soon. After all he did say he had other patients to see.

"Bella, what did you see?" He was more than just angered by this revelation. He seemed very worried and concerned. He visually calmed himself so I could see that he wasn't going to snap me in half. "Please. Tell me what or how much you saw."

"I came over after Jasper and Alice left. I was very upset and I really, really didn't mean any harm. I just wanted to try to talk to you and tell you that Edward didn't deserve to be punished because he tried to talk me out of the whole cheating disaster. I felt so badly. I was hurt and angry with you and mostly with myself. I was going to call but Alice intercepted my plans and convinced me that was a dumb idea."

"And you sneaking into our house wasn't?"

"She didn't see that part."


"Only because I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do until I got to the street in front of your house. I drove my truck there and parked it by the road so you wouldn't hear my engine. I wasn't sure if you would want to talk to me if you knew I was coming, so I decided I would just show up. I see how stupid that was now-"

"That's an understatement."

"…but I did and I walked up to the house. I noticed that Esme's car was gone and it was starting to get dark so I walked up to the front door. I wasn't trying to sneak or hide or anything like that and since the front door was locked, I went around to the garage since it was open. The door was cracked and I just assumed you guys would be downstairs and I went in."

"You couldn't knock?"

"I never knock. You guys always know I'm there, so I figured you would know I was there, and there is no doorbell by the garage."


"I'm sorry, Carlisle. I thought it was okay. When I walked in I heard you guys upstairs in a hot conversation."

"So why didn't you leave?"

"Because it sounded like you had not started…you know…so I was thinking I still had time to talk to you. I went halfway up the stairs and that's when I heard you ask him to take off his clothes."

"Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You know that we have superior hearing and smell. You know this. So if we had not come out of the room, you knew that we were distracted and didn't know you were present?"


"So you deliberately trespassed on a private conversation between me and my son?"

"Yes, but it wasn't-"

"And you stand here upset by what you saw? What the hell Bella? You being Edward's girlfriend doesn't give you the right to that!"

"Don't yell at me Carlisle. You had no right to ask him to take off his clothes."

The door of the room opened and the nurse peeped in to let Carlisle know his next patient was ready. She threw him off balance for a moment, but he politely acknowledged her and told her that he was almost done and that he was ordering x-rays for my ankle. She nodded and left.

"Bella, I don't have time to finish this conversation, but know this. Your open invitation has been revoked as of ten minutes ago."

"Why is that? Because I was there to witness you beat your own son while he was completely naked."

His hand rose slightly off hip and I thought he was going to slap fire out of me. "Bella how was it possible for you to see that? That door was closed."

"Okay so that part was not entirely true. I didn't actually see anything. I heard it all though. I knew what you were doing to him. I don't know what you were calling that Carlisle, but that was more than a spanking. That was some freaky, weird incest-"

"That's enough." His onyx eyes pierced me. I was quivering. "What you did is inexcusable. You will not come back to my house again until I say so."

My eyes filled to the brim with warm tears. "Carlisle, I didn't mean it. I-I'm sorry. I just keep hearing Edward crying in my head and then he yelled out when you hit him. I was so scared, and I was afraid of you. When I heard him screaming and trying to scramble away from you, I panicked and ran because I thought you were going to realize that I was there and hurt me too."

He winced. That hurt him. "Do you really think that little of me?"

Tears spilled from eyes. "I didn't know. I'm sorry. I ran from the house as quietly and as I could and yes, I took advantage of the fact that you guys were caught up and distracted. I ran back through the woods and when I was almost to my truck, I twisted my ankle on a rock. It hurt so badly. I literally had to crawl back to my truck. I could barely drive. When I got home I hid in my room until this morning. My Dad thinks that I fell over the water marker in the back yard. He thinks I broke my grounding by just going outside to our yard. He doesn't know any of this."

Carlisle was silent for several minutes. He covered is mouth with his fist and closed his eyes as if thinking and trying to calm himself simultaneously. This was a disaster.

"Bella, Edward would surely meet his demise if he knew you were there."

"Please don't tell Edward. It's bad enough as it." A sharp pain hit my ankle and I started crying again. "Ow…ow…" I reached for my foot but I couldn't lift my leg. "God, my foot. "Carlisle my foot…"

He snapped back to reality and looked down at my foot that had become more swollen from dangling it over the side of the bed. Although he was angry, his compassion and love for me kicked in and he picked me up and helped me lie back on the bed. He sat me down gently and raised the lower end of the bed so that my foot was elevated.

He was angry, yes, but he looked hurt, pained. His eyes were lightening back to their topaz color now and he finished situating me on the bed. "I'm so sorry Carlisle. If there was no other punishment for me, hearing that was worse than any beating I could get."

He didn't say a word but gathered his things.

"Please don't be mad at me. Don't make me stay away please. "


"Please say something." I begged.

He walked over to the bed. "It's a shame you left early. Otherwise you will have heard me telling my son how much I love him and how sorry I was for hurting him. You would have heard me comforting him and taking care of him."


He raised his hand to stop me. "Don't, Bella." He said softly. "I'll be back in shortly with your results."

"Carlisle please."

He left me there alone. I turned onto my left side to get more comfortable. "Oh God what have I done?" I sobbed into my hands. "I keep hurting the people I love and respect the most. What am I going to do?"

"I don't know, but you can start by telling me why you lied to me." I flipped onto my right side to see Charlie standing next to my bed with his hands on his hips. He shrugged and his mustache twitched. He didn't offer one smile. "Or you could just make it quick and tell me why you were at Dr. Cullen's house last night…just in time for you to hear Edward getting his behind whipped."

"Oh my God." I tried to sit up but failed. "Dad, what? How much did you hear?"

Please don't say you heard anything about a vampire. Please.

"The door wasn't completely closed. I walked up on the part where Dr. Cullen was asking you how you were able to see him switching Edward's naked behind. Oh yeah right, you lied about that too. You didn't see anything…you just heard it. You're a bright girl. I think you know I heard the rest. Um…that was right before I went across the hall when I heard Dr. Cullen coming out."

I rapidly scanned my memory. I didn't think we had said anything about vampires, blood, or anything incriminating during that part of our conversation. Still he had a good inclination of how badly Carlisle whipped Edward last night and that Carlisle was very upset with me at the moment.

"Dad, I-"

"Bells, Dr. Cullen was correct. The way he runs his house is none of your business. He was well within his right to tell you not to come back to his home. You were driving in the wrong lane, Bells. He's right. You need to mind your business and from the sound of it, he's quite annoyed with you."

"But, Dad-"

"Bella Swan you used poor judgment and trespassed on their property. I don't care if they do normally allow you to come over at your leisure, you shouldn't have intruded. You disobeyed me and broke your grounding. Now you're hurt and it sounds like you've started a big mess. When I get through with you, you are going to wish that Carlisle had whipped you instead of Edward. Now we're going to get you patched up, but please know that this will be last time you double cross me like this. I'm nobody's fool, Bells."

Just then the nurse came in with an attendant to take me down to the X-ray department. As they loaded me into my wheelchair, Charlie stood to the side with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You and I will be having a discussion with Dr. Cullen when he comes back in with those results, but it won't just be about that foot. You understand?"

All I could do was nod as I was swiftly wheeled out of the room.

A/N: Wow. I have no idea what Charlie has planned for Bella. Seriously that was a spur of the moment thing and I have to put on my thinking cap. Let me say a few things about this chapter. I originally wanted to do an entire flashback where we go back with Bella to the Cullen house, but since that spanking was so intense I decided to just go ahead and advance the story. No use in going back. I wanted to show why Bella was so angry with Carlisle in "Blue Swan." I purposely set this scene at the hospital because I knew Carlisle would be pulled to his work and wouldn't be able to stay too long. I didn't want to drag out Bella's account of the spanking, thus making you all experience that again.

Carlisle is indeed upset. I thought it would have been weird for her to see Edward in that compromised position, so I chose to use the distraction factor and just let her overhear the punishment. Dr. C is quite upset and so is Charlie. Bella is in big trouble form both sides. Will Edward find out she was there? Good thing he's in ISS so Alice can't tell him what she saw. Oh wait, he can read her mind. She tried to tell Carlisle before school and with all of the Rosesme drama, he wasn't even trying to tap into Alice's thoughts. Now that might just get too messy. I won't go there.

Carlisle and Charlie are going to have a discussion…hmmm that ought to be interested. I wonder if Charlie will confront him about Bella and Edward or just about his unusual punishment to his son. I think we all know Bella won't be going to school today, but I am curious as to what happens. Maybe I will jump to Edward at school next chapter and then come back to Ms. Bella in the chapter following that. We'll see. Thanks again for those of you who are still following this story.