Chapter 1

Cousin Gwen

It was a normal afternoon for Phineas and Ferb, they were sitting under their favorite tree in their backyard, avoiding the mid-day sun. Both we thinking of what they could squeeze in today, it was nearly dinner time when they heard two female voices talking and giggling from across the street, nearing the house. One was high pitched and obviously belonged to Isabella and the other one was a bit lower and more relaxed. It's owner was unknown.

Suddenly the two girls walked in to the backyard through the gate. Isabella was dressed in her normal outfit. They other girl looked very similar to Isabella, she had the same long black hair tied up into a ponytail with a bright green droopy ribon. Her head was a bit smaller then Isabella's and her eyes were a light blue color. She wore an aqua blue t-shirt with a lime green belt similar to Isabella's. She paired with simple blue jeans and lime green converse.

"Hi, Phineas! Whatcha doin'?" Isabella asked

"Oh Ferb and I were just thinking of what else we can do today. Who's your friend?" Phineas said with a warm smile and gestured to the girl standing next to Isabella.

"This is my cousin, Gwen! She staying with us for the rest of summer!" Isabella couldn't stop smiling, she had waited months for Gwen to arrive and now she was here!

"Hi Gwen! I'm Phineas and that's Ferb!" Phineas said happily and shook Gwen's hand, Ferb took her hand and softly kissed it in a gentleman like fashion. Gwen smiled and blushed.

"Well it's nice to finally me the world famous Ferb and Phineas! Isabella never shuts up about you!" Gwen smiled at the boys, especially Ferb. He definitely had caught her eye.

Ferb looked at Gwen and a smile came to his usually emotionless face. He knew what he wanted to do today...

"Well since we don't have anything planned for the rest of today, how about we just hang out until dinner?" Phineas suggested

"Sounds good!" Isabella said happily, she hoped today was the day that Phineas would discover her vibrant and undying love for him! Then again she hoped that everyday.

They all sat down under the shade of the tree and Phineas asked, "So Gwen, where are you from?" "Oh, I'm from upstate New York." she replied, she couldn't stop looking at Ferb. There was something about him she liked.

"Cool!" said Phineas, then there was an awkward silence.

"Ohmigosh Phineas!! I love your shirt!!" Isabella blurted out, she couldn't help it. Gwen looked at her cousin and though, Crap, she's more love drunk then I thought! Looks like I arrived just in time! Isabella never stopped talking about her love for Phineas so she was just going to help get them together!

"Oh, thanks Isabella, you look very cute too!" Phineas said. Isabella squealed in happiness.

"So how long have you been together for?" Gwen asked Phineas. An odd expression then covered his and Isebella's face, then Ferb smiled, Finally someone flat out telling Phineas Isabella likes him! Ferb thought. He had know of Isabella's love for his stepbrother for awhile but kept his mouth shut, after all, he believed actions spoke louder then words.

"Uhh we aren't together." Phineas mumbled

"Oh really 'cuz Isa really li-" Gwen was cut off by Isabella slapping her had over her mouth as she dragged her out of the boys' earshot.

"What the heck are you doing?!?!" Isabella hissed

"Oh, just helping you get your dream guy!" Gwen hissed as she looked back at Phineas who still had a weird look on his face, like he had eaten something bitter.

"Well, I was handling it just fine thank you very much!" Isabella said, all of a sudden getting defensive.

"Liar!" Gwen smirked. She had know her cousin for a long time and could tell she was lying.

"When fine then, but what do you think is he just adorable or what?" Isabella asked

"Uh we're talking about Phineas, right?" Gwen asked. She found herself gazing at Ferb again.

"Yes, of course!!"

"He's alright but I think Ferb is waaay cuter." She replied, she like the quiet type.

"Looks like someone has a crush on Ferb!!" Isabella squeaked

"I just think he's cute. I actually have to know a guy in order to like him."

"Okay well lets go sit back down, and just act natural! And don't say anything thing more about me liking him."

"Fine then, have it your way."

The pair went back over to the tree and nonchalantly sat down.

"Sorry 'bout that misunderstanding." Gwen said, she really wasn't sorry though.

"Really? Don't be sorry my dear, I found the incident rather, well, funny." Ferb said and smiled when Gwen's jaw dropped, OMG A BRITISH ACCENT!!! THIS MAN WAS MADE FOR ME!! Gwen though. Her only known weakness were cute guys with British accents. She tried to shake the stunned expression from her face and said, "So, Isabella tells me that you two build amazing things, why do you do it?" she always had wondered that.

"For fun of course!!" Phineas said

"And for the ladies." Ferb said, he added two quick eyebrow raises in an attempt to flirt with the Isabella's stunning cousin, which obviously worked because Gwen smiled. Unfortunately Isabella had an urge to check the time and then quickly grabbed Gwen's arm. She cried, "Come one Gwen, it's time for dinner! See ya later Phineas!"

"Bye Ferb!!" Gwen cried as Isabella dragged her away from the boys. She had a feeling that she was gonna like it here.

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