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Just so those following my 'Home' series, I am not giving up on them at all, in fact, I hope to write another chapter tonight. It's just this idea popped into my head and I don't want to let it pass so now I'm going to try to juggle two stories at once. I think I can handle it… maybe!

To this day, she does not know what they were fighting about. Honestly, it probably doesn't even matter much anymore. It's just a fact of life… best friends fight, then they make up; it happens to the best of us. The only disheartening thing about that statement is that after years of being best friends, Angela Montenegro and Temperance Brennan never had an argument of that multitude. Sure they had disagreements, small arguments even; but never had they parted ways angry at each other. They always credited that to the fact that they were the best of friends, and nothing could ever come between them. Perhaps, that is what made that argument so much worse than all the others; maybe it was just time for the bomb to explode. Of course, now she couldn't help but think, if only things had happened differently.

Temperance Brennan and Angela Montenegro were standing face to face on the forensics platform staring at each other with coldness in each of their eyes that no one knew was possible for the two best friends. Both their faces were red from screaming at each other at the top of their lungs; to the point where the whole lab had rushed to the platform to see what was going on.

Cam rushed to the scene immediately after one of the interns had came into her office to inform her that her forensic anthropologist and forensic artist were having a screaming match in the middle of the platform. She didn't believe it at first; first of all, Angela and Dr. Brennan were best friends, she doubted if they'd ever had an argument in their life; second, it was so unlike them to take out their anger in public, Angela… maybe, but Dr. Brennan… no way, she would wait to have the argument in private.

Climbing the steps to the platform however, she learned that there was in fact a major showdown going on between the two friends.

"You can just be so insensitive sometimes," Cam heard Angela shout with a hint of anger in her voice she had never heard before.

Brennan laughed menacingly, "you know what, I have heard that from everybody! 'Dr. Brennan is cold'," she mimicked the words so many people have uttered about her, "'Dr. Brennan is heartless . Dr. Brennan could care less about what happens to anybody!'" The anger in her voice was evident as her pitch continued to get louder and louder, to the pint where her voice was echoing off the walls of the large lab. By this time a huge crowd had gathered to see what all the commotion was about. "You know what," Brennan continued, "Everyone says it, why should I have expected you to be any different?"

"Well maybe if you didn't act so cold and heartless all the time people wouldn't say that about you," Angela shot back.

The lab was silent after those words. You could hear a pin drop from anywhere in the room; nobody dared to even breath in fear for what would happen to them.

"Well," Brennan said quieter, but still with malignance, "I'm glad I finally know your true feelings about me."

"Well I'm glad to finally get it out in the open," Angela said with the same amount of malignance as Brennan. When Brennan turned to storm off the platform Angela called after her, "God, sometimes I just wish I wouldn't have to deal with you anymore. You are way too much!"

At those words, Brennan turned back and looked at the woman talking to her. She nodded her head and let out a deep breath. Then, she quickly turned and headed out of the lab. After a few moments, Angela shook her head in exaggerated exasperation and rushed off to her office, leaving the bystanders staring at the now empty platform in shock.

Even Cam could not believe what had happened up their just seconds earlier. Seeing the shocked expression of every worker in the department, just standing their doing nothing, Cam clapped her hands together and shouted, "ok people, show's over. Back to work."

Like I said earlier, this idea just came to me randomly. It seemed to have merit, so I decided to start it. Let me know if you wish for me to continue this story, or if it sounds like a completely stupid waste of my time. I promise Home will not be forgotten! Please review and let me know what you think!