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"Daddy is Dr. Bones awake yet?" Parker Booth asked his father from the back seat of Booth's SUV.

Booth sighed and contemplated what he was going to tell his son. It was not easy to tell a 7 year old that his favorite person in the world; besides mommy and daddy, of course, was in a coma. "Yeah bub," Booth replied to the child, "Dr. Bones is still sleeping."

Parker was quiet for a few moments, thinking long and hard about what was happening. "Daddy," Parker asked, "if Dr. Bones is going to be asleep for a long long time, why do we have to go visit her."

Booth was at a loss for words. How was he supposed to explain this situation to a kid who has just only started kindergarten? "Well," Booth tried to explain the best he could, "sometimes people go into a deep sleep when they get hurt-"

"Like Dr. Bones because she was in a car accident?"

"Right bub," Booth acknowledged. "However, just because they are asleep doesn't mean they can't hear us." He glanced in the review mirror at his son, who was deep in thought, trying to grasp the concept that his dad was trying to explain. "It's kind of like they are sleeping on the outside, but on the inside they are awake and can hear what we are saying," Booth tried to clarify.

Parker nodded, thinking he understood. "So Dr. Bones can hear us, even though she is sleeping?"

"I hope so, bub," Booth said quietly, "I really hope so."

The rest of the trip was driven in silence. Booth was not in the mood to talk, and Parker was smart enough to realize when his daddy was not in the mood for talking. When they arrived at the hospital, Booth parked the SUV in the parking garage and took Parker by the hand and lead him towards Bones' room.

"Are you sure Dr. Bones will like these?" Parker worriedly asked his father; his hands filled with a vase of daffodils and daisies. Parker looked up at his dad eagerly. He wanted so bad to please Dr. Bones, because maybe if he made her happy, she would wake up and make him and his daddy happy.

"Booth smiled at his son's eagerness and nodded his head, "I am positive Bones will love them because they came from you."

Parker smiled and ran into the room when his dad opened the door. Once in the room, he walked slowly; because Booth warned him about all the important machines and how you could not break them; over to the bedside table and placed the vase of flowers on it. "Hi Dr. Bones," Parker said grabbing Brennan's hand. He was a little scared. Her hand was cold and limp; not at all like her hand felt the last time he held her hand when at the park. However, he knew everything would be ok; that Dr. Bones felt and looked differently due to her long sleep. He couldn't wait for her to wake up, he had so much to tell her.

"Bub," Booth said, coming up behind Parker and placing his hands on his shoulders, "why don't you tell Bones about your day at school."

Parker nodded and began to recite the same story he had shared with Booth earlier in the day. "-and then Mrs. Atwell gave Reese a time out for putting his buggers in Amy's ice cream," Parker finished his anecdote.

Booth couldn't help but smile at his little boy. He looked so at ease talking to Bones, despite the fact that she was still hooked up to all the life support machines, and that she wasn't here to talk back to him.

The next thing that Parker said brought tears to Booths eyes, and made him realize just how lucky he was to have such a wonderful child.

"Dr. Bones," Parker said, reaching up to gently place a kiss on Bone's forehead, "I love you, and I miss you. I know daddy does too." Booth noticed that Parker was trying to stifle the tears that was threatening to fall from his face. "I hope you wake up soon so that me and daddy can tell you how much we love you and miss you, and that you can make me your macaroni and cheese. Just between you and me," Parker whispered still loud enough for Booth to make out, "Daddy is not the best cook."

Booth laughed and went over towards Parker. "Are you ready to go bub," he asked him, "your mom is probably waiting for you."

Parker nodded and kissed Bones one more time on the cheek. "I love you Dr. Bones, get better."

Booth smiled and bent down to place a kiss on his love's hair. He hated to leave her alone like this but Parker really needed to get home, and no one from the squint squad was available right now. Oh well, it will only be twenty minutes. "I love you Bones," Booth whispered, "I promise I'll be right back."


"I love you Bones, I promise I will be right back." Brennan heard the words coming from Booth and she immediately opened her eyes, noticing it was too late, he was already gone.

What had happened? Last thing she remembered she just had told Angela that they could no longer be friends and she had went back home to Booth for comfort. Judging by the machines and the sights that were before her, her best guess was that she was once again in a hospital.

No. That could not be possible. She could not be in the hospital again. She doesn't remember getting in an accident; but then again, she did not remember 14 years of her life the last time this had happened. This could not be happening to her again!

Growing more worried by the second Brennan called out, despite the tube down her throat, in a weak voice, "Booth. Booth!"

In almost no time at all, doctors were rushing into her room, followed closely behind Booth who frantically pushed his way passed the doctors and to her bedside.

"Bones," he said gently, stroking the hair that had fallen into her face, "thank God you are awake." He bent down and kissed her on the forehead and whispered against her skin, "I've missed you so much. You have no idea how worried I have been."

Brennan reached up and grabbed Booth's hand and squeezed it tightly as she waited for the doctors to remove her breathing tube so she could speak more easily.

Once the tube was finally removed, Brennan said in a weak voice, "what happened this time?"

Booth looked at her quizzically and Brennan continued before he could answer.

"I am so sorry that I had to put you through this again. The last thing I remember is coming home and you comforting me after Angela and I decided to no longer be friends. What happened this time?"

"Bones," Booth said with a hint of worry in his voice, "what are you talking about. You were on your way to the Jeffersonian early in the morning when a drunk driver crossed the line and hit you head on. You and Angela had a fight the day before, but as far as I know you didn't end your friendship."

Brennan was confused. Was he trying to tell her that everything that had happened in the past few weeks was not real; that she was just now waking up from her first accident? It couldn't be!

"But the memory loss, the pain I put everybody through-you, Angela Parker, Angela and I ending our friendship, going to visit Jeremy; you're telling me that none of that was real?" Brennan asked.

Booth shook his head, confused to what his partner was trying to say, "Bones, you have been in a coma for a little over three months. We thought you never would wake up." He thought to what she had just said and tried to provide her with an explanation for it. "You must have had a coma dream like I did. None of that stuff happened, and you obviously do not have any memory loss."

Before he could continue one thing Brennan had said came to his mind- she had mentioned something about Jeremy. "Wait," he said, "how did you know that it was Jeremy that was the drunk driver that hit you?"

In all honesty, Booth expected that she probably heard some of the conversation that he had had in her room about the situation over the past three months; but the way Brennan responded shocked him, because he knows for a fact that he had not disclosed some of this information to anyone.

Brennan responded, "you took me to see him in the prison. Once he told me about everything that had happened- his parents death, his grandparents, his mistake that he made the night of the accident, I refused to press charges and you got angry at me. Don't you remember?"

Booth shook his head in disbelief, "that did not happen. You probably heard me talking about Jeremy and subconsciously dreamt about it. One thing does not make sense to me," he stated, "I don't understand how you would know all that about his grandparents and parents- I never disclosed that information anywhere near you."

"Jeremy told me," Brennan explained. "I know it is illogical, but it happened. I know it was real."

At the moment, Booth really did not feel like arguing with her. All he cared about was that she was awake and ok. He placed another kiss on her forehead and said quietly, "I have to take Parker home now- he's in the waiting room with Angela and your dad. Are you ok with me leaving for a few moments?"

Brennan nodded. "Send Angela up, there are a few things I need to discuss with her."

Booth nodded and told her he loved her as he walked out the door and went to fetch Angela.


A few miutes later Angela came rushing into the room and immediately ran to Brennan's side and gave her a gentle embrace, "Oh Sweetie," she said with tears pouring out of her eyes, "I was so worried. I'm so glad you are alright; and I am so sorry about everything- it was all my fault. If I never would have started the fight you never would have been in the accident."

Brennan shook her head, "no Ange," she told her, "this is as much my fault as it is yours. You cannot take all the blame here."

"But-" she tried to say, but Brennan would not let her get a word in.

"No buts Angela," Brennan said, and then proceeded to tell her about the 'dream' she had, the lies that were told, the hurt they went through, and the fact that they ended their friendship.

After Brennan was done with her story, Angela shook her head in disbelief, "there is no way that could have happened," Angela argued. "Yes, we were mad at each other, but we are too close of friends to let a little fight get in between everything we have been through together."

Brennan shrugged, "I know it does not make sense, but I know it happened. How else would I know about Jeremy's life and hardships?"

Angela had to admit that she had her on that one. "Well," she said, "if it really did happen, do you not want to be friends anymore?" Angela choked out, silently praying that her friend would not just throw away everything they had.

Angela let out the breath she had been holding when Brennan responded, "of course not! After that happened I was heartbroken. I went to Booth and told him that I wish we could go back in time and make sure…"

Brennan let her voice trail off as that memory came back to her. She had told Booth that she wished they could go back in time so that what had happened would never had happened. Now, she was back in time and it had not happened; she had a chance to med her relationship.

"Never mind," she said when she saw that Angela was giving her a confused look. "We're good, right?"

Angela nodded, tears of thanks and praise running down her face, "yeah, we're good."

To this day she honestly can't remember what the fight was about. All she knows is that it was in the past, and after that day at the hospital it was never brought up again. However, she could not help but think about the 'dream' she had while in the coma. In all honestly it seems to be too much of a coincidence to actually be a dream. Even though it is impossible to travel back in time, she is convinced that is exactly what happened. She was given a second chance to correct everything that had gone wrong; a second chance at happiness. Yes, maybe it was just a coma dream, that everything that happened was one major coincidence. But, Temperance Brennan, the most rational human being on this earth is convinced otherwise. Was it just a coincidental coma dream, or time travel for the opportunity for second chances? You will have to be the judge of that.


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