Major Spoilers for 358/2 Days.

"Who…am I? What am I here for?" Xion whispered, her eyes still screwed shut as the nightmares continued. Her hand curled into a fist, then relaxed again.

Riku shifted uncomfortably. He really wasn't used to dealing with this kind of situation, much less having to hold a girl in his arms. For all his fantasies about moments with Kairi and hoping and hoping, of course it had never actually happened. Which was why he was here feeling slightly stupid.

I did call her a sham… But DiZ said that's what she is, a replica of Sora. …If Sora was a girl, anyway. Except she looks like Kairi, from Sora's memories.

He jumped slightly as Xion moved, but she was still unconscious. Much as he was embarrassed to admit it, his arms were getting numb from holding the girl up for so long, although she was as light as a feather. "You're as lazy as Sora." Riku said, remembering how he found Sora sleeping when they were supposed to be building the raft. The lines of his mouth tightened as the next memory washed over him, the Heartless, the darkness-

Not going there, I already picked my road.

The next moment happened very fast. Maybe it was because he needed a distraction, something, anything from thoughts of the islands, maybe it was because Xion convulsed suddenly again, an arm flying out to grip his coat as if she would never let go and pulling him down, but Riku suddenly found that he was kissing Xion.

And he was suddenly grateful for that, laughing inwardly. Here he was, holding a replica of his best friend and kissing her. The worlds must be going mad.

…A replica of his best friend. A replica of Sora, who looked nothing like him but everything like Kairi, but still his very best friend.

Did that technically make him kissing Sora?

Awkward and horrified and shocked were understatements for the situation as Riku realized this implication. He dropped Xion ungracefully from his arms, which thankfully weren't far from the ground.

When Xion finally woke up, she was confused as to why Riku was crouched over the edge of the small island, throwing up.

No offense meant to any supporters of either pairing, it was just a really random thought.