Chapter 5

Author's Notes: No excuse for how long it took me to update.

"Hey there handsome." I beautiful lady simply said as she leaned in close to him. Her blond hair cascaded over her shoulder some strands falling between her youthful cleavage.

Owen turned to look at her. He noticed her pink glossed up lips, giving her credit for them at least being natural and not painted. "Hey." Owen said back barely interested and turned back to look at the nothing he was looking at.

"What's wrong, sweetheart? You look tense."

"Tough day at work." Owen purely offered not bothering to look back at her. Hoping she'd go away.

He felt her hand come up to his shoulder and she leaned in and whispered to his ear. "I can make it better." Rubbing seductively at his back.

"I'm waiting for someone." He somewhat lied taking a drink from his whiskey embracing the burning feeling it had as it slid down his throat.

"I don't see her." She said pretending to look around before sliding into the seat next to him.

Owen looked around the room as well and automatically his eyes landed on a dark brunet on the dance floor. Her hips swaying side to side, long sweaty locks, drenched skin, and a red smile that remained unforgettable in his mind.

Lips where on his so suddenly, hands caressing his torso. He closed his eyes embracing the feeling. His arms locked onto her small waist pulling her in. His kiss suddenly became hungry, clinging onto every piece of skin that was hers. Tasting the side of her neck. Becoming breathless at her scent. Limbs becoming weak at her touch.

Her hands where at his chest, leading him – and he let her, hoping that it was back into her arms.

He could feel his back bump into a wall and his eyes darted open. Looking around he could see at a distance the recognizable club and bar. He could feel a mouth at his throat, blond hair tangled between his fingers and dread at his chest. "Stop." He yelled wondering how she managed to drag him to the back of the club.

"What's wrong?" She asked for the second time that night making Owen frown at her.

"You're not her." He said between locked teeth.

"I could be anyone you like." She purred slipping a hand past his waistband.

A knot formed at his throat. His heart becoming tight at knowing that she won't ever come back. "What you got on you?" He asked letting that hand think it's in control.

"What?" She asked a bit confused, still trying to work her magic.

Grabbing her by the shoulders, he callously pushed her away. "What you got?" He desperately repeated.

She studied him for a second, slipping her hand out of his pants and searched within the confines of her bra, pulling out a small bag of tiny tablets.

"I would have shared." She said slipping it back into her bra.

"Let's go." He said grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her out of the club.

"Oh, adventurous." She yipped. "Where are we going, back to your place or mine?"

"You'll see." He said stopping at a parking lot opening the car door for her to get in.

He could see as she scanned his Mercedes knowing that that what she was after wasn't him. Her eyes weren't in love with him, her blue eyes barely even saw past his expensive leather and silver watch.

Her hand ran seductively over the Mercedes' smoky-black finish. She had a smile on her face like as if she had the winning ticket to the lottery.

"You know," He said stopping her before stepping into her magical pumpkin-carriage. His hand landing delicately on her arm, he leaned in close, the car door between them. "You are very beautiful."

She coyly smiled feeling like the Disney princess she always wished she would be someday. Letting him run his fingers through her blond hair she accepted his deep kiss.