"Get off of me!"

"Someone is on my foot, aru!"

"Mumble,mumble need to mumble mumble!"

"Bloody hell would you stop speaking when your mouth is full, its not gentlemen like"

"Can you see anything?"

"No, now just back off I can't believe I had agreed to this"

"Tie your shoelaces"

"Aww can you please do it?"

"Alright, give me your foot"

"Ve~ Thank you!"

"What the hell do you think your doing potato bastard get your hands off of him!"

"Ah please calm down Lo-"

"Shut up!"

"This isn't awesome shut up all of you!"

"I can't see!"

"Shhh be quiet or they'll hear us!"

Men, jeesh didn't they know the meaning to 'no boys allowed!' and yes that did include spying!


Earlier that day-

She was handing out envelopes.

But what was in it!? That was the thought going through every male country's head in the conference room. After the meeting had ended everyone either mingling with each other or continued their endless arguing, but....she continued passing out those mysterious envelopes! But there was something wrong within it all. She was only handing them out to female countries only! There weren't many of them, but their curiosity was getting the best of them. Even though the men seemed to be engaged in conversation or bickering. In the back of their mind they secretly wondered......especially when the girls huddled together and share with eachother the mysterious within.

"Oi ! Hungary Why didn't the awesome me get one?" It was Prussia, and he dared to ask. Hopefully easing everyones curiosity.

Hungary who just handed one to Taiwan just simply turned away with a 'hmph' and continued on her way.

"Come back! What is it? A love letter confessing your love for me?" he teased.

Hungary rolled her eyes "get a life Gilbert" she retorted, trotting off to find the other females "it has nothing to do with you"


"Nothing." She flashed out her frying pan warningly. A sign Prussia knew waayyy to well. He shot his hands up in surrender before running off.

"Big Brother" It was Liechtenstein. She sat quietly next to him, freely swinging her feet up and down. "Hungary gave me this" she handed the small piece of paper to Switzerland who grunted in response and took the paper from her small hands.

"A sleepover?"

She nodded a hopeful glint in her eyes

"and you want to go?"

She nodded her eyes pleading and of course he couldn't resist

"I don't know" If Hungary was hosting it then wouldn't that mean Austria was going to be there? Vash folded his arms deep in thought. Hmm he wasn't quite sure on that, but he couldn't think more of it because a small tugging on his sleeve broke him out of his thoughts. "Big Brother look" Liechtenstein slightly leaned over and pointed at the bottom of the paper clearly reading 'NO BOYS ALLOWED!'

With this Vash nodded approvingly.

"Did you get one as well Vietnam?" Taiwan approached her Asian sister, who smiled sweetly at her in response.

"I did! Are you going Taiwan?"

Taiwan beamed "yes, I think its a fun idea, I think we should hang out more, just us girls"

Vietnam nodded "okay, then I'll go to, it will be nice to meet and hang out with the girls..." she paused and looked to her right "instead of just hanging out with them" she pointed toward the Asian men who were bickering about Korea's nonsense.

Taiwan gave a small giggle "yea, it should be really fun!"

"I-I think we should go Belarus" Ukraine sniffled, she was crying over how happy that she was invited to the sleepover. It was something that she was looking forward to.

"No, only if Russia goes"

"B-but it says no boys allowed"

"then no"

"I think it will make him happy if you do" Ukraine suggested, hopefully trying to convince her younger sister

"then I'll go" remarked Belarus standing up as she spotted Russia and making a run for it.

"Ah~ Belgium did you get one too!"

"Yea, I did! I'm definitely going and you Seychelles?"

"Yes I did! I told Papa and he said yes, but too make sure to take LOTS of pictures of us"

Belgium stared at Seychelles did she know what just came out of her mouth? Damn that France.

"Um sure, well I guess I'll see you there then huh?"


Hungary continued passing out her invitations to all the female countries and word had gotten out that she was hosting a sleepover!! Females only, which means no boys allowed, but of course what kind of guy would miss this opportunity!? Girls all alone together!? This was their chance !?

"Hey! Guys" It was Prussia and he was making an announcement once the girls disappeared.

"Who wants to spy on some girls huh?

end of flashback-

And so this brings us back to the present where they sat behind bushes trying to get a peep at the action going on in the house, and so far they were not making any progress. The men continued bickering over the smallest things and were just not getting along. Why did they even agree to do this? Oh that's right this was there chance to get into a female's mind. What did go through their head, what did they talk about when they were alone? Did they confess their deep and darkest secret to their friends like in the movies? Have pillow fights and do facial while discussing the hottest gossip in town? Well that was the reason they were here know, to figure out these answers!

The men sat on a huge hill where the house sat down below, but they sat behind bushes, for safetly reasons of course. It was the middle of summer and they were hot, sitting so close to other men wasn't their ideal plans for tonight, but who would miss this right?

"Hey do you see anything now?"

America who was eating and stuffing his face with hamburgers responded with a nod. Much to their displeasure.

"Give me that!"

"Mmmhey!! Give it back!"

Prussia snatched the binocular from the American nation and took it upon himself, to update the guys on what was currently going on.

"Germany, what does the book say next?" he asked trying to get a better view of the gathering from inside of the house.

Germany sat disapprovingly of the whole idea, he had oppose to the idea of coming, but of course Italy had asked, and he was like putty in his hands.

He spoke with a hush tone and tried to ignore the glare coming from Romano as Italy happily sat close to Germany himself, looking over to read the book Germany held in his hands,

"Step:2 After your guests have arrived, try to introduce your girlfriends to each other to get acquaintance, after offer any ideas or games that you all may consider playing or doing to have a pleasurable slumber party"

Germany looked up a questionable look on his face, is this for real?

"Ve~ That's so cool, girls do so much fun things! Germany lets have a sleepover!" Italy clapped his hands with excitement with the thought of the idea. A Sleepover how fun! If girls got to do it, then why didn't boys get to experience it as well?

Romano was the first to react to the situation "WHAT!? I'll kill you Veneziano!" he stood up from where he was standing and pounced on his younger brother who was screaming for help.

"Lovi calm down he didn't mean it!" Spain also sat up from his seat and began to pry Romano from his younger brother.

"Mind your damn business Spain!" but Spain was successful in pulling the southern half of Italy off of the north. Hundreds of years worth of farming really did pull off. Italy got up from where he was laying and ran to Germany and threw himself into his chest, sobbing. Germany patted his head awkwardly, man did he really wish he could use a beer right about now.

"Can't we just all be friends and get along?" France suggested as the heated argument settled down.

"France, don't get in it, aru" China said, as he nestled his Shinatty he was getting tried. They have been out here for two hours and it was hot as hell. Who decided to have a slumber party in the middle of summer?

England rolled his eyes. This was getting tiring and a waste of time.

The cock of a gun, made everyone silent.

It was Switzerland and he looked pissed "Be quiet" was all he said, before turning his attention to something else. Why would Vash be here of all people you ask? Well you have a whole bunch of male countries spying on female countries, without them knowing, equals an overprotective brother. And if anyone dared to make a move on his younger sister their ass was his.

"Prussia give me back the binoculars the hero needs to see!" America reached for the binoculars on which he successfully...failed.

"No, America because your not awesome enough and besides all they are doing is talking to each other" Prussia spoke in a rather hushed tone. Gilbird chirped in agreement. He sat happily on the albino's head. As he looked into the binoculars himself he saw the girls settle into the living room, as even more of them arrived at the door. All they were doing was that they were either talking to each other, playing with each others hair, or ate the little snacks provided to them. How lame. Why weren't they talking about how awesome Prussia was!?

"Like, duh! What did you like expect? Their girls they like totally love to talk!"

Everyone remained silent. They all stared at the sudden appearance at the nation in front of them, England was the first the break the silence. He coughed slightly and asked



"Who invited you here?"

"Like Italy did, he said I should totally tag along"

Everyone turned to look at the said nation. Who was smiling brightly that his friend had finally came.

"Poland" It wasn't England, but Austria this time. "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't suggest being here, I don't want to be here myself" His face screamed help. He knew what the consequences were If the girls were to ever find out that the boys were spying on them. He shuddered, but quickly repressed the thought "Its probably not safe being here is all I'm saying" he finished off.

Poland scoffed and flipped his hair "fine I totally get that you all don't want me here"

Again, Romano shot up from where he was sitting and pointed angrily at Poland "that's right. I sure as hell don't want you here!"

Poland snorted and folded his arms "jeesh I can't like enjoy sometime with my friends how uncool"

"No one wants to be your friend!"

"Then like why are you here Romano I don't think your here to spy on some girls?"

Romano flushed and turn "T-that has nothing to do with you and besides I'm here to watch Italy from that bastard" he pointed at Germany who just gave him an exasperated look in return.

Italy stood up and latched himself onto Poland "Don't go! I want you here!"

Poland smiled "like sure! I'll stay just for you Italy!"

Italy smiled and squealed with joy the more the merrier!

"Why are you here Italy this isn't like you, you would be like inside with the girls" said Poland.

Italy nodded "I got an invitation"

Again, everyone remained silent.

"You what!?" everyone shouted.

Italy cowered behind Poland "Wah! I though it would be fun if I went along with you guys!"

Prussia who was on watch duty, threw the binoculars at America and walked up to Italy "how did you manage to score an invitation!? It clearly says no boys allowed"

Austria sighed "It was Hungary who gave Italy the invite and if you have any brains left in your coincided head of yours. Italy is considered pure in her eyes and honestly do you any of you consider Italy one of us?"

Everyone thought about it and then shook their heads Italy was probably the one, out of all of them that had the most close connections to the girls. He talked to them, paid attention when they spoke. "Lets face it compared to Italy we're barbarians" The men couldn't help, but agree. It was no wonder he had gotten an invite.

"Not even you pansy?" asked Prussia towards Austria "your pretty girly yourself with your 'classical' music?"

Austria rolled his eyes "even me, Prussia"

Italy nodded "that's why I'm here, oh and I asked Germany to come along too!" he said clutching onto Poland even more.

"And I'm here because my friends are!" Spain said to no one in particular, smiling rays of sunshine.

America who had been completely ignoring the conversation, jumped in "and I'm the hero of you all. So If one of you goes into help mode. Of course I'm your hero!" he posed into a heroic pose.

"And I'm here so that this idiot doesn't get into trouble" England added in as he took America's arm and pulled him down to the ground "If you do that we'll get caught, bloody hell America"

America shrugged and turned his attention back to the girls.

"And I my friend, am here to admire the lovely ladies indoors" It was France and he seemed to be having a mental imagine, but it was broken when he felt a cold metal go up against his temple.

"What did you say?"

"Eek! I'm sorry Switzerland please don't shoot your dear friend I was only kidding right guys!" No one said anything, secretly they all thought France deserved it. Switzerland stood tall over France and was ready to pull the trigger right there and then. He knew it wouldn't kill him, but it sure as hell would hurt.

"Aiya! Don't blame him he's only protecting his little sister like I am, aru" China pushed the gun down slightly and Switzerland went down without a fight. It wasn't worth pulling the trigger on some drunken idiot.

"Is that so China?"

Everyone froze. Those words did NOT come out of Switzerland's mouth, but out of someone elses. Someone too familiar.

"Is everyone becoming one with each other, but not with me da?"


"Hey girls did you hear that?" Hungary whispered in a hush tone.

"Yea I think I did to, it sounded like a faint screaming somewhere out in the distance!" said Belgium.

"Oh well maybe it was nothing"


A/N: Wow if I saw Russia behind me. I would scream to! I would be scared as hell! This story came from a inspiration I had from this AMV I watched once. I forgot the name to it, but it was basically heterocouples in it and there was one part when the girls beat up the men and was quite hilarous, and volia! This came to life. This and other stories will be updated soon, because I'm on mid winter vacation whoo!!! Party!

The thing that sucks is that for the girls there isn't many of them! But there is soo many men! Gah! I was thinking it would be nice to have some oc girls here to spice some things up. If any of you have any ocfemale countries that you want added here. That would be great! It would nice to know their name , personailty, and what relations they have with the the cannons charries. (of course I'll give credit duh) Things need to be more interesting and I have somethings stored up in my evil little mind. So drop me a line yo!

Until next time!