"Alright girls listen up! We are now going to play Murder In the Dark!" Hungary announced flashing out playing cards in front of everyone. The chatter had died down and everyone had gathered around the Hungarian. The lights were dim and Hungary took a flashlight and pointed it at her face creating a scary look. "Murder in the dark! The tale goes like this...the card you are given is your destiny" she flashed out the ace card "Ace is the murder, Jack! Is the detective and the King is also the detective!" she slowly began handing out the cards "as for the rest of you, you are wanderers, but who will be murdered first?" the girls squealed as each one took a look at their own card. "Every girl for themselves no one here can be trusted so no one shall be paired" she took a look at her card before smiling "let the killing begin" before the lights went out.

Some shrilled with excitement while some squeaked with fear. The girls quickly jumped to their feet warning eachother to watch out and be on the look out. Everyone then began to scatter about and soon enough the house had turned deadly quiet.


"Damn all the windows are locked!" Prussia hissed with irritation he pulled at the window once more before giving up "of course Hungary is actually crazy enough to lock in her victims" he rolled his eyes as he turned to the trio behind him.

"Try another" someone hissed.

"I told you all the damn windows are locked, America weren't you listening?"

America blinked confused, but Prussia only scoffed before turning to Spain "Don't you have some unlockable methods?"

Spain pointed to himself, "que me?"

"mon cher, don't you break into little Romano's house when he locks you out?"

Good thing it was dark out or they would of had seen the pink tint growing on his cheeks, he didn't know how his friend's knew about that, but he figured he must of told them one day when they all had gone out drinking, "Si, but Romano yells at me and then won't talk to me for days!" his eyes widen at the thought.

"Yea, but it would be useful now...and awesome If we actually got into the house"

Spain gave a worried glance between the three, "Hungary would be angry no?"

"Who cares! We're the awesome bad touch trio! We'll never get caught!"



The four men 'literally' jumped out of their skins each one of them clapping a hand over eachother's mouth. Someone seemed to be lingering out back. What if it was one of the girls! Oh, god if they were all caught they were dead! Never to be seen on this earth ever again! Oh the horror! Hungary might even put them up for something sick and sexual just for her pleasure! Each one of them had some type of mental imagine. Which was known to now scar them for life.

America spoke up, "Shh don't make a sound or we'll be-"


"Mmmph!" All four nations screamed but thank goodness there mouth's were clamped.

"Shh! Cállate! Or we're going to be caught!" the mysterious voiced hushed.

The four blinked before realization smacking them in the face "Mexico?" they chimed.

"Shh it's North Méjico, si, si its me, but-Ah~! The bad touch trio!...and América!" his face lit up at seeing his old friends.

"Oh~ Are you here to spy on the senoritas as well?" Of course leave it up to Spain to already start a chatter box conversation and a loud one at that. "You've grown so much! Mexico! How's Guadalupe? America and Prussia wouldn't let me see-oh! are you here by yourself? You can join us If you'll like! Oh you should that would be-"

"Shhh" Mexico clamped a hand over his mouth, with a smirk on his face "of course I didn't come by myself" he took a step back before quietly whistling.

Another crash followed by an interrupted laughter and then two figures appeared.

"Yo! Is that more nations? Ahaha great!"

Out of the shadows were Indonesia and Malaysia, although Malaysia wasn't more then thrilled to be here.

The men greeted the four others.

"What are you three doing out here?" America asked interrupting whatever reunion they were having.

"We were going to spy on the girls, but Hungary as the place locked up real tight!" Mexico paused, "don't worry that has never stopped me" he grinned as he lifted up a crowbar. The men aww'd in fascination. "Alright step back!" he ordered and the men did as they were told "I'm going to count three and that's when we'll-THREE!"

Turns out the window were nailed shut Hungary was sure prepared, but nothing could keep out the great Mexico! As soon as the window was forced opened he turned around "ok so what is the plan?"

"The plan is to steal those illegal photographs those girls have in there of us!" Prussia stepped up being the first to go through the window, but stopped halfway.

"Photographs?" asked Mexico slightly confused "I thought we were just going in there to mess with them you know do some pranks?"

"Yea photographs the awesome me has a reputation to keep up-"

"They have very naughty pictures of us!" interrupted Antonio.

Mexico gave a questionable look "naughty? how the-"

France reached over and whispered the unknown into his ear.

"... que?" Mexico paled "!"

The bad touch trio nodded together "we know the feeling"

"What? I want to know! Let me at it!" Indonesia proclaimed.

"Hey man no you don't now let's go andget those pictures!" Mexico pushed Prussia the rest of the way in through the window with America following along after.

"No wait! I want to know!" Indonesia claimed, "so does Malaysia don't cha?" he pulled the nation close and beamed nudging him to get a repsonse.

Malaysia rolled his eyes "you know I didn't exactly plan for my night to be like this"

"and this is why you spent it with me!"

"No. I actually didn't have a choice" he crossed his arms frustrated. Although Indonesia only laughed in return slapping him on the back.

"Lighten up will you!"


"Alright while you bicker over nothing amigo's listen we have to come up with a plan" interrupted Mexico pulling out rope and some duck tape from his mysterious bag that had just randomly appeared.

"Whoa! Wait!" it was Prussia from the window with America along side with him "you came prepared?"

"of course I would"

"and what were you planning to do with those?" France asked suggestively.

"We're not hurting the girls are we?" Spain asked horrified at the thought.

"Sorry but the hero doesn't allow that kind of behavior" America then said.

"What are you guys crazy! I'll never do that and besides Guadalupe is in there and if she caught me she would probably kill me" he shuddered at the thought "and besides these were for something else, but we don't need them anymore we need to get those photos"

"Wait who decided you were the leader? Sorry Mexico your cool, but not to awesome enough and besides I have a plan"

Mexico shrugged "No one stepped up in th-wait! What do you mean I'm not 'awesome' enough Prussia?"

"Well I have an awesome plan that will work to get us in and out of there without being noticed an-"

"You guys are already arguing so this needs to be solved by a great 'hero' and that would be me"

"No one is talking to you America" Prussia scold turning his attention back to Mexico, but those words just flew in and out the window for the American nation.

"Prussia you shouldn't be so rude to-"

"France, are you choosing the trio over that!" Prussia pointed to America who was ranting on about his great plan.

"See my plan is-"

"No one wants to hear your plan!"


Everyone stopped bickering and turned to see where the source was coming from.

"Who the hell thought to bring a cellphone?"

"You know if we were in there right now it would've been game over for all of us"

"Ahahaha~ sorry everyone it's Lovi"

At that everyone face-palmed at the exact same time. Out of all of them it had to Spain.

"Hola! Lovi!"

Spain nodded at the Italian's words making the boys inch closer.

"Well what he saying?"

"Aha, Mmmm Ohhh! Mhmm of course Lovi...yep...si...si aha ok bye-bye!" and clicked the phone shut.

Spain turned to see the men stare at him with anxious expression "well?" they chimed.

Spain blinked "well what?"

"What did Romano say?"

"Hm? oh! He said that they started watching again and that the senoritas and Italy have started playing a game called murderer in the dark an-"

"Oh! My people play that game all the time its really fun!" America said climbing his way out of the window.

"Si, si and hesaid to be careful because the house is completely dark and that to get Italy out of the house because he's crying really bad for Germany. The ladies are with him, but the dark scares him." he paused "and then Lovi got really angry and he said to just hurry up before the lights go back on"

"Awesome! This gives us a time limit we have to go in there and save little Italy from the clutches of evil! Just like in the movies!" America fist pumped in the air barely concealing his excitement.

"So the plan is...?" France asked snaking his arm around an oblivious Spain's waist.

"The plan is that we spilt up so we have a lesser chance of being caught" explained Mexico jumping in through the window with the rope in his hands. "Oh wait here" he threw the rope at the trio while he handed the tape to Indonesia "alright France, Spain, and Prussia you guys go and find the photos. Prussia you should know where senorita Hungary room is si? As for me I'll be going with Indonesia, Malaysia, and the um 'hero' to retrieve Italy yes?" everyone nodded "after that we will all meet up here before the lights go up ok?"

"And if one of us gets caught?" asked Malaysia monotone.

"That won't happen" Mexico grinned and disappeared into the dark.


Ireland shook in her slippers. This game was way too scary to play and out of all it had to be one in the dark! Also with the constant fear of being 'killed' almost sent her over the end. She wrapped her arms around herself and walked slowly down the hall listening for any type of sound to indicate that someone else was in same hallway as she was. Hungary's house was huge so that meant the girls and Italy were scattered all over the place. So that meant she was by herself in the dark! A chill ran down her spine as quickened in her footsteps. Maybe if she just camped out in a room until the game was over then she wouldn't have that dreary feeling creeping over her. Ireland began blindly searching the wall hopefully to come across a door. And soon enough she was granted with such a blessing. She slowly turned the knob only to have it budge. Was someone on the other side? Again she tried and this time the door flew open and she came crashing down.

"Shit" she heard someone whisper harshly then the room suddenly fell deathly quiet.

"Girls?" she whispered If this was some type of joke they were playing on her then she wasn't laughing. She was absolutely terrified at this point. "I-If this is some kind of-mmp!" and before she knew it Ireland's mouth was gagged, legs were tied, eyes were covered, and arms were tied as she was thrown into yet a dark closet.


"Ve~ Thank you girls for staying with me even though the game says not to"

In another part of the fabulous house were Italy, Kalingrad, and Philippines. Although game rules specifically said no one was allowed to pair up, but who had to leave poor little Italy all to himself? Who actually had the heart to do so?

"Hey no problem anything to help a friend out" smiled Kalingard reassuringly taking hold of the other nation's trembling hand.

"Don't worry this game is fun it may be a little scary, but the thing is make sure not getting killed-" explained Philippines although she paused hearing Italy squeaked with fright, "I-I mean not getting caught!"

"W-what are they going to do when they catch me!" Italy's eyes widened with fear at the thought "This game is not fun in the dark it makes everything so scary" he paused tears filling up in his eyes "I want Germany!" he wailed.

The two girls had no idea on how to fix this problem. Oh man if only Hungary was surly she could hear him crying...right?

"Shh Italy or we might get caught!" Kalingrad panicked "Italy please don't cry...uh hear have a pretzel" she offered him although she had already started to munch on it.

"Italy don't worry you won't get caught" chimed in Philippines "they won't actually do anything to you its just one of us girls being the murderer"

this had stopped the crying "really?"

She nodded "of course no one is out here, but-" her voiced died down as she faintly heard a whisper and then milliseconds later Kalingrad was on the floor. Her eyes widened "K-Kalingard?"

"She's DEAD!" Italy shrieked running down the hall crying hysterically.

"W-wait Italy!" she made a dash down the hall as she ran after the crying Italy. Oh crap the murderer was right on there tail by now. But boy! Italy sure can run. Philippines had almost lost the crying Italian a couple of times, but the sound of crying helped her locate him. She really didn't have any clue as to where she was in the part of the house anymore, but at least they lost the murderer right? And finally which seemed like forever Italy had stopped running while wiping at his tears.

"I-Italy man you can run!" Philippines had finally caught up with the Italian man.

"S-sorry Philippines" Italy sniffled "but that really scared me"

"Hey at least we didn't get caught" she chuckled as she rustled his hair "its okay I think we lost the murderer" she smiled "alright now let's go hide and th-ah!"


Just as fast as it had happened a door that Philippines happened to be standing in front of quickly opened up. A tall figure that Italy couldn't quite tell (it was so dark and the moonlight didn't help) appeared at the door and took her away into darkness! And just like that she was gone.




"Alright this is Hungary's room" Prussia whispered slowly walking in and then smiling proudly to himself. He made it here without being harassed, hit, or knocked out. Score one for him! Hungary zero.

"Good job Prussia now where does she keep the photos?" France asked casually walking in with Spain tagging along.

"How should I know"

"Well you two were amigo's in the past right?"

"Yea but she was actually a boy back then now she's all girly, check in her drawers"

"That's a pretty obvious hiding spot don't you think?"

Prussia shrugged "like I care. Spain keep watch and listen if anyone is coming"

The Spaniard nodded and flew over to stand in front of the door.

The two started to search for the photos but made sure not to leave any trace of evidence while doing so. Being in her room was already too risky but the sake of their pride they were willing to take that risk. They searched under the bed, in between the mattress, the closet, under a rug, drawers, behind furniture, in between books etc. They looked through everything and still no photographs! Where could of she had hid them!

Prussia grabbed a pillow and began to violently shake it only to have a pillow fall from it. "Fuck" he cursed running a hand through his hair "we're never going to find it" The man sounded defeated, but that didn't mean he was going to give up. Hell no! He was too awesome for giving up. The sound of the door opening caught his attention, "Spain we'll get caught if you open the door" he turned only to see the Spain on the ground with OH MY GOD! A female on top of him. He turned to look at France who was as equally shocked "shit" he muttered. He had to think quick. He looked at his hands and then the figure on the ground, she began to speak only to have Prussia gag her mouth with the pillow case and let the boys do the rest.


She continued thrashing as she was carried down the hall. This was not a women's strength she knew and this person certainly didn't smell like a women either. She could detect a faint smell of cologne from her 'kidnapper'. Whoever this was, had thrown her over his shoulder and dash down the hall. She had left Italy by himself! The man was strong and fast though he had bound her hands and feet in a matter of seconds and then her mouth, but her muffled cries meant nothing, although the man had finally slowed and entered a room. Completely rising her alarms she continued to kick and thrash all over the place.

"Ouch! Italy its me!" the man said as he lost his grip and she fell on ontop the floor. The girl landed backwards as her eyes widened in disbelief at the four faces staring down at her.

"what did you do?" someone whispered.

"What do you...oh"

Then the room fell completely silent. No one said anything for a really really really long.


Being the murderer was so much fun! You knew that you weren't the victim here in the game. You gently tapped them on the shoulder silently watching them crumble to the ground. Although you had to keep from giggling because some of the girls had gone as far as to make dying noises which had sounded extremely funny. Although you earlier killed someone Italy happened to be with only to have him run away yelling. Didn't that mean the game was over? But he didn't scream murder in the dark, more like screaming in terror. Although you could of had sworn someone else was with him. So maybe he was alright? Well you haven't been caught so far and hopefully you killed everyone, but those pesky detective were running around looking for you. You see someone through the moonlight, its a small figure, and you slowly make your way up to her. And bam just like that you tap them of the shoulder making them squeal with fright and you already know who it is. You smile and whisper in their ear "sweet dreams Liechtenstein" you continue walking and finally notice the bodies on the ground along the way. Taiwan, Kalingrad, Belarus, Singapore, Seychelles, even Hungary laid dead in the dark. Your surprised no one has come across your murder, but then you spoke to soon as you kill you last victim you hear those words,


and then the lights went up.

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