I'm sorry to have to write this. This is an update for the readers of the series. Recently, I've re-uploaded the chapter 1-4, however, I've only just recently found out that because of something to do with the way the site formats the documents, the chapters become a mess. The icon I use to break the scenes is missing and the spaces that I set have also vanished. The result were squashed chapters there were rendered unreadable. Funnily enough, it seemed to be working fine when I previewed the chapters, but something clearly happened.

I'd like to extend an apology to the readers of the fic. I've corrected the problem now, so hopefully this won't be encountered again.

I've also broken the chapters, into smaller sizes. This is because, as someone pointed out to me, most people who read fanfiction tend to enjoy their chapters short and easy. So I'd thought I'd experiment with the idea. Chapters should now be no longer than 4000 words and 2000 at minimum. Please let me know if this make it easier for you to read.