The Adventures of Neil and Todd

Chapter One: Chocolate Milk

Oneshot Series

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dead Poets Society. If I did, would I be writing this? Neil does spend a lot of time in handcuffs in my room, though. Does that count as owning him?

A/N: This was actually inspired by making myself a glass of chocolate milk. Inspiration really does come in every form. This first chapter is rather random and just something that I felt like writing. It's short, sweet and to the point. I believe it's rather fluffy, actually. I've decided to make this a oneshot series of Neil and Todd. It will be all about the random things they do together. If you have any suggestions or something you want to see them do together, please let me know in a review. Enjoy, read and review, please. Thanks!

Todd was getting slowly accustomed to his roommate waking him up in the middle of the night. It didn't happen all the time. Only when he was particularly stressed out over his father or one of their classes, did he tend to flail around in his sleep. There was the occasional nightmare and bouts of not being able to fall into slumber as well. Yes, Todd Anderson was well prepared to deal with Neil when he was woken up, but this time had completely caught him off guard.

The shyest pledge member of the Dead Poets Society had been sleeping soundly when he was jolted awake. A sudden weight on his bed had roused him from his slumber and his immediate thoughts went to it being Neil. Yawning, he sat stretched a little and propped himself up on his elbows to get a good look at his best friend. The moonlight streaming in from their dorm's window was casted upon him like some kind of ethereal glow. His hair was mussed from his tossing and turning and sticking up in a few different directions. Upon glancing over at the clock he realized it was just a little after one in the morning. Sighing, he pushed back his blankets and sat up completely. Todd rubbed his eyes tiredly before setting his gaze on Neil again.

"Good morning, Todd!" Neil greeted with his usual grin.

Todd stared at him blankly. He had no idea how to react to that statement. It was barely morning to begin with and he had only been sleeping for about two hours. There was no way that this morning was going to be a good one. When he gave no response it seemed to give Neil the okay to continue on with his train of thought.

"I figured that since you weren't really doing anything important, you'd like to accompany me."

Todd raised an eyebrow. He wanted to disagree that first of all, sleeping the recommended eight to ten hours for their age was of importance and that he had been doing something. He had been sleeping which is what the two of them both needed to be doing. His curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask. "Where did you want me to go, Neil?"

Neil perked up even more if it were possible. The fact that Todd was at least thinking about going with him elated him with hope. "I'm thirsty so I wanted to go get something to drink," he explained.

Todd wasn't exactly sure why he needed to accompany Neil outside of their dorm and just a little ways down the hall but he wasn't going to question him. Neil was the kind of person you just went along with. It was easier and much more entertaining most of the time that way. He shrugged. "Sure. I'll go with you."

Neil stood from Todd's bed and crossed the room. He pulled on his slippers and slipped on his robe. Neil tied it shut tightly and turned around to face his friend. Todd had gotten up from his bed and had done the same. It was much too cold to go outside of their dorm with nothing to layer them. The heater didn't always work that great but it was better than the extremely frigid air throughout the rest of the school. In silence they left their dorm and Todd pulled the door shut behind them quietly. The room needed to be kept nice and toasty for when they returned.

Walking down the hall Todd suddenly frowned as Neil passed the water fountain. Not wanting to wake anyone up or get caught he kept his mouth shut. His curiosity was getting even worse as they reached the stairs and crept past the sleeping dog at the top of them. Usually they needed to shush it with bone treats to get by but it had seemingly tired itself out from the daily activities. The two walked side-by-side and disappeared into the heart of the school.

Even though it was a few months into the semester Todd had never seen this section of Welton in the dead of night. The boys would leave their dorms, take the stairs and head for the nearest door. Now however, Neil seemed to be headed somewhere else with determination reflecting from his expression. Todd admired that whenever it surfaced. There was no way he was going to try and get the stage performer to turn back now.

His eyes were completely adjusted to the pitch black after a little bit of time passed. Todd was vaguely wondering if bringing flashlights would've been smart but again, it was too late to go back now. They couldn't chance going back incase they couldn't leave again for some reason or another. Their muffled footsteps sounded on the stone floor but otherwise there was no other noise swarming around them. In a school filled with a few hundred boys it was both shocking and calming at the same time. The moonlight fluttered in the windows they passed. As it fell upon Neil again the ethereal glow picked back up and Todd found himself distracted by his unearthly beauty.

Todd had been so distracted that he barely missed Neil's sudden turn down an adjoining hallway. With a few quick steps Todd had caught up and he found himself standing in front of a large double wooden door. He tilted his head to the side as he appraised it. He wasn't sure where it led to but he knew he was about to find out. Neil placed his hand delicately upon the doorknob and a sigh of relief left his lips. It had been kept unlocked and he swung it open. A slight creak echoed down the hallway and the two scrambled inside, pulling it shut again.

A light switch was flicked on and the large room lit up completely. Todd's eyes widened in surprise when he found himself in the kitchen. Apparently Neil was thirsting for something more than just water. Todd stayed in front of the door as Neil meandered over to one of the refrigerators. Neil pulled it open and took out a few ingredients consisting of milk and chocolate syrup. He placed it upon one of the kitchen's islands and beckoned Todd over with a gesture.

Todd moved automatically and stood across from him with the island between the two boys. "Neil?" he asked.

"Hm?" the boy in question hummed in reply. He grabbed two spoons from a drawer and two glasses from a cupboard. He placed them next to the ingredients.

"Have you snuck down here before?" Todd leaned his elbows against the counter as Neil poured milk into both of the glasses. A smile turned up the corners of Todd's lips. Neil was always thinking about how to best help and take care of him. He was thankful for it.

Neil shrugged. "Oh, I've only been sneaking down here since the seventh grade. That was one of the years I roomed with Charlie. He can definitely eat but he'd no competition when it comes to Knox. I roomed with him the following year and wow. I'm pretty sure he ate a whole loaf of bread once. He was up sick the rest of the night." He shook his head fondly at the memories and squeezed some of the chocolate syrup into Todd's glass.

Todd picked up one of the long-handled spoons and began stirring. He kept the amount of syrup to a minimum. He didn't want to use too much and get sick. His stirring faltered for a second as he watched Neil dump half of the bottle into his own glass.

"I don't really do it too often," Neil assured him. "Just if I want something other than water. Or if I'm starving because I was late to dinner or something." It wasn't like Welton loaded them up with sweets or anything good. Chocolate milk was the best they could scrape together in the dead of the night. Neil added a bit more syrup into his glass before beginning to stir along with Todd. "I've never gotten caught, though. So don't worry. You're safe with me."

Todd looked up to respond but nearly ended up knocking over his glass in the process. Neil had looked over at him and winked to go along with his promise. The fact that Neil Perry had winked was shocking enough. The fact that it had been at him was enough to give Todd a heart attack. Clearing his throat, Todd finished stirring and placed the spoon on the counter. Just as he had been raising his glass to take a sip Neil gasped and loudly. He paused with the glass inches from his lips. "What? What's wrong?"

Neil was staring at him as if he were crazy. "You're really asking me that, Todd? You're not done making that!" he exclaimed.

Todd nearly laughed at the most definitely real and sheer panic in Neil's voice. "I stirred it just right. What does it need?"

Neil groaned. "I'm really glad you got shipped here. If you don't know how to make decent chocolate milk than we have a lot of work to do." He finished stirring his own glass and dropped the spoon before rushing over to the refrigerator. After a few moments of searching he returned with a bottle of whipped cream. "This is the secret ingredient to making chocolate milk extraordinary."

The way Neil was eyeing it as if it were some kind of God made Todd start to laugh. "I'll uh, try to remember that next time."

Neil rolled his eyes. "You better." He happily flooded the rest of the space in their glasses with whipped cream. "Mm, much better." He picked up his glass and took a few sips from it. "Perfect."

Todd looked up from his glass and began laughing all over again. Neil took a few seconds to try and figure out what was so funny. In the end when he couldn't he frowned. "What? What's so funny?"

Todd set his glass down on the counter so he didn't spill anything from his laughter. "You have it all over your face! The whipped cream."

Neil tried to scramble up what was left of his dignity as he wiped the dairy product off of his lips and everywhere else it was covering him. He placed his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes at Todd. "It wasn't that funny."

Todd shook his head. "Oh, but it was." Grinning, he raised his glass to his own lips and took a couple long sips from it. He set his own glass down, slightly weary that he might have the same whipped cream mustache from Neil's generous spraying of the substance. His eyes locked on to Neil's and found him staring. "N-Neil?"

It had happened so fast that Todd hadn't been so sure it had really happened. Neil reached over and with his index finger and wiped the whip cream off of Todd's lips and brought his finger back. With a smirk he licked it off his finger. "Mm. That tastes better than normal." Without another word Neil sat up on the counter and went back to nursing his glass. He didn't even bother looking back over at the shell-shocked Todd.

Blushing a fiery red, Todd joined him on the counter and began working on draining his own glass. He stared out across the metal and stainless steel garden of a kitchen in silence. He was secretly pleased with himself. Neil had been right. Whipped cream was the most important part after all and he had plans of paying him back for the lesson once they returned to their dorm. He just had to make sure he didn't forget the whipped cream.