Some secrets are worth sharing

Title: Some secrets are worth sharing
Author: Nepeace
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: JJ/Emily
Rating: PG13
Notes: Written for picfor1000. A picture of Krispy Kreme doughnuts is what brought this story on.

Summary: Valentines day doesn't start exactly as planned for JJ and Emily.

Reid leaned back in his chair; his eyes flew over the pages of one of the standard issue FBI file folders. Morgan was sitting at his desk talking on the phone; judging by his flirty tone of voice he was talking with a woman. Reid was watching his co-worker with envy he sometimes wished that he was socially more like Morgan since it would make it easier to talk to people especially with woman. At that moment Morgan shifted and sat back up, he said his goodbye's and placed the phone back on the table. His eyes roamed around the room, he could see Rossi standing in Hotch's office probably discussing their newest case. He had already taken a look at the file before the weekend, it had been a case JJ had been watching for a good week hoping that the local police would be able to solve it with the profile the team had compiled for the local police. Unfortunately the killing spree had escalated which forced JJ to call them all into the office. Since he already knew the case better then any other person on the team at this moment he had time to let his minds drift away while they waited on Emily who had been stuck in a traffic jam.

He was still watching Rossi in Hotch's office when suddenly the door next to it opened in one swift movement. JJ stepped outside and leaned against the railing which divided the offices from the open area, watching her as she stood there her eyes surveying the room all Morgan could think was that he hoped that JJ was not searching for him. The wrath of a woman could scorn a man and by the looks of it someone was in trouble, big trouble. JJ's bright blue eyes scanned the room and Morgan unwillingly let a sigh of relief escape his mouth when her eyes passed him and moved on.


Emily stepped into the elevator; balancing her Styrofoam mug in one hand while she put away her car keys. She tried to push the button, she was relieved when a fellow agent helped her out; "BAU, right?" He asked before he pushed the button and moved to the back of the elevator. Emily smiled at him thankfully and grabbed the phone which was vibrating in her bag, this day was not getting any easier. She had hoped that she would have the weekend off, but psychopaths did not just take the day off because it was the weekend. Unfortunately she had no choice but to go in to work when she picked up her phone that morning whether it was a Sunday or not.

There had been a pile-up on her way over and it took her a lot longer then expected to arrive at Quantico. She sighed, she had a whole day planned and working a case had certainly not been part of that. She had been so happy when they managed to wrap their case up on Friday evening and their plane landed in DC minutes before the clock read midnight.

She quickly left the elevator when it finally reached it's destiny. She was glad when an agent held the glass doors open which gave access to the BAU. Emily resumed her path towards her desk but she had barely made it inside the office when her name was called out by JJ; "Prentiss, my office now!"

JJ quickly spun around on her heels and strode back into her office, unable to keep her face straight any longer. She made a point of standing in the middle of her darkened office with her back towards the door opening. Emily looked up and swallowed hard; she had no idea what was going on. She quickly tried to recall any events that could cause JJ to talk to her this way, but apart from being dauntless when they captured their unsub on Friday evening she could not imagine why JJ would act this way. After all if that had bothered her so much she would have said something on their flight back.

Emily quickly proceeded walking towards her desk, where she dropped her bag on the floor and placed the Styrofoam mug on the table. All eyes in the room were focused on her, Emily looked at Morgan and Reid who both shrugged apologetically since they had no idea what was bothering the blond media liaison. Emily tried to walk towards JJ's office with her dignity intact but that was easier said then done. She entered the office trying to forsee what would happen in the next few minutes. She watched JJ's straight back and her crossed arms in front of her chest; her body language a clear sign of her apparent anger.

"Close the door." JJ commanded softly, the anger suddenly subsided from her voice and features. Emily complied and when she turned back towards the younger woman she was surprised when JJ was suddenly standing in front of her with a sly grin on her face merely inches between them.

"Happy valentines day, Emily." JJ seductively smiled while she presented her lover with a Kripy Kreme Valentines dough-nut, the heartshaped one with the bringht white, pink and red sprinkles. "I know it's not much, but since I had to call the team back in this was all I could take with me from my original plan."

"Damn JJ, I thought that you were mad at me." Emily said with a smile.

"Me, why would I be mad at you? Do I have a reason to be mad at you?" JJ questioned Emily raising her brow at the other woman.

Emily smiled; "No, there is no reason to be mad at me."

"Good, because I want to have a chance to show you what I had envisioned for the rest of the day." JJ said while she leaned in and kissed the other woman.

"Happy valentines day, Jennifer." Emily said to her lover.