Chapter 51

They had been packing up their stuff every free minute they had but it turned out to be an never ending project. Or at least that was what it felt like, especially combined with work and taking care of Henry. Especially his room had been difficult, he had already had a couple of break downs because he wanted to play with a certain toy and it had already been packed. But his biggest break down had happened when JJ and Emily had attempted to put some of his toys which he hadn't played with or actually grown out of into storage. He didn't understand why they were taking away his toys, especially when their new house was bigger than the old one which meant that they would have more space. Both JJ as well as Emily wanted to start anew and not take everything with them since it would only clutter up the new house.

Eventually Emily explained to Henry that there are a lot of children in the world who didn't have the amount of toys he has, that there are a lot of kids who live in poverty and even kids without parents. When she was sure that he understood what she was telling him she told him that there were a lot of charities which could use toys like his for those kids and that it would cheer them up a lot if they had beautiful toys to play with. Especially if he didn't really use the toys. Henry took a while to think about it but eventually he started sorting out his toys. JJ had tears in her eyes when she saw her little boy sorting out his toys with great care and without another fuss. In the end a good amount was given to charity. Along with a fair amount of their furniture and Emily's old stuff - which had been put in storage when she moved from her apartment to JJ's house - which they weren't going to use in the new house.

That action took care of a great amount of things which they didn't have to pack or make arrangements for since the charity of choice was happy to pick the toys and furniture up themselves. However they still had a great deal of work ahead of them. They wanted to make sure that all of their personal belongings were taken care of before the movers arrived on Saturday. Luckily the team was off rotation for a week before and a week after the move which meant that they were home at reasonable hours every evening and they weren't about to be send away on a case at a minutes notice.

Of course Elizabeth Prentiss was the one who recommended the moving company to them, with all the times the Prentiss family had been relocated due to her work she was bound to have some fantastic recommendations in that area. So one call from the Ambassador Prentiss and the move at this short notice was no problem at all. A crew of four would meet them at their house around eight in the morning and they promised to be done that same afternoon. Which meant that Saturday night would be the first night in their new house, their home.


Emily was excited for the move, as much as she hated the whole process of actually moving stuff she loved the prospect of settling into their home and into their life. The sun was barely up when Emily woke up, and she wasn't able to get back to sleep. So she decided to get up and get ready for the day while she took care of a few minor tasks which had to be handled before they could leave this house behind.

Honestly Emily had no idea how much time had passed when she heard the sounds of JJ walking down the stairs followed by Henry. She smiled at them and gestured to the table where the two blondes sat down, both still looking very sleepy. But Emily who had already been out the door to pick up breakfast was wide awake when she put the plates with sandwiches down on the table along with a glass of ice cold milk for Henry and coffee for the adults.

JJ took a sip and once she ingested the caffeine she seemed to wake up; "Honey, how long have you been up?" She asked with a frown.

"Not sure. A couple of hours, it was early. Real early." The brunette stated with a shrug. "I took a shower and I packed some last up some of the last items before I went to the bakery to get something for breakfast. I returned about twenty minutes ago, I figured that I would give you thirty minutes before I would come upstairs to wake you up?"

"You should have woken me up, you didn't have to do all of it on your own." JJ replied, considerably more awake than a couple of minutes before now that she'd carefully sipped her hot coffee.

"You were still asleep, I had a really bad night, I didn't want to wake you up at the crack of dawn. It felt good to have some time alone." Emily admitted softly.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I was just ... I guess moving day always makes me anxious it's like ... well it feels like I'm packing my stuff for the millionth time. I'm afraid that I am forgetting important stuff so I can't sleep and I'm up at the crack of dawn. That's all. Promise, don't worry about it. I'll sleep better once this is all done." Emily said between bites while she gestured around with her hand vaguely around the house. "Sweetheart, I promise everything is fine. Perfectly fine."


JJ went back upstairs for a quick shower and was back down just in time for the bell to ring. She opened the door with a smile to find Derek, with a huge grin on his face. He was wearing a black muscle shirt and cargo pants. He had a tool-belt in his hand. "Heya lady, I'm here to help you out with the move."

"Thanks Derek, you really didn't have too."

"Nope, I didn't but I am here like I promise didn't know about Emily's moving plans last year but this time we know all about it and I sure as hell ain't gonna let ya do it without me again. I'm good at breaking things down but I'm just as good at building them up again."

"Hey Derek, if she ain't letting you step inside you just push her aside we can use all the help we can get." Emily replied the second she came walking down the stairs with a now dressed Henry.

"Hi Uncle Derek! You here to help?"

"I sure am kiddo. Are you going to help me?"

"Can I use the hammer?" Henry asked while he eyed the tool-belt Derek was holding.

"Ehm ... if we need it, maybe ... but only if your mommies are okay with it."

"Can I? Please, please." He asked while he looked up at his mommies with his big blue innocent eyes.

"Don't use those eyes on me sweetie, they won't work. We'll cross that bridge when we get there." JJ replied to her son's question.

"Bridge, what bridge?" Henry asked in confusion.

"It's a saying, buddy. It means that well make a decision when something needs to be done that requires a hammer. Do you understand what I mean?" Emily explained to Henry while she opened the door for the movers who had just arrived.

"Okay." Henry replied with a big sigh.

At that moment the moving van stopped in front of the house and one of the movers walked up to the door. "Missus Prentiss, Ambassador Prentiss told us that you needed help moving to your new house. I'm David Blake, we've helped the Ambassador move quite a few times though I heard this time it's a little different since you're staying in this area. Where do you want us to start, Missus Prentiss?"

"It's Emily, that's Jayje." Emily answered while she shook David's hand; "We are indeed staying close this time. Okay, the bedrooms upstairs need to be done first. Just follow me."


The movers went to work on the big furniture - like the beds and closets upstairs while Derek, JJ and Emily started piling boxes into their own cars. The movers were professionals and extremely fast workers, by the time Emily, JJ and Derek filled their three cars the movers had the moving truck filled as well. Derek had arrived that morning with his truck so he was able to take a lot of boxes with him in one move, while Emily's car was rather useless for moving boxes. So she would take Henry with her while every available space in JJ and Derek's car was put to good use. Emily left first, the movers followed her to the new house where she could direct their furniture to the right places. It was just before noon when they arrived at the new house to their surprise there were a couple of people waiting for them. Garcia, Kevin and Reid where waiting for them at the new house. They all waved happily at the arriving team members.

"You guys, what are you doing here?"

"We're here to help you, duh!" Garcia replied with a roll of her eyes. "What else would we be doing here?"

"You didn't have too, we have movers to help us."

"Well, just an idea here, but I can imagine that you don't want them messing with your shoes, clothes ... or underwear or other stuff for that matter." Garcia answered with an mock innocent smile. "Toys and such..." She added for good measure.

"Right, like we allow you to go through our underwear. Not gonna happen, PG. But we sure can use your help with our regular clothes." Emily replied with a smile, which grew even wider when she noticed the embarrassed look on Kevin's face. He looked up at her and turned a darker shade of red; "Ehm ... I'm just going to see if Derek needs a hand." He said quickly while he turned on his heel and sighed in relief when no one reacted to his comment.

"You told me about the office space you have here with the build it bookcase, I'm just here to sort out all of your books. Derek was right, that is a job I can certainly help with it would be a shame to leave a collection like yours stacked in boxes. Just point me in the right direction."

"You're right about that but in the old house we just didn't have the space to have my whole collection on the shelves. The office is through the hallway and the living room on the left. It has a beautiful build in dark wooden bookcase all along the back-wall of the room. The boxes with most of our books are already in there, we have already moved them here from storage." Emily explained to Reid. The young doctor nodded and made his way inside the house. He smiled when he passed JJ, the blond turned around and watched the young doctor; "Spence, thanks."

"Sure, no problem." Reid turned and smiled at her before he continued on his path, he knew that soon he would be too busy uncovering true literary treasures and that gave him an extra spring in his step. He rounded the corner and stopped for a second, this house was the complete opposite of his own apartment - which was small, dark and filled to the brim with old second hand furniture and books, stacks and stacks of books. This house had a wide open living room, with a beautiful outlook on the garden with a swimming pool and a porch. Natural light filtered in through the windows, he could already see what a beautiful warm family home this would be once the furniture was in place. On his right hand side was the open kitchen area with a breakfast bar and next to it was an open office space with sliding doors - at the moment they were open which gave him the first view of the old wooden bookcase which reminded him of an old library. He literally couldn't wait to fill it up with the huge amount of books he knew Emily had in her possession. All kinds of books in a different languages and styles. He knew that she had a couple of old first editions but also the whole Harry Potter collection. Emily always surprised him, in many ways she was like him but they were also very different part of that was evident by the fact that she and JJ were living together. He had never had someone who understood him like that in his life but he refused to let that thought dampen his mood. He got down on his knees and started to open the first box.


Derek had a shadow from the moment he left his car, Henry was running around next to him with his miniature cargo pants and old t-shirt ready to help out his uncle who he clearly looked up to. Derek smiled at him and patiently answered every question Henry fired at him and he gave Henry little tasks which made the boy feel important. Henry was almost bursting with pride when Derek gave him a small light box to carry. According to the directions in JJ's neat handwriting it was something which needed to go in the kitchen. Together they walked into the house and placed the boxes in the kitchen. He was there to do the heavy lifting, so he was just placing boxes where ever they needed to go and returned back to the car to get the next load. He smiled when he saw yet another car park in the cull the sac and he couldn't help the small sigh of relief when he saw that it was Hotch, Rossi and Jack. He loved Henry but right about now he was in serious need of a break and hopefully Jack could provide that break.

"Looks like you got yourself a shadow there, Derek." Rossi answered with a grin.

"Hi Jack! Hi uncle Rossi and uncle Hotch! Uncle Rossi, everyone has a shadow, you do too! There, look behind you." Henry spoke with a confused look on his face while he pointed his finger at the shadow behind Rossi.

Rossi grinned and made a show of looking behind himself to see his own shadow. "Ah, I see. You're right, Henry."

"Hotch, Rossi you're here too?" JJ asked when she came out of the house.

"Yeah, we just arrived. Jack had a soccer match this morning and since Dave and I are his coaches we needed to be there with him. Jack, how about you two go kick the ball around for a bit. I know that JJ was a really good soccer player and I am sure that Henry has learned a trick or two from her." Hotch said while he handed his son the soccer ball.

"That is a really good idea, don't you think so Henry? Why don't you show Jack the backyard. But remember, you two stay away from the pool, okay? And if the ball flies over the fence you come inside and get one of the adults. Do not get the ball on your own."

"Yes, mama we can't go near the pool when there is no adult there with us." Henry replied seriously.

"Common' Jack, let's go!" Henry called out to the older boy.

JJ turned back towards Hotch and Rossi; "Don't worry, we have a glass fence around the pool, Henry can't open the gate. We just want to make sure that he knows the rules."

Hotch smiled; "It's fine, I'm not worried if you're not worried. Jack knows how to swim, he's good at it too."

JJ smiled while she watched the kids run into the house; "Henry's going to have lessons too, once we're moved in and everything has settled down a bit."

"It's best they learn it early on, especially when you have a pool. So tell me, what can I do to help?"

"Well, I was supposed to order some food for the crew. We have a couple of people from the movers company here and the whole team."

Rossi spoke up quickly, it was obvious that he was there because he needed to be there from a moral standpoint but he rather made sure that everyone was fed than moving boxes and furniture around; "We can handle that, I know the perfect place. Let's go."

JJ smiled and watched them go, she shook her head. It was obvious that Rossi already found a task for himself. JJ stepped back into the house and almost ran into Emily. "Oh hey."

"Hi. I thought that you were going out to get something to eat?" Emily asked while she leaned in and gave the blond a kiss. JJ kissed her back a couple of times, small loving kisses.

"I was, but Rossi, Hotch and Jack arrived and you know Rossi. He immediately jumped in when I said that I was going to get something to eat. The kids are in the backyard, Jack just came back from a soccer game they are out there playing with a ball. I know that we are extremely busy and all that and I know that Henry has to learn how to swim first but I would really like it if he could join a soccer team just like Jack. It's so cute to watch kids play soccer, besides it's a good for a kids development."

"And let me guess, you would like to be the coach?"

"Well, sure if they need one I might consider it. After all, I do know the game inside and out."

"And you would love to do it too." Emily smiled; "Besides if Rossi can coach Jack's team you as Henry mom can certainly coach Henry's team."

"Probably, but it's another responsibility I'll be taking on."

"Yeah, but it's also something special, something you can share with Henry.


Since their were so many people working in the house, the work was going fast. Faster than anyone could have anticipated beforehand. So after lunch - sandwiches from an Italian bakery nearby which Hotch and Rossi picked up. And coffee because the first working kitchen appliance - which hadn't been installed before they moved in - was of course the coffee-maker because no one on their team could live without the pure black gold. And the movers were no different, each of them drank a good amount of coffee away as well.

The team stayed in the kitchen a little longer while the movers went back to work. Henry's bedroom was done and they were now working on the master-bedroom downstairs. The only thing left was the guest-bedroom upstairs across from Henry's room. Before they could return to the old house to pick up the rest of the furniture."

"Miss Prentiss, all the furniture has been unloaded two of the men will stay here to take care of the guest bedroom upstairs. While we drive back for the rest of the furniture."

"Okay, just let met get my keys and I drive there too."

"Okay, we'll see you there, Missus Prentiss"

"Jayje, honey. The movers are going back to the other house to pick up the second load of furniture."

"Okay, Garcia and I will stay here and unpack our clothes and everything." JJ stepped closer towards her and leaned in to kiss the brunette. "Love you."

"Love you too, babe." Emily answered while she pulled JJ closer to her. She eventually let go, grabbed her keys from the kitchen counter and turned around.

Derek had just rounded the corner and overheard part of the conversation. "You're going back to the house?" He asked while he placed his FBI baseball cap back on his bald head, after he wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Yes, you coming with me?"

"Sure." Derek followed her out to her car and got into the passenger seat. "It's going really well, the move I mean."

"Yes, it is." Emily smiled; "But then again a lot of people are helping us. My parents even wanted to come and help, but I've honestly never seen my mother lift a moving box in her life. And my dad, he has a bad back. There is no way I'm going to allow him to lift anything."

"Nah, you got us to do the heavy lifting, you know we're family. It would be strange if we weren't here." Derek shrugged; "It's just ... It's still a little strange ... I mean, I wish you two would have told us sooner instead of keeping this relationship a secret. It's so obvious that you two belong together we can all see that. Did you not trust us? I'm sorry but I have to know."

Emily's eyes were focused on the road ahead; "I know Derek, I know and I feel so stupid about it, all of it. We should have told you a lot sooner it hurts me to see that you are hurt by my actions but that was never our intention. And I know that sounds like a lame ass excuse but it's the truth. I've never felt this way about anyone, I never had the desire to built a future with someone and then I met Jayje. But she was straight and then she met Will ... she got pregnant ... so I just kept quiet because it felt so useless if I had told her . And then everything changed ... I was afraid. I didn't want to be a rebound for Jayje, cause in all honesty that would have killed me. I didn't want to open my heart and let everyone know how I felt about her since my heart was already so invested in her. Especially since I am the first woman Jayje has dated. There were so many things that kept us from telling you, telling the team. I don't know I guess we were waiting for the right moment or something but there is no such thing as the right moment because there are so many factors that weigh in on a relationship that you're never sure that it'll last or that it will work especially if you also work together and your colleagues are your friends, family even. I've never felt happier than I am feeling now, I have a gorgeous woman, a beautiful boy who calls me his mama and we're moving into our new home." Emily sighed; "God, I feel so weak for not sharing the best thing that happened to me with everyone I love sooner, I can only agree with you ... in hindsight I don't even understand why we didn't tell the team sooner."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad about it."

Emily shrugged; "Nah, it's been bothering me for a while I know that everyone has questions ... even if they don't ask them."

"Was it because of our team?" Derek asked the one question Emily had tried to avoid, she didn't want to make it sound like they were the reason for not telling them.

"Partly, I guess. Yeah, we were both afraid that our relationship would break up the team, but I had promised Jayje that if it came to that I would resign so that she could stay with the team."

"Why? You could fight it or move to a different team. You deserve to be on this team just as much as Jayje does." Derek replied with a raised brow.

"Strauss has never been my biggest fan, especially not since I told her to shove it when she wanted me to spy on Hotch, so fight it seemed like something that would be a waist of time and only prolong the inevitable. If I would go to another team it would probably be easier to take care of Henry but it would also mean that Jayje and I would hardly see each other because we would most likely be on opposite sites of the country and we would never have our down time together. I ... no we decided to keep our relationship a secret and see how things would work out, before we would tell anyone since we didn't want to pull any of you down with us if it came to that." Emily had been serious until this point but she couldn't help but tease Derek a little; "And apparently that worked well, because a whole team of FBI's best profilers didn't figure it out for the longest time."

"Well ha ha ..." Derek replied with a grin; "That whole team of profilers didn't figure it out because they weren't looking for it. I am sure that if we had suspected something we would have been focused on the tiny tiny little details and we would have figured it out just like we do when we're working on a case. The fact that we didn't notice anything just means that we were more focussed on our jobs which is what we're getting paid for after all."

Emily smiled at him while she turned into the street which led her to her soon to be old house and parked the car in front of the house since the moving van was already backed into the drive way; "I guess that you have a point there. Anyway, I want you to know that our choices had nothing to do with any of you. We we're just trying to ... keep everyone safe while we figured out what we had. We knew that we could trust you and that you all would most likely be happy for us but we didn't want to get anyone in trouble with Strauss or anyone else higher up in the chain."

"I know." Was all that Derek said while he got out of the car.

She quickly followed him "Derek, I'm sorry. In hindsight I can only say that I wished I would have done everything differently. I wished I would have told JJ sooner how I felt about her, like when I first met her. Though I didn't want to do anything to risk my job back then ... and if I had then we would have never had Henry. So I guess the way it played out was the way it had to happen, a matter of being at the right place at the right time."

"Hindsight always makes things clearer, things go the way they go. Don't spend too much time looking back or regretting not acting sooner." Derek answered while he waited for Emily to open the door. "Look towards the future that's what's important and it's looking incredibly bright."

The brunette unlocked the door and stepped inside followed by the men. The movers together with Derek and Emily made quick work of the remaining furniture and they returned as soon as they could to the new house where the rest of the team had managed to get a great deal done. Now it was only a matter of getting the last furniture in place and they could call it a night, the rest would have to wait till tomorrow. Everyone was exhausted from dragging boxes and furniture around all day. Emily thanked the movers when they finished and closed the door behind them. She sighed in relief. They were now officially moved into their new house. JJ and Garcia had worked on Henry's room - which was as good as finished, which had been their first priority to make sure that Henry felt home. The rest would come in due time, but his room was important. He had left the only home he ever knew in his life for good and this was going to be the place where he would grow up further from now on.

"Thank you so much for helping us on your day off. I'm so happy that we didn't have to do this alone. I know that there's still a lot to do but I say we drop everything order some food and take seat on the porch." Emily said when she stepped back into the living room where the team was sitting around the kitchen breakfast bar sipping coffee and eating cookies. Henry and Jack had just come back inside after they had been playing outside for most of the afternoon.

"Sounds like a plan." JJ said with a smile to Emily, she leaned in and kissed the older woman. "I love you."

"I love you too." Emily replied softly, she placed her arm loosely around JJ's shoulder and . "Normally I would offer to cook for you all but that's not going to happen today. We definitely need to go to the store tomorrow. How does Thai sound?"

The team agreed to the idea of having something to eat before each of them would go their own way, besides it was a nice afternoon to spend on the sunny back porch. Since Emily was well aware of their teams favourite Chinese food she only had to ask Hotch and Jack what he would like to have before she dialled the number of a nearby Chinese to place the order. They started to arrange the garden furniture on the back porch and JJ poured everyone something to drink and handed juice boxes to Jack and Henry. The boys quickly drank before they once again ran back outside with their soccer ball. They begged the adults to come play with them. Everyone joined in, even though some chose to be spectators or coaches like Garcia, Emily and Rossi. Rossi was coaching both teams at the same time, while Garcia was cheering for both teams. Emily disappeared inside, and returned a little while later with her camera. She started snapping pictures of the group of people they saw as their family. She loved moments like these and regretted that she had kept her relationship with JJ a secret for so long, the famous hindsight was at work once again. She would never make that same mistake again. She pledged to herself that she would never again hide her relationship with JJ.

Emily was lost in her thoughts when she was suddenly tapped on her shoulder; "Give me that! Go join your family." Garcia spoke in a tone of voice which didn't leave any room for discussion. "It doesn't matter if you're any good at soccer, just join them and have fun."

There was really nothing Emily could do except join in, she just handed the camera over to the Tech and made her way down the steps to get onto the grass and join her family in the game. JJ grinned when she saw Emily step onto the grass; "Derek? Your team can have Emily!" She quickly called out with a grin to the other 'team captain'.

"Oh, thank you for the vote of confidence there, Honey." Emily called out to the blond with a mock glare.

"Love you too, sweetheart." JJ replied with a chuckle; "You're with Jack, Kevin and Derek. They need all the help they can get, because Henry, Hotch and I are kicking their asses!"

"You can't say that!" Jack exclaimed in horror.

"Sorry, Jack. You are right about that. I'm sorry." JJ was a typical jock, whenever she was playing a game she was playing hard and forgot simple things like certain words which shouldn't be used around children. Henry wasn't quite aware enough to point out to her that she shouldn't use those words and she wasn't that competitive when it was just them but now - especially with Derek on the other team - that competitive streak came out full force. The fact that Jack was telling her she couldn't use that word seemed to make an impression on JJ.

They kept on playing for a while, till the food arrived. And finally everyone sat down around the large hard wood table which Emily and JJ had purchased for their porch for exactly these reasons. The food was placed on the middle of the table and everyone was enjoying a nice meal while talking about the new house and their plans for the rest of the weekend. They split up after dinner, everyone was going to their own homes while Emily, JJ and Henry got ready for their first night in their new home.

The two women followed Henry upstairs to his brand new room, JJ watched Henry while he brushed his teeth in the bathroom and got dressed in his pyjamas while Emily choose one of his books in his room to read to him. Henry jumped onto the middle of the bed and got settled with a huge grin.

"You ready for your first night in our new home?" Emily asked him while she sat down on the bed next to him and opened the book, JJ mirrored Emily's position on Henry's other side.

"Uhuh, I like it here, can we go swimming tomorrow?"

"We'll have to wait and see. There is a lot we have to do tomorrow because we have to work on Monday but I think that we could go for a swim at least for a little while. But don't worry sweetie, the pool is not going anywhere." JJ replied in answer to her sons question.

"I hope we can."

"I hope so too." JJ agreed with her son, she promised herself that they would have to make time to go swim in their new pool especially with the beautiful weather they were having at the moment.

"Okay, you want to keep talking for a while or do you want a story?" Emily asked the young kid, JJ and she both wanted Henry to be able to make choices. And to do that they wanted to give him a choice whenever he could, they had noticed that Henry loved to have these choices and it seemed to work well.

"Ehm." Henry thought about the choice for a minute before he grinned; "Story please."

"Okay, let me begin at the start." Emily opened the book on the first page of the story and started to read. It didn't take long before Henry's eyes started to droop and within minutes he was out like a light. Which wasn't really surprising since it had been a long and eventful day. JJ and Emily looked at each other over Henry's head, Emily smiled and got up she placed the book back in it's spot and turned back to JJ. The blond was adjusting the blankets around her son, she leaned down and kissed the top of her sons head and got up as well, she opened up the closet and took something out. Emily was surprised to see that it was the old baby monitor JJ used to have when Henry was just born. She raised her brow while she watched JJ set it up in the room. Before she ushered Emily to follow her out of the room.

"Explain please? You haven't used that thing as long as we've been living together." JJ started walking downstairs, Emily followed her.

"I know and normally we don't need it but Emily he's still so little even though he claims to be a big boy and I don't want him to get all riled up if he wakes up and can't remember where he is. You know how he is when he wakes up in the middle of the night. At least this way we'll be able to hear him."

"But we don't use the baby monitor when we stay at your parents house? Or at the Prentiss Mansion."

"No, but the rooms are close together there and we can hear it when Henry wakes up in distress from a bad dream or whatever. Tonight we'll be in our master bedroom downstairs there is a lot of room and walls between our bedroom and Henry's. I just want to make sure that we can hear him when he wakes up."

"That makes sense. I didn't think about that."

"Which is why I did. Let's go to bed." JJ pulled Emily close and wrapped her arms around her. Emily instantly kissed the top of her head. They stood there in the middle of the hallway for a couple of minutes revelling in the warmth of each other's embrace.


Emily woke up the next morning, she smiled while she watched JJ next to her still deep in sleep but with a huge smile on her face. The younger woman seemed to be completely relaxed and content, which in turn made Emily feel like this was the perfect home for their little family.

JJ woke up a little while later, she smiled when she noticed that the brunette was watching her. "Why are you watching me?"

"Because I love you."

JJ propped herself up on one elbow and leaned in to kiss the brunette; "I love you too, sweetie."

She wrapped her arm around Emily's torso and laid her head down on the older woman's shoulder. "Did you sleep well?" Emily asked while she played with the blonds hair.

The blond sighed in content; "I sure did. I was exhausted especially after our love making last night, well I was exhausted before we started but ..." She blushed deeply.

"Hmm ... our much needed love making." Emily mused.

"Oh, definitively. I wanted it ... but I can't deny how tired I was."

Emily chuckled at JJ's admission; "So you're telling me that I wore you out?"

"Oh, don't flatter yourself I was exhausted before we started anything and beside that I wasn't the only one who was tired."

Emily rolled her eyes; "Okay, I admit it you wore me out too. Which is why we slept in late."

"We did?" JJ asked in surprise, she honestly had no idea what time it was. She figured that it was rather early since she hadn't heard a single sound from the baby monitor.

"Yeah, it's ten thirty." Emily answered with a smile to the younger woman who was obviously unaware of the time.

"Really?" JJ pushed herself up again and took a glance at the alarm clock on Emily's bedside table. "Oh wow, it is. Have you heard Henry, is he awake?"

"Well, I heard him shifting in his bed just after I woke up and he mumbled something but that was followed by a couple of snores within seconds so I guess he's still sleeping. We would have heard him through the baby monitor if he was up."

JJ placed her head back on Emily's shoulder and stayed there for a while, he breathing had evened out so much that Emily wondered if she'd fallen asleep again. "Are you asleep?" She asked softly.

"No, just really relaxed."

"Good. How about I drive down to that bakery we saw and get something to eat while you wake Henry up and get dressed?"

"Sounds like a plan ... oh wait ... I think Henry's up." JJ said while she listened to the sounds on the baby monitor.

"Yes, he's definitively up." Emily replied with a smile when they could hear him stumbling out of his bed probably still sleep-drunk. Not a minute later they could hear the door close and JJ quickly reached over to turn the baby monitor off knowing that Henry wouldn't like it one bit because it was something they use for baby's and he was a big boy now. They both waited for what was to come even if they knew exactly what would happen. They heard him tip toe towards their door over the hard wood floors and then there was the tiniest of knocks - probably because Henry didn't want to wake them up. It was his new thing if his mommies weren't awake he would go back to his room and play for a while or turn on the television.

"Henry, we're awake. You can come in." Emily called out to the boy and the door opened immediately. Both women were glad that they had been able to instil the importance of privacy on him. When they switched his crib to a bed the first thing he had done in the morning would be to throw open their door and jump onto the bed. Nowadays however he would knock on the door, wait for an answer before throwing the door open and jumping on the bed. So it was no real surprise when he used the distance from the door to the bed in preparation for his jump. He dropped onto the bed between them, thanks to JJ's quick roll to the side away from Emily, because otherwise he probably would have fallen on top of her. Henry erupted in loud laughter when he landed in the center of the bed.


"Henry, can you come here please?" Emily called out to the little boy who was playing with his cars on the floor in the living room. Emily who was upstairs could hear Henry get up and run across the floor until he reached the stairs.

"Are you upstairs, mama?"

"Yes, I am. Get up here." Emily called out again.

She could hear Henry stumbling up the stairs, she smiled when he rounded the corner to his new room. Henry grinned, when he noticed the items Emily was holding in her hands. "Swimming? Yes, finally!"

"Yes, we're going for a swim. So which trunks do you want?"

"The black one with the fishies!" Henry said when he noticed the shorts with the brightly colored cartoon fishies on them.

Emily smiled, it was the answer she'd expected from him. She placed the black ones on the bed, and the red trunks back in the closet. "Okay, get dressed in these and we'll see you downstairs." Emily grabbed the floatation vest which they bought for Henry and took it downstairs with her. JJ was in the kitchen preparing a light lunch for the three of them, so that they could take a break from unpacking. Have something to eat, and go for a swim. Emily already had her bikini on but was still wearing a tank top and shorts on top of it. "Henry's putting on his swim trunks, let me finish this so you can get your bikini on as well." Emily leaned in and kissed the curve of JJ's neck.

The blonde leaned into Emily's body, obviously enjoying the kiss but trying not to give in. She had her eyes closed and bit her lip; "You shouldn't tease me." Her tone of voice was soft, barely audible.

"I'm not teasing you. I would never tease you, not about this."

"Yes, you are."

"Am not!"

"Yes, you are when you kiss me like that knowing that Henry will be down here probably within a matter of seconds." JJ had her eyes still closed and she was still leaning against Emily. "Yup, you are very mean since I hear Henry on the stairs." JJ confirmed when she was able to hear Henry on the stairs.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise." Emily spoke softly while she stepped away from JJ. The brunette started to take over the preparations of their lunch.

"You better." JJ answered.

"I'm ready!" Henry called out with a huge grin on his face, his brand new swim trunks.

"Good, so am I but I don't think your mommy is."

"Mommy, get ready!" Henry exclaimed loudly in protest when he noticed that his mother indeed didn't have a bikini on, in fact she was still dressed in the same clothes she'd worn when they were unpacking their belongings.

"See Jayje, you should have followed my advice and get dressed for an afternoon in the pool." Emily - who had finished the sandwiches - knelled down to put a thin layer of sunscreen on Henry's exposed skin to make sure that he would be protected from the sun. JJ rolled her eyes and made her way to the hallway.

The brunette had seen JJ's eye role and smiled while she watched her retreat from the kitchen through the living room into the hallway. "Okay, you're dressed in your swim trunks, you got your sunscreen on. We're almost ready, we're going to eat a small lunch before we dive in. Can you take this outside with you?" Emily asked Henry while she handed him the napkins and plates." Put it on the table on the porch. We'll have something to eat before we go for a swim."

"Okay." Henry answered with a deep sigh; "but only a little bit to eat."

"That depends on how much hunger we have. Henry, the pool is here to stay. So don't worry you'll have enough time to swim." Emily replied when she noticed Henry's annoyance over the fact that they were going to have lunch before they where going to swim. She washed her hands at the sink before she continued working on their lunch.

Emily grabbed the pitcher with lemon juice from the fridge and a couple of glasses from the cabinet and made her way onto the porch where she placed them on the table. Emily stepped back inside to grab the plate with the sandwiches and a bowl with of mixed fruit. "Jayje you better get out here, your son is getting really impatient." She called out to her lover, who still hadn't reappeared from the bed room.

"So, now he's my son ..." JJ asked with a raised brow when she rounded the corner into the living room and noticed that Emily was standing by the sliding doors which led onto their porch.

The brunette smiled at the blond; "Wow, I like that bikini. You look absolutely beautiful." Emily spoke in awe when she noticed the blue bikini which complimented the bright blue of JJ's eyes. "Absolutely beautiful."

"Why thank you, Emily. You look really beautiful too, but you will look even more beautiful when you take off that tank top and those shorts." JJ took the bowl of fruit from Emily's hands.

"I will. Don't worry, I will once were done with our lunch. Which we better have right about now before Henry freaks out even more." Emily spoke softly to make sure that Henry didn't hear her. Before she leaned in and kissed the blond, Emily took JJ's hand in her own and pulled the blond with her outside. The brunette grinned when she saw Henry roll his eyes. "Impatient little ..."

JJ burst out laughing at Emily's comment and Henry's eye roll, which she just caught the end of. "Let's eat quickly." JJ said between laughs while she took over and pulled Emily towards the table. The brunette who had been balancing the plate with the sandwiches finally placed them on the table

Henry ate is sandwich as fast as he could and he refused to have another one. Even when JJ told him that he had to wait till they finished their meal as well. Eventually Emily gave in she could no longer look at Henry with his little thundercloud face. She got up and pulled her tank top out over her head and placed it on the back of her chair, her shorts followed quickly; "Are you ready?" She asked the little boy, who immediately jumped up and nodded his head eagerly. "Good, come over here." Emily knelled down to help him with the swim vest she brought downstairs with her earlier. It was a thin vest which would not stop Henry from moving around while it would keep him safe at the same time. "Can you move?"

Henry wiggled around, raised his arms and dropped them down again; "Yes, I can still move."

"Good, it's important to be able to move when you want to swim."

"Do I have to wear this like forever?" Henry asked pointing to the swim vest.

"For now, yes you have to. When you're able to swim by yourself you don't have to wear it. But you always have to ask one of us to go with you for a swim."

"Yes, because those are the rules."

"Yes, exactly." Emily opened the gate to the swimming pool and stepped inside. "Ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Perfect, you see this side of the pool is the side where can easily get in and out. That side is the deep end of the pool. So what do you want to do, get in little by little and take the stairs or do you want to jump in?" Emily explained to Henry, she had knelled down to make sure that he was paying attention to her explanation since it was such an important subject. Unknown to Emily and Henry, JJ had gone inside to grab her camera and the blond had been snapping pictures of them.

She had returned and was now standing at the gate, she was taking her distance while she was close enough to hear what Emily was saying to her son.

Henry bit his lip and thought for a couple of seconds before he answered the question; "Jump in!"

"Really, it might be cold! Are you sure?"

"Yes, jump in and make a big splash!"

"Okay, just give me a second." Emily got into the pool and dipped her head under the surface of the water and pushed her long dark hair backwards. "Okay, jump." The brunette had barely spoken the words when Henry jumped forward and with a big splash he landed in the pool. For a second he disappeared beneath the surface but reappeared just as quickly thanks to the vest he was wearing. He had a huge grin on his face and he erupted in loud giggles. He started splashing around in the water, Emily joined in but all in all it didn't take long before they found a different target, a target who wasn't in the pool. JJ who was filming them was their next target. The blond couldn't stop the scream when the first badge of cold water hit her. She quickly placed her camera on the table and returned to the swimming pool. She quickly jumped in at the deep end and joined in on the fun.