I do not own Alice and Wonderland

HEY!! Welcome to the beginning of a very intense and graphic-y story! Just a heads up: This story is BASED off the book. Alice is not the same girl in the original Alice In Wonderland novel. Though all the characters are the same they are no longer animals (well half animal) What will be mentioned is the old Alice, meaning that the things in the novel happened in the past. Anyway, Please enjoy!


The girl's pitch black eyes slid into slits as her grip tightened on the pistol. Pressing it hard against the child's neck she pushed him against a tree, causing his brave face to flinch. They were just outside the girl's house, a large mansion circled with hundreds of black and red roses. It was raining, just like every other day; the familiar black clouds tainted the blue sky. The rain poured down like a sound of an opera house applauding; every so often you could hear a clap of thunder followed by the unmistakable shock of lightning.

Her lips spread into a wide grin as her unoccupied hand reached out and gently held the little boys pale cheek.

"I—," the boy managed to let his high pitch voice slip from his lips before the girl dug her nails into his perfect skin, easily bringing crimson blood to her fingers.

"Shhh." She slid a red finger over his mouth to silence him. The boy shivered.

The girl pressed herself closer to the little boy; her long brown hair that was ever so slightly speckled with red cascaded over her shoulders.

"I'm not going to ask you why you came here, but you must know the consequences for stepping into this world." Her clean hand's index finger slipped into the trigger of the gun.

"But—" The young boy, probably around six years old squeaked out. He was shaking now.

She laughed, "No buts'. Let this be a lesson for those where you come from." The girl leaned forward so her lips brushed against his ear; "stay in your own world okay—" her finger pressed down on the trigger, "kid?"

His white suit stained red.