in a big city a corporation meeting took place. the corporations president Alex Fields was getting ready for the meeting, he had dark green hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a business suit, next to his left his Flareon got up to follow it's master. just then the web cam intercom turned on

" Mr Fields" a employers face appeared " I'm sorry to tell you but your daughter is here". The poor man couldn't finished cause a little seven year old pushed him out of the way, she got close to the camera and her companion Eevee popped up in the corner of the screen

" Hi Daddy!" she cried, the little girl had long lavender hair and dark green eyes. her outfit was a red dress with purple flower pattern and a while hooded zip up jacket. Alex gave a sigh

" hello pumpkin" he said " Daddy is very busy" he explained, his voice sounded like he had to explain to her over 5000 times.

" I know daddy but I didn't want to go home and be alone" she said

" Lucy you have Eevee with you" he pointed out Lucy pouted

" but Eevee doesn't know any fire or water base moves" she said

" Henry can you take Lucy home" Alex asked. the employer Henry got up

" uh sure Mr Fields" he grabbed Lucy by the shoulder " come on Lucy your father is late for his meeting.." he didn't finished cause he was putting up with a fight

" No" Lucy cried " I want Daddy to come home too" Henry had to pick her up by t the waist

" come on Lucy" Henry struggled. the web intercom got turned off. Alex slumped back into his chair, his Flareon came up and placed a paw on his leg, he petted his Pokemon

" oh I know" he stroke the pokemon's fur " but Eevee's not ready to evolve just yet and we haven't decide what to evolve it into" he got up and exit the office with Flareon following him.

XD I know lame introduction. nice reveiws please. I know I might of missed spelled Eevee.