" Get away from me" Lucy Screamed as Joseph was sent to bring her to Nathan

" now are you gonna come quietly or.." he lunged at her but she dodged him, instead he hit his head face first into the wall

" LET ME OUT" she was over at the door banging for help, Eevee turn to face the approaching man it was growling at him, but the poor Pokemon yelped as Joseph grabbed it hard by the scruff,

" not so tough now are you?" Joseph taunt as he violently shook the pokemon, Lucy watched in horror as the man abused her Pokemon

" Stop it" she cried she ran over trying to help her friend " your hurting Eevee". the door of Lucy cell opened out lunged a giant Articanine, it tackled Joeseph

Losing balance he dropped Eevee, Lucy ran over and scooped up her injured Pokemon, outside the door Rick stood singling Lucy to get out

" quickly" he called, Lucy made it out of the room " Articanine return" he held out his pokeball, the small red laser shot from the center of the ball hitting the Pokemon it materialized and was sucked back in the ball. Rick took off after Lucy hoping to get her out of here.

* * *

" Dammit" Nathan punched at his desk, it cause a great big hole in it " I guess I have to go and stop them my self" he looked at his loyal Persian " Persian go" he commanded. Persain got up and dashes off like a wolf hunting for its prey

* * *

Rick and Lucy took another turn but they were surrounded, it was other co-workers with there Pokemon, and behind them was a growling Persian

" FLAREON!!!!" the Pokemon Flareon Jump in using flame thrower, it blocked Persian and the other men from touching Lucy and Rick. A man came hurling him self in the middle. Lucy eyes lit up as she recognized him

" Daddy" she cried, Alex got up, his daughter ran into his arms

" your safe now" he said while holding her.

" you two should get out now" Rick said " I'll hold them off as long as I can". Alex nodded, he picked his daughter up and exit out they way he came, the fire cleared the smoke was just clearing, Nathan was not thrilled to find his hostage got away and she escaped thanks to Rick

" why did you do it Rick" he asked, Rick chuckled " whats so funny?" he demanded

" I'm no longer Rick" Rick took off the hat and Sun glasses, out from under the hat long purple hair fell down just barely below the Shoulders,

"No" Nathan uttered some how Recognizing the man " it cant be"

" oh yes" the purple hair said " it's me James".

Yes it James from Team rocket. Why him?. this story takes place 15 years after the anime.

Ok when I saw the episode where James deeply cares for his Pokemon I though of him quitting team rocket cause he couldn't handle the abuse to the Pokemon. but ill make a bonus Chapter about him.