(AU; Mello owns a puppy named Matt)

Chapter 1


Carrying the bag full of dog food with one hand, I unlocked the door to my apartment with the other. I kicked the door open lightly, drinking in the sight of my apartment. I'd been gone for two days, and considering my job, that was normal. What was my job, exactly? Like hell I'll tell you.

Hoping that Matt wasn't dead yet, I closed the door behind me and walked into the kitchen.

"Matt?" I called into the quietness.

There was no reply for a few seconds, and I was 90% sure that Matt had died this time. However, there was a happy 'woof' and a small, auburn colored puppy came bounding in. I made a face. Okay, I didn't like Matt very much, mainly because he was a bitch to take care of, but he was my only company. Hey, it gets lonely around here, too.

Matt licking my leather boots enthusiastically, his ridiculously large tail wagging.

"Don't do that," I muttered, shaking him off. The puppy tumbled back, and he whimpered. He gave me puppy eyes, which was basically when his eyes widened a centimeter or so and he looks at me pathetically. Yeah, I know. But it works most of the time.

With a resigned sigh, I grabbed a handful of kibble and dropped it into his long-neglected food bowl. Matt munched happily on the food as I started pouring water for him.

"Is it just me or did you become even smaller?" I mused as I bent down to retrieve his water bowl. Matt glanced at me once before returning to his kibble. I set the bowl, now filled with water, on the tiled floor next to him and he yipped happily. I watched as he lapped up the water, his pink tongue darting out every few seconds.

"God, you smell." I rubbed Matt's back briskly. My eye twitched as the odor became fouler. I straightened, heading for the bathroom. I washed my hands before splashing my face with some water. I could use a bath, too.

Wearily, I stripped to my boxers and dropped them in the white hamper that stood beside the bathroom door.

"Matt!" I started running a bath. Pretty soon, the obedient pup came rushing in, running into the doorway in the process. He whimpered, limping to me. I picked him up easily.

"Look." I frowned. "It's your fault you hurt yourself, okay?" I shook him a little, coming to sit at the edge of the tub.

Matt's tail wagged and he licked my face. He looked at me happily.

I smiled, chuckling. "Don't lick me when you're all dirty," I scolded, setting him into the water-filled bathtub. Since Matt was so damn tiny, it was only a quarter way full.

Matt padded around in the bathtub for a while, then came back to where I was. He reached up on his hind legs to lick my fingers. I laughed, petting his head appreciatively. Little bugger was too cute sometimes.

...Yeah, I called him cute, so what!

"Why do you have to like kibble so much?" I said to Matt as I started scrubbing him. "It's always so hard to get. You know, this morning, when I went to that pet store, they were almost out of it. Plus, the place was packed, so when I finally found a bag, I had to wait for an hour before I got rung up. And when I thought that I could finally get home and have some peace, this fat lady's dog fucking bites me!" I showed Matt the scar along the side of my right hand. It hadn't been too deep, but the scar was very visible. Matt nuzzled into my hand. "Just wait, when you grow up, I'm gonna train you to become badass, like me. Maybe you could even wear leather."

Matt had now seemingly lost his interest in my monologue and was fully focused on licking my hand everytime he got the chance. I scowled.

"You know what would be nice?" I told him. Matt looked up at me, cocking his head to the side. "If you were real. I mean, then you could feed yourself and actually be potty-trained." I started rinsing him. When all the soap had been washed away, I dried him with a towel.

"I could just imagine you as a teenager," I informed the squirming puppy. "'d be wearing a striped shirt and jeans, and dorky goggles." I paused. "And you'd be like a minion," I said, thinking of Matt's obedient behaviors. "We might even be best friends." I secretly liked the idea of having a normal human friend, and I did sometimes wish that Matt were human. Sometimes Matt the Puppy's company wasn't enough(I'm selfish, shoot me).

Matt barked happily, as if happy to hear that.

I set him down on the bathroom floor. He bounded for the door, but there he stopped and looked back at me. I bit back a smile, because I was way over my limit of smiling for today.

"Go ahead." Matt ran out as soon as I said it.

Shaking my head to myself, I took a long shower, washing away two day's worth of dirt and God knows what else. When I finished redressing into a black t-shirt and boxers, I lied down on my bed, staring boredly up at my ceiling. My eyelids became heavier as sleep started to overcome me.

Since I hadn't closed my door, I heard Matt coming in and I felt him jump on the bed. It always amazes me how the hell a small puppy like him could jump on a two-foot tall bed. Then again, Matt was different in a good way. There are times when he acts like he actually understands what I'm saying.

I didn't open an eye as he made his way to me, coming up on my chest. There, he gave a noise that sounded like a yawn, and curled up into a small ball.

Despite my limit, I smiled and put a hand on the puppy's body, pressing him into me. Maybe Matt's company wasn't enough at times, but for now, I was content.

Inspired by my jar of vanilla frosting. The ending is a little cliche. Deal with it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to add anything to this, but for now, it's a oneshot.