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Matt batted at his face, mumbling something incoherent. The licking persisted, however, moving from his chin up to his cheek, leaving wet trails of saliva. "Melloooo," Matt groaned, trying to turn his head away. Nonetheless, his cheek was continuedly coated in saliva, and when Matt felt that it was about to move back down to its neck, he popped open his eyes and yelled his boyfriend's name.

Yeah, boyfriend.

"Goddammit Matt, what?" Mello appeared in the doorway, chocolate bar in hand, and when he saw Matt's predicament, he just chuckled.

"It's not funny!" Matt growled, trying not to fling the puppy off his face and send it splattering onto the nearest wall. "Why is your ever-so-lovely dog on my face?"

Mello rolled his eyes. "Why are you sleeping on my couch?" he retorted, walking over. "And he's a puppy," he added smartassedly. He picked up the squirming pup and set him on the floor. Once free, Matt-the-puppy barked and trotted off to find something interesting to sniff.

Matt was still sitting up on the couch looking indignant, with tousled hair and flaming cheeks.

"You look so adorable that I could kiss you," Mello laughed. "But, you know, you're a moving wad of dog spit. Go clean yourself up."

Matt made a face, getting up off the couch slowly. He stretched, reaching his arms to the ceiling.

"Oh." Mello tried not to smile. "I made our anniversary dinner, too, so you better be at least half-decent."

It was amazing that this was the same man who'd nearly killed him over a puppy, Matt mused. Then his brain registered Mello's words and he looked at the blond with wide eyes. "Dinner?" he said. "Since when?" He recalled lying on the couch and dozing off just an hour ago...

Mello snorted in disbelief. "Five hours ago. I started making it after you fell asleep like, oh, I don't know, a brick."

"Hey." Matt gave a pout.

"Is for horses," Mello said sarcastically.



"Girl." It was out before Matt could stop himself. Mello wheeled on him with a venomous glare.

"What'd you say?" he said through gritted teeth.

Matt chuckled. "I said...burl. Yeah. Like, burly. Because you sure are burly, Mels...haha..." His laughter faded off when he saw Mello leap forward. Matt was too slow - curse metabolism! - and therefore got tackled by a leather-wearing blond.

"I'll show you who's the girl!" Mello growled determinedly, shoving his fingers at Matt's sides and wiggling them. Because remember children, violence is never the answer.

Tickling is.

Well, maybe the answer is tickling with a little violence -

"D-don't tickle me! Ah, Mello!" Matt squirmed and flailed, resulting in punching Mello's jaw.

- is sometimes the answer. Yeah.

"Bitch. Go get dressed already." Mello stood with a huff, crossing his arms and looking down at Matt with a dirty gaze. Matt was immediately up at his side, hugging him from behind and whispering sweet nothings into his ear. And as much as Mello would have loved to stay mad at Matt, he couldn't help it; he smiled as he watched the redhead walk away to their(well, Mello's) bedroom to change.

Said blond looked around, inspecting the living area. Whenever Matt was over, it seemed like everything was more messier... It didn't help that Mello was obssessive compulsive, and that Matt called him 'his little housewife' on several occasions.

After throwing away some balled-up chocolate bar wrappers, empty cans of soda, and re-adjusting the pillows, Mello was all ready. On his way to the kitchen, he stopped by the mirror and fixed his hair, making sure that he hadn't been too furled when the little incident happened on the couch.

His dog - no, the puppy-Matt, not the human - was nowhere to be seen. Mello shrugged; ah well, better off without something interrupting this night. It was his and Matt's anniversary after all.

Mello ran a hand down his hair one last time before finally entering the dining room. It looked nicer than on regular occasions; the tablecloth was actually clean, the plates were as shiny as...doorknobs, and there were actually the right amount of utensils. In the middle of the table, there was some food, including the two plates of pasta, because Mello knew that Matt ate like a pig when it came to that. Not that he minded, it just added to his theory that Matt was the most adorable thing to walk the earth.

Fifteen minutes later Matt came in, beaming. "I'm clean!" he announced.

Mello eyed him wearily. "And wearing the same clothes."

"No, they just look the same."


"I swear!"

"At least you took those damn goggles off."

"You love them. Admit it."

"Just sit down."

Feeling brave, Matt stole a kiss on Mello's cheek before retreating to his own seat.

Mello smiled.

Ten minutes into the dinner, they noticed some...sounds in the background.

Matt looked up from his plate of pasta, eyes wide with curiosity. He chewed and swallowed, tilting his head to the side. "What's that?" he asked.

"I don't know." Mello took a gulp of lemonade before getting up, looking worriedly down the small hallway. "It's coming from the living room."

"Don't go!" Matt suddenly cried, quickly dashing to Mello's side and gripping his arm tightly.

Mello rolled his eyes for what seemed to be the umpteenth time. "I wasn't going to go," he said simply. Then he stood and began walking, dragging Matt with him. "You're coming with me, of course."

And so while Matt wailed about some shit named Bloody Mary or whatever, Mello made it to the living room without knocking his boyfriend unconscious.

And there, right beside the coffee table, was Matt-the-puppy, with another dog on top of him - it looked like a small golden labrador retriever, and its hips were thrusting back and forth as if-

"Oh," Matt squeaked from behind Mello's shoulder. "How nice, Mels. Your puppy has decided to..." he searched for the right term, "copulate."

Mello took a few moments to get over the shock, a smile slowly easing into his face. "Tch."

Matt was surprised. "Your dog is getting fucked in the middle of your living room and that's all you can say?" he said incredulously.

"Well, at least Matt's the one being screwed, right?" Mello asked, a devilish glint passing through his eyes. "Hey, I've got the most perfect idea. We should keep that golden lab over there," he gestured with his head, "and name it after me."

"W-what!" Matt looked scandalized. "I-I- Mello!"

"Yes?" Mello said sweetly.

Matt decided to drop the subject, hanging his head in defeat. "Does that dog even know he's screwing another male dog...?"

Puppy!Matt and Puppy!Mello copulating oh yes indeed *nod*