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Now then, the story is a more modern version, and it shows what would've happened if Alice happened to have a twin brother, Tobias Liddell, and he was mistaken for Alice by Wunderland.

Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1

Disembodied Voices Shouldn't Be Allowed to Use Peer Pressure



"Tobias, wake up!"

The dark haired teen let out a string of unintelligible curses and shoved the face of his twin away, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Get the hell off me, and don't call me Tobias… Where are we anyways?"

Alice rolled her eyes and smacked him upside the head.

"We're in New Orleans, idiot. And stop cursing so much, you're gonna go to hell for that."

Tobi chuckled and rubbed his aching scalp, "I'm gay, that's a one way ticket there. I smoke and drink and dropped out of school. Think that's okay with the Big One up top?"

"Whatever, I'm not gonna start some religious argument. Let's just go inside before Mom thinks we ran away or something. I have to call Nate soon anyways."

"Aw, you gonna go have phone sex with your sweetheart? Well, don't let me stop you." He grinned and got out of the backseat, shivering as the cold wind whipped at his face.

His eyes widened when he caught sight of the house. "Holy shit, did Mom buy a damn fort or something? This place is huge…"

Alice shook her head and laughed. "Nope, it only has like four bedrooms. The rest is just big because there's a formal living room, a family room, and a sun room."

Tobi only gaped, and as his gaze wandered to the large windows, he saw a flash of something in the circular window of the attic, but as he attempted to focus on it, it disappeared. What was that..? The image never reappeared, so he shrugged it off and walked through the wrought-iron gates, down the pathway and into his new home.

Inside, there was a warm feel to the rooms, as if it had been well-lived in. The walls were a deep red with floral designs made of a soft felt-like fabric sown in and the floors were either a dark cherry wood or a creamy beige carpet. Tobi admired the carvings that were ingrained beautifully into the furniture's wood and ran his fingers along a table. As he walked through the threshold, he heard his mother sliding boxes around and opening cabinets. "Mom?"

"Oh, Tobi! You're awake, good. You can help me unpack in the kitchen." The teen shrugged and walked in, tilting his head lightly as he almost hit an open cabinet door. "Hey, uh… By any chance, did you go into the attic yet?" His mother shook her head as she leaned up to place the wine glasses in their holders. "No, it's locked. I looked for the key but apparently the old owner never opened it either, and from what I've heard, this house belonged to the same woman for over 65 years. Until she passed away, that is." Tobi looked up at the ceiling for a few moments and kept his mouth shut as his mother and sister chatted lightly and continued unpacking.


At the open window in his room, Tobias sat with a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips and a faraway look in his eyes.

Damn, I wonder what Danny is doing… Or who. His eyes refocused and a bitter smile crossed his face as he took a drag and blew out leisurely.

Probably some blond little whore. I hope his penis falls off. Asshole.

He took another drag and flicked the cigarette bud out the window, climbing back into his room and flopping down on the four poster bed. He laid there, running his spidery fingers along the silky maroon sheets, following the seams.

After a while, he closed his pale blue eyes and frowned, curling into himself and pulling the sheets over his legs. At some point, his limbs relaxed and he fell asleep to the sound of rain pitter-pattering against his window and his sister's faint giggling on the other side of the wall.


Tobi woke up to the sound of faint thumps from the floor above him, and groaned sleepily. "What the hell.." He gazed upwards and sat up quickly. Wait.. How is some one walking in the attic? He slowly stood from his bed and a shiver ran down his spine as the cold floor came in contact with his bare feet. He looked at the time, it was 11:11. Hm… Make a wish…

Tobi opened his door quietly and his senses heightened. The house gave the air of being cold and eerie now as opposed to the warmth it radiated in the day. The gentle rain was nearly pounding down on the house and thunder crashed in the distance. The thumps grew louder, and he could hear them pacing to one side of the hallway, a pause, and then back to the small attic door. He took his time walking to the attic, and when he arrived, the thumps hesitated, then stopped altogether at the entrance only feet away from Tobi.

He stood there for what felt like hours until he finally gathered up the courage to speak. "Hello..?" After a few moments of silence and thunder rumbling softly, Tobias turned to walk back to his room, then froze. An icy burst of air, as if a puff of breath, brushed past his ear and a voice hissed out in the darkness.

"Open it… Find the key… You know you want to."

Poor Tobi, getting the foshizzles scared out of him.

He'll live.




Oh, and I don't anything that may resemble any of the original Alice in Wonderland schema, I'm just outright mutilating it. ;]