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"Open it… Find the key… You know you want to."

Chapter 2

Alice Can Shove Crazy Up Her Wonderland



Tobi pounced on his twin's bed and shook her. She woke up with a startled shriek and pushed him off. "What the heck is so important.." She paused and looked at the ticking clock at her bedside, "it's almost midnight! Why in the world would you wake me up so late?!" He shushed her quickly and tried to calm his racing heart.

"Okay, okay… I heard thumping when I woke up. It was from the attic. No one should be in the attic, Alice. I went to check it out, and I was standing in front of that little door, and I said something to see if someone was there, and the footsteps stopped! I was gonna leave and then it got cold as hell and then whatever was up there talkedto me.. It talked to me!"

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed. "Calm down Tobi, you're talking a mile a minute. Are you sure it wasn't just a dream you had?" Tobias shook his head madly. "I'm sure! That couldn't have been a dream! I remember the time! It was 11:11! That was like minutes ago!" She shook her head and sat up. "Tobi, go back to bed. You're acting crazy, making up stuff like this just to bother me."

"But I'm not lying, it wasn't a dr-"

"Tobi, go to bed."

Tobias scowled but nodded, getting off Alice's bed and walking to the door. "Good night Alice..." She rubbed her eyes sleepily and nodded, laying back on the bed. "G'night Tobi." He walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. "I'm not acting crazy..." Tobi muttered quietly to himself and silently walked back to his room.


After hours of tossing and turning, Tobi huffed and got out of bed, heading to the bathroom connected to his room. He stood in the shower and closed his eyes, rubbing his sore tendons. Damn it... I need to sleep. But I have to find that stupid key... He opened his eyes and finished off the shower, brushing his teeth and slipping on some jeans and a wife beater.

Walking downstairs to the kitchen, Tobi saw his mother and sister, fully dressed and primped, walk in from the living room as he sat on the counter. "Good morning sweetheart! How did you sleep last night?" His mother gave him a peck on the cheek and pulled out a tray from the oven, placing it on the stovetop. Tobi shrugged and carded his fingers through his hair. "Pretty good.." Tobi glanced over at Alice, who glared at him, and glared right back. She better not say anything..

"I made breakfast, but you were still sleeping, so I saved you some leftovers. Alice and I are going to go shopping, I heard they have some nice stores here. You don't mind being home alone, right?" Tobias shook his head and grabbed the food, tucking in as his mother walked out.

Alice stayed behind and snickered, "Watch out for those ghosts, Tobi." He glared once again at her as she walked out calling out to her, "Haha, laugh it up bitch. When they get you, I'm gonna laugh my ass off!"


"Now… Where would I hide a key..?" The dark haired teen walked throughout the house, his eyes roving around the halls. His eyes wandered to the tiny attic door, and he walked over and hesitantly. Maybe whoever's in there can tell me. They're probably listening right now.. Tobias rested his head lightly against the cold wood. Okay.. I'm not gonna freak out. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, placing shaking hands upon the door. Calmdowncalmdow-

His breath quickened when he heard a few thumps coming from the other side, and shivered when the air around him dropped in temperature rapidly. He stood there for a minute or two and frowned, knocking on the door. "Uh.. Any day now? I kind of want to know where that stupid key is.." His throat suddenly constricted and he felt the pressure leave after a couple of seconds, feeling the wind knocked out of him.

"Find the fallen son of the sovereign… The false consort holds the key."

Tobi nearly let out a growl and his eyes raised to the ceiling, set in a glare as he clutched his heart. "Okay, seriously. If you do that again, I'm so not got gonna help you buddy." He straightened up after sulking a while longer and looked around. Okay.. So what the hell is the fallen son of the sovereign? He walked forward and then stopped again, giving himself a well-deserved face palm. "The library! I can definitely find something there." He then proceeded to pout and slumped his shoulders. Aw.. I hate reading.

Tobias, in a moment of forgetfulness, had forgotten that the fourth room had been converted into a personal library long ago. After the short revelation, he then proceeded to walk through the winding halls, approaching the abandoned room in the darkest corner where his mother warned him not to go.

"Don't go in that room you two! It's full of dust, and spiders, and God knows what else…" Tobi rolled his eyes and reached for the door knob.

The door handle was almost rusted shut, giving him a hard time as he yanked it open. He coughed as the dust rushed towards him, clinging to his hair and clothes. Frowning, he squinted in the darkness as he walked in, looking for a source of light. His fingers found a knob, and he turned it, a large chandelier buzzing to life above him and lighting up the impossibly vast room. "How..? This room is huge…"

There were rows upon rows of books lining the shelves, comfy chairs and sofas scattered tastefully in front of a large fireplace. Tobi walked through the rows, shaking his head. "I am not looking through all these books.." He looked up at to the walls and his eyes locked with a pair of maroon orbs and jumped.

It was a portrait of a boy.

There were paintings lined along the entire wall. A man and a woman with light smiles upon their faces as they held each other lovingly, a small boy with pale blonde hair and piercing red eyes lounging on an armchair, his hands intertwined in his lap and a mischievous look about him, another with all three sitting together. "The fallen son of the sovereign..?"

There were plenty of other portraits, mostly of the boy growing older. In one, there was a portrait of the older man with another woman, but the boy was not present. The last, and largest, picture that caught his attention was in the center of them all, a painting of only the young woman, sitting next to the fire with long jet-black waves and dark eyes, a scepter resting proudly beside her. Something looks off about this… Is she the false consort? The other woman looked.. nicer.

He took a closer look at the portrait, no sign of the key upon her body at all. So she holds the key.. Maybe the voice meant the portrait of the fallen consort holds the key. Tobias leaned back on the balls of his feet and titled his head to the side, scanning the entire portrait. His eyes lit up as he saw a small imperfection, a smudge in the shape of a heart. There it is! In the bottom left corner, there was the shape of a key. Oh, hello. Tobias frowned and ran his fingers along the outline. "I'm gonna need something to cut this."

"Tobi! We're home!" He leapt back from the portrait and looked behind him, sighing in relief when no one showed up at the door. "Shit, okay. I'll finish this later.." Tobi rushed to the entrance, turning off the light and closing the door quietly behind him. He turned his back on the door to run and let out a yelp as he nearly slammed into his sister.

"Ah… Alice. Haha, back so soon..?"


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