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Her eyes rolled back into her head; oh, godthe steering wheel pressing into her back wasn't causing her discomfort any longer. It was really an aphrodisiac now. Hattie always had been a bit of a masochist…a sadist, too, but on the inside…it was pain she really wanted…


The name felt so natural as it rolled off her tongue, so much pleasure

She was losing herself in it…in the way Ella's tongue felt as it teased her deftly, and the way her arms felt as they wrapped around her waist to support their position.

"Oh, fuck--Ella--!"

There was an explosion then; a tensing of muscles, a tingling that spread to her very core…

"I love you, Ella…"

Ella's nails dug into her hips.

"I love you so much…oh!"

Goddamn her ability to have multiple orgasms!

Her heart began to pound so hard that she was sure that it would burst from her chest.

Ella was so good

"Oh, Ella…yes…I love you…I always ha--ah! You're amazing…mm…"

Ella pulled away suddenly, and the absence of her mouth at such a crucial time made Hattie whimper pathetically.

"Why did you--?"

"Move. We have to go home."

Ella pushed her away, and Hattie fell haphazardly back onto the passenger's seat.

"Hello?" Hattie nearly snapped when she saw Ella answer her phone, and smile as she said; "Oh, hey, Char!"

"Ella! You--!"

Ella placed a finger to her lips, and began driving again, hitting eighty in a seventy lane.