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Preface: I Vow

Beadu P.O.V

"Raelene!" I heard my mother shout as she raced in from the cornfields.

"What is it mother?" I ask her, hoping I could assist my mother if she needed any help. There were most likely dead blackbirds killed by those mischievous children Maitland and Yardley from the village scattered across the field. She finds such actions extremely repulsive and childlike, which is very fitting to them. However her calling for Raelene makes me wonder, as she fears the dead birds more than I. Mother then sew me and rushed in my direction.

"Beadu, where is your sister Raelene?" This confuses me more. Raelene was to be married this morning, and I would imagine that she is consumating that marriage at this very moment, if not celebrating it with a feast.

"Mother, she would be with Sir. Balder would she not?" She shakes her head hurriedly, somewhat irritated that this is all the knowledge I could give her. I know how much of a loving person my mother is and she is never intentionally rude. That is why my face falls as she says "Oh irritable child! Why would I ask this of you if she were with Sir. Balder?!"

She rushes away from me and into the cottage, having disposed everything she had carried out to the field. I was beginning to worry now, as something was forming creases of worry on my mothers face, and such carvings do not belong there. I felt determined to banish them.

"Mother what has happened? Why would she not be with Sir. Balder?" My mother turns to me and speaks in hushed tones, trying to get a hold on her voice, as we enter the house.

"Sweet Beadu. My Bella. I am sorry for my rudeness but I am currently in a great state of fear." She says, holding my face and kissing my cheeks. My nickname Bella was earned by me cherishing a small silver Bell my mother was once given by an Italian admirer when I was a child. I had never put the object down, and still remember the place that I buried it along with a drawing of my family and two stones the exact shade of my mothers eyes for my future grandchildren to discover underneath the great oak in the forest. I was a child at the time, and had stolen my fathers carving knife to mark the spot where my descendants should dig with an 'X' and a 'B', 'E' and half of an 'L' before my mother caught me with the knife and took it from me, knowing my clumsiness. The oak was my favourite tree, and I hoped to one day be buried there once the grounds had been made holy. There is plenty of time for that to happen, but what is causing this fear to take such a hold on my mother?

"There is an army bearing Sir. Balders crest only half a mile from the edges of our fields with torches. That is why I must gather everyone I love and escape before their torches spread and destroy all that I hold dear to me." She explains pleadingly, causing my face to crease in worry and fear for my family.

Radella walks down the stairs then, carrying a basket of washing she said she was going to take down to the river earlier. "Good evening mother! It is a brilliantly sunny day outside -is the heat too much?" My sister is a beautiful and caring girl. She is the second eldest daughter, the first being Raelene, and she is the council of our family. She is very sympathetic and Angelic. Her hair is the colour of thriving corn in the sun which sways in the breeze with such a resemblance. Her eyes are blue and are undeniably trustworthy, like that of my mothers and other siblings eyes. Only my father and I have brown eyes. I am the black sheep of my family, having resembled my father most, giving me unmanageable hair the colour of Bark, pale skin and a small frame, which is terrible for labor work. My sisters tease me for my small, weak body, but my father defends me as he is sympathetic. It is not easy being the youngest female and most useless of the family. If I were to leave home to work, I would not be able to earn enough money for bread, let alone housing.

"The only thing bright about this day is the sun. Drop that and run with your sister quickly to get your brothers and father from the market." Unlike me, Radella knows when is and isn't the right time for petty questions, so she does exactly as mother orders. We run to the market and within a short time we find my brothers fighting with wooden swords whilst father buys mutton from the butcher.

"Take that!" I hear Badrick shout, then see him plunge the fake sword in-between Rankins side and arm. He flails around the market, making the supposed noises of a dying man. If only he knew how close we all were to finding out.

"Have you seen my father? His name is Bailey. Bailey Swan. Do you know-"My sister frantically asks the first man she reaches. She is cut off with the traveller grunting and nudging past her. She can't see father yet.

"Over here! I've found them!" The boys look in our direction with confused expressions.

"Beadu, what is it? Is mother unwell?" Little Rankin trills in his adorable high voice which has yet to darken with age. He is always trying to protect everybody, it is in his nature. Ever since he was a child he would attempt to help the injured birds from the field. Those irritating village children learned the art of Raven murder from their fathers, and so the tradition has never really ebbed in my lifetime. My lifetime is 17 years. Is that all I can hope to see from this world? If that is so, then I would like to leave this world with the knowledge of my family's well-being.

"No boys, you need to run to the house immediately." They were about to start with the questioning when I said "Mother orders it." That got their attention, and they started running towards the house, dropping their wooden swords. I had a small feeling that we would need swords. If only the boys were of an age to carry the real thing!

"Father, Mother needs us. She says she saw Balders men with torches heading this way." This information does not create enough shock on his face, so I suspect he knows a reason as to why all of this is happening.

"Is Balder with them?" This seems to be extremely important information as he grabs my shoulders and looks me directly in the eye.

"I do not know, Mother did not say." I see the same look of irritation on his face like that I saw on my Mothers face earlier. My father is in some way an unofficial sheriff of our village, as whenever a brawl starts he is always the one to finish it, and he always settles all issues involving money and gambling before deaths can commence.

We had reached the house by the time Mother exits with baskets of clothing and food to load onto the cart we normally use for taking supplies to the town market. She drops the basket she is currently holding to embrace her husband. "She has betrayed us Bailey!" Mother wails into my fathers chest, sobbing uncontrollably now. Who has betrayed us? "Our sweet, loving daughter has doomed us all! Balder comes for us now to punish us for her sins!"

"I know Randi, I know. She never should have agreed to that marriage if she could not go through with it." Father comforts her.

Now I understand completely. Raelene- sweet, beautiful Raelene who can do no wrong- has finally made a terrible decision. I never did support her engagement to that Royal blooded oaf who abuses his power to get his own way, simply because he is a wicked man who has killed many innocent men for his own enjoyment. He is a very jealous man and could stand no other man than my brothers even looking at his future bride. Now it appears she has abandoned him at the alter. Punish us for her sins... Yes, we may suffer for her decision, but I would rather burn in this village than watch my sister waste her beauty on a pure sinner who seeks no redemption. He would make her a different woman, a woman of sin herself, and that is a fate worse than death.

"Mother! Father!!" The boys shout from the back of the house. Just then I hear the clinking of hooves and a black stallion appears with a brown horse on either side.

"It seems that your hussy of a daughter has decided to flee with her farm-boy lover Jackson!" Booms Sir. Balder in an exceptionally angry voice.

"Sir. Balder, what makes you think my daughter has abandoned you? She has most likely torn her dress and has decided to repa-" She still trys for excuses, despite her inability to lie.

"Stop it with all of these excuses! I have searched far and wide for her for five hours now, and she has not returned to me!"

"Sir-" My mother attempts to beg, but is cut off again.

"One more word, and you shall watch your precious sons die first!!" Mother is silent, but cannot muffle her cries of agony at the realisation that her words cannot save her family, but doom them all the more faster.

He turns to the soldier on his right and cold-heartedly orders "Round them up, put them in their house, and set it on fire."

"NO!" screams my mother, closely followed by "Please, have mercy on us!" from my sister. He just nods to the man on his left to start with the gathering.

My brothers scream profanities at the men who are now pressing blades to their throats as they force the rest of my family into the house. I looked around but saw no men paying attention to me. Why have they not forced me inside?! Do they know I am related to them?! I cannot watch this! I cannot live whilst my family burns! Before thinking I brought their attention off of my family and onto me.

"Balder! You are the most idiotic man I have ever met! You attempt to round up a family and miss a member completely! You are a complete ogre!"

Balder just smiles at me, alerting me that he did not leave me out of the burning party on purpose. "Oh sweet Beadu, I need somebody to bury them don't I?"

With that I lunge at him, attempting to throw him off his horse and succeeding whilst my family screamed after me. I am grabbed from behind and hit around the head. I feel the blood trickling down my face when I am brought to my knees and hit once more, this time by Balder himself. He delivers several kicks to my stomach and even more hits to my face, then with deciding my beating is over, he grabs my hair to direct my face towards the house which is now almost completely consumed in flames. I know my family are still alive as I can hear each of them screaming in fear and agony. The blade pressing at my throat forces me to keep watching as I try to tare my gaze away, when I make the decision to no longer have to watch this.

This is the end of my life. Fine, I accept that. What I do not and never shall accept is that my family will die before me. I grip the hand of the soldier holding the knife to my throat and twist it out of his grip, quickly rising and grabbing Balder from behind, pressing the blade to his throat, while my family plea's for release get louder and more desperate. "Open the door!" I scream to the uniformed men who are completely consumed with fascination and enjoyment by the fire.

The soldiers look at one another, deciding whether they should do as I tell them or not, but finally looking at their leader for an answer. "I said open it! Let my family out!" I had never raised my voice to a man, let alone a whole armada of them, but these were not gentlemen.

"You know I will kill you and put them back in as soon as you let me go. You cannot kill me. You are too Christian for that, however I am not." He is absolutely right. He is a determined man, and will not stop until he gets at least one persons blood on his hands. One persons blood...

"I am going to let you go Balder, but it is with another condition."

"Which is?" He says in a charming voice, like he is the one in control of the situation.

"You will open the doors and let my family out. Then you can kill me any way you want." This takes him by surprise. He wasn't expecting his captor to offer her life.

"Are you serious? If I let your family go, I get to kill you instead?"

"I am completely serious. I give you my word, and I never break my word." I vowed. "Is it a deal?"

He seems to think about it, and then answers me by nodding. "You have my word also. Let them go!" He shouts to his men. They look utterly astounded by this reasoning. "I said open the doors, before I put all of you in there!" With that they open the barricaded door and my family come tumbling out, coughing and gasping for air. Rankins arm is on fire, and my mother has lost some of her hair. After putting out the fire on his arm, my family turn their eyes to me.

"I love you all so very much." I declare, before giving a last request. "Close your eyes." It came out like a whisper, my fear leakign through my facade of courage.

"What?!" Shouts my father in confusion and fear.

"Father just close your eyes, please!" A single tear falls down my face, but I refuse to sob. By doing this my family get to live. "They have given me their word that you shall not be punished for my sisters mistakes. This is good news!" I try to make the situation positive, but their faces showed their horror and pain as they realised what was going to happen to me. My mother is already heaving in pain completely unrelated to her burns. Sobs are breaking out even louder than when they were in the burning house.

"If you love your daughter I would take this time to prey for her and grant her this last request." A soldier says quietly to my family. They look at me with pained eyes and that alone almost makes me beg to god for mercy. I can't stand seeing this look on their faces... in their eyes. I cannot let them see the light leave my eyes.

I look at each of them and they stare back, passing on their goodbyes and thanks to me through the gateways to their soul. "Close your eyes." I whisper for the last time, then my mothers meet mine for one last time and says "Do as she says children" before mouthing 'I love you Bella' and then closing them. Four sets of blue eyes and one set of Brown close and will be now missing to me forever.

"I vow" whispers Balder into my ear. Why is it his voice I have to hear last? I close my eyes myself for the last time, take my final breath and whisper "I vow" in return.

I feel a sharp pain through my back and piercing through the skin on my stomach, then everything goes black.

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