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The jeeps rumbled to a halt and Buffy looked at Spike apprehensively. She knew who would be waiting outside that door – how could he not be? He'll probably stare at her with big puppy dog eyes and expect a hug.

God, she hated emotional reunions.

The noise of the other vehicles emptying made her nervousness worse and she waited for the other occupants to get out first. Spike nodded that she should go ahead and she chewed her lip, hesitant to leave this emotionally safe place. But she knew she had to face this and climbed to her feet, jumping out the back with nervous energy crackling around her. She raised her eyes, ready to meet the brooding wonder head on.

She had a shock coming.

'Mom?' She exclaimed, feeling Spike jump down behind her but disregarding it. She ran forward, arms outstretched, hugging her mother tightly as the older woman cried her name in joy. After a few moments of girly hugging, crying and kissing, she looked up through shiny eyes and smiled. 'Not that I'm not massively glad to see you but…mom it's dangerous here.'

'And where else would I be except at my little girl's side? Don't worry, I'm not coming to the big fight. But I wasn't going to sit in New Orleans waiting weeks for a message telling me whether you'd made it. I had to be here to make sure you were okay.' She looked behind Buffy and saw the once blond vampire standing somewhat awkwardly behind her daughter.

He wasn't expecting to be hugged anymore than Buffy had been expecting to see her mom.

'Spike!' She threw her arms around the vampire and squeezed him tightly. 'I'm so glad you found each other.' She looked between them. 'And I want to hear exactly what you've been up to.' Her daughter turned beetroot red and Joyce paused. 'Oh. Okay. Maybe not in complete detail.' Another vampire. Oh well. At least this one has a personality.

'Mom. Spike and I…..we're….together. Giles knows.'

Spike swallowed hard, waiting for the rebuke from the mother. But Joyce just smiled.

'Everyone needs someone in this world, honey. Be it dead or alive. At least it isn't…..' She trailed off. 'I'll speak to you later anyway, we'll catch up then. I'll go and speak to Rupert and see how he is getting on. I hear he lost an arm, the poor thing.'

Buffy stuttered but her mother disappeared and as she turned to follow her, she saw the reason for the interruption. -and-Brooding himself had arrived.

'Buffy!' He said, in that breathless whispered shout he must have patented over the years. He rushed forward and gathered her up in a hug. 'I thought I'd never see you again.'

She squirmed and extricated herself from the embrace, brushing herself down. 'Didn't have much faith in me then did you?'

Angel paused, confused by her reaction. 'What? No…I didn't mean that….it's just….well, the world kinda ended, Buffy.' He reached out to place a hand on her face and then stopped, sniffing. 'Why do you smell like Spike?'

'Seriously? You sniffed me?' Buffy made a face. 'And probably because I've spent the last week side by side with him twenty-four-seven.' She paused, knowing that the vampire in question had disappeared from behind her before Angel could spot him.

'We're talking about Spike? William The Bloody? Mr.I-wanna-kill-Slayers-ask-me-how?' Angel scoffed. 'You've spent a week with him and didn't stake him? How?'

Well, Angel, there's this really amazing thing he does with his tongue and he's really, really endowed and pretty much satisfied me more than any man or vampire on earth could. 'We bumped into each other just outside New York, in the base I was staying at. We decided to travel this way together. He's been pretty handy actually.' She waited a moment. And then decided to drop the bomb and run. 'We're together. And I don't care what you have to say about it.'

She bolted. It was cowardly. She threw a glance back at the dark vampire, stood stunned by her revelation.

Nah, it was fun.


'Wondered where you'd got to.' Buffy spoke, making the occupants of the room jump. Spike had apparently gone to where Ryan and Tiree had been plonked in the medical part of the compound. She'd had to ask around but had finally found her way here.

'Yeah.' Spike held out a hand to her and she took it. 'Figured you didn't need me making Captain Forehead broody. Also, look who woke up on the way here.' He smiled at the young lad on the bed, who looked far better than the last time Buffy had seen him. Tiree was all smiles, glad she was reunited with her man.

'Looks like I'll not be in the final fight though,' Ryan said wistfully. 'Now, if only I could talk Tiree out of going, I'll be happy.' Tiree scowled at him, and then smiled again.

'I'll think about it. There's still a world to be saved here and they'll need my abilities. I could help.'

Spike looked down at Buffy and then to Ryan. 'Can't talk women out of things when they're got their mind set mate. All you can do is support them.' Buffy wrapped her arms around his waist.

'Wanna hear something funny?' The Slayer whispered. The vampire cocked his head to the side in acknowledgment. 'I told Angel we're together. And ran away. Think he's probably still stood in the tunnel having an aneurysm.' She giggled. 'You should have seen the look on his face.'

'You….you told him? Just like that?' Spike said, stunned by her admission.

'Yeah. And I told him I don't care what he thinks.' She frowned. 'You know he said he thought he'd never see me again? Like he didn't believe I'd survive. Some faith in my ability.' She snorted. Spike smiled.

'You are a little spitfire.' She grinned up at him and kissed him hard.

A cough interrupted their display of emotion. Giles stood in the doorway. 'We have a briefing soon, Buffy. Tiree, your presence is required. I'll send in a medic to check on Ryan. Spike, you are wanted too. If you could all follow me please.' At the chorus of agreement from the room, Giles smiled fondly at his slayer, as she took her vampire by the hand and followed him out of the room.

'I assume you have seen Angel?' Giles asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. 'He was rather upset.'

'Oh no.' Buffy responded in mock horror. 'Did I hurt his feelings?'

Giles chuckled. 'I rather think so. He was insistent you were under thrall. Except he knows Spike is not capable of such a thing. He wanted me to check everything but I told him to piss off. I reminded him it has been nearly three years since he has seen you and that you would undoubtedly have changed in such a period of time. You are not the same girl he abandoned to her fate.'

'Couldn't have put it better myself.' Spike grumbled.

'He'll get over it.' Buffy waved a hand.

'It's himself he'll struggle to get over,' Her vampire interjected.

'Who is this Angel?' Tiree asked.

'My brooding ex-boyfriend. He's a vampire too. Except he likes self-flagellation.' At Spike's pointed look, Buffy scowled. 'What? I know some long words.'

Giles smiled brightly as they turned into a busy mess hall. Unfortunately, said self-flagellating vampire was waiting to ambush them.

'Buffy!' He called, running over to them, his face a deadly serious frown. His eyes flashed golden at the sight of Spike and Buffy holding hands, but the Slayer rolled her eyes at him.

'What now? I really don't have time for a lecture.' The slayer stood closer to Spike, half for his support and half because she was suddenly enjoying winding Angel up.

'I need to talk to you. In private.' He gritted his teeth at the last part, glaring at the other vampire.

'What? So you can tell me I'm making a mistake? That Spike's a killer? Cause I really don't care. You run off now and puff your chest out elsewhere. I'm not listening.'

She made to move off and Angel grabbed her arm. Spike growled loudly and the hall went silent as the vampire faced off.

'Piss off, Angel.' Spike ground out, dropping Buffy's hand and dropping into a fighting stance. Angel let go of Buffy's arm and faced down his upstart childe, vamping out. Spike refused to let his demon have control, and waited for his sire to make the first move.

'This has nothing to do with you, Spike.' Angel spat, until Buffy placed her hand on his chest.

'That's funny because from all your posturing, I'd say it has everything to do with Spike. You gave up your right to have any say in my life when you swanned off to L.A. So back off.'

He didn't back down. He pressed forward, intent on hurting the younger vampire.

So Buffy threw him across the room.

He landed in a pile twenty feet away at the foot of a food cart. A pot of mash potatoes shook, swayed and then tumbled downwards, landing on his head with a gooey plop.

Silence reigned for a few seconds.

Then Buffy burst out laughing.

Spike joined her.

Giles grinned widely, retaining his British composure as the room went back to it's normal chatter and noise and the Slayer and Vampire nearly doubled over laughing. He waved them on and they left the hall, heading for the briefing, just as Angel pulled the mash potato pot off of his head and scowled at their retreating forms.


The briefing had been predictably boring. Buffy had struggled to stay awake. Spike had kept poking her to wake her up, which she didn't really appreciate.

It was two hours before they were allowed to leave and she hadn't actually absorbed any information. Spike was bouncing on the balls of his feet, knowing instinctively it was dark outside. Unfortunately they'd been banned from venturing too far and had been shown their quarters with strict rules on staying there.

There was a very slim chance of that happening.

Within ten minutes of their guide departing, both Slayer and Vampire were outside the compound, sneaking their way through Washington D.C. Spike wished he could have shown her the sights, but there wasn't much of them left. They'd broken through a fire exit into the National Museum of History and for a moment, Buffy had seen Spike's eyes spark with interest at the half desiccated exhibits. But he'd seemed focused on getting somewhere and had pulled her out of the building quickly.

'So you're telling me that the army is camping out in the tunnels underneath the whole of the White House?' She hadn't quite believed him when he'd told her. He'd been pointing things out, making it as romantic an escape as possible. 'Wow. We could get in real trouble for this, you know?' She whispered.

'What they gonna do? Stick us in the brig? They need us. They especially need you.' He said, looking around. 'They've been hiding in those catacombs for months, if the enemy hasn't found them yet, they aren't gonna find them tonight. And with that bridge out, we're safe for a quick jaunt. Now come on.'

'What bridge?'

'Weren't you listening even a bit in the briefing Buffy?' Spike scolded. 'There's a river between here and the Pentagon. Frankenstein took the bridges out. But the army have been tunnelling underneath, hoping they'll come out somewhere south of the building. Plan is to detonate and go in soon. They just haven't decided how soon. They're ready. Just pussyfooting.' Spike growled as he led her across a deserted street. They headed into a wooded area.

Buffy looked around at where they had ended up. 'So it's coming soon? The end?'

'Told you before. S'not the end.' He pointed towards a gap in a thick copse of trees and nodded. 'Now stop talking shop. Get in there. Looks secure.'

'I thought you said…'

'Still don't want no prying eyes.' He whispered, pushing her towards the gap. She was about to protest as they passed through until she walked in. The moon had emerged from behind a cloud and lit up the small woodland clearing perfectly. Roses bloomed at the sides, the grass was long but soft-looking and she gasped as she saw the daisies poking their heads through. The trees were so thickly lined and leafed that Spike had been right; they had privacy in here.

'It's beautiful.'

'One good thing that has come out of this – mother nature has been given a chance to regrow her world.' Spike whispered, walking round her and spreading the military issue bed blanket on the ground. He then pulled from his fatigued jacked, two juice boxes and a bag of potato chips. 'I know it isn't a picnic….but I rustled this up.' He smiled at her and she ran forward, jumping into his arms. They fell to the floor kissing.

'Wanted to make this special for you, pet.' He hesitated. 'If you still…'

Buffy silenced him with another bone-melting kiss. When she pulled away she was breathless. 'Of course I still want it.' She kissed him again, kissing a path down his throat and he growled at her, rolling them over so he was on top.

They were savouring the moment; for all Spike's positive words, there was a chance they wouldn't make it out alive.

This could be their last night on earth.

Buffy arched into her vampire's touch as he explored her body, removing her clothes slowly. He wanted it to last, but at the same time, didn't know how long he would be able to restrain himself. She felt the same, as she pulled his clothes off of the top half of his body, moaning, and trying to push into him, trying to connect with him.

They couldn't get close enough and it was taking too long. Before Buffy knew it, they were disrobed and her only coherent thoughts were "Spike is yummy" and "too hot for clothes". As he came into her, those thoughts were obliterated and Cave-Buffy was officially in residence.

He doubted any creature would be brave enough to investigate the sounds they were making. He felt out of control and the Slayer was an animal underneath him. This wouldn't last long – they hadn't been afforded much time together and he knew they had to make this quick. Buffy had told him about the prophecy and what it meant and the mere thought that she was actually his….his brain could have exploded.

He felt her stiffen underneath him and knew she was close. He wanted so badly to drag this out but he couldn't hold himself or the demon back from claiming what was his. His face changed, his fags extended and he slid them into Buffy's slender neck, drinking enough to make her explode around him again. She screamed in pleasure and he smiled internally. After he had taken enough of her life, he licked the wound closed and whispered to her;

'Mine. Now. Forever.'

Buffy gasped and reared her head back, sinking blunt teeth into his shoulder, just down from his neck. Blood trickled into her mouth and Spike was renewed, his movements continuing as she performed the most erotic of moments he'd ever experienced.

'Mine. Now. Forever.' She whispered.

Lights exploded for both of them.

And silence fell in the copse.


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