DISCLAIMER: All BTVS characters belong to Joss, I'm just borrowing them. Couple of OC's in there that are mine.


Buffy smiled as she gazed out over the ocean. She'd never seen the world so clear. Six months had passed since they'd taken down Adam, Riley and the rest of the hybrids. There were still a few left, but a lot had shut down after the fall of their leaders.

She'd seen so much of the world, and they'd ended up here in a quiet little seaside town in Cornwall, England. Giles had an estate a few miles up the country in Bath, which had remained intact. She'd been shocked at how many people had survived the apocalypse and how fast things were progressing in the wake of the enemies defeat. The last communication they'd had from Giles was that 89% of the world was dead, but that the planet was replenishing itself quickly and people were finding a way out of the carnage. Even the friendly demons were returning to their normal ways of life.

Tara had said the earth was purer now, healthier than before. But as she had said in Washington, it was a shame that it had come with such a price.

Spike had shown her things she'd never imagined. They'd travelled thousands of miles, staying in abandoned houses, but with a more carefree attitude to things. Tara had found a coven near this town to work with and the vampire and Slayer had decided to settle for a while.

The others had all gone off in their own directions. Oz had declined the offer to travel with them and had instead headed off on his own with a small group of civilians he'd befriended in the complex. From what Buffy understood, he'd been kept out of the final fight because he wasn't a soldier but he'd busied himself helping with the wounded. She hadn't heard from him since leaving, and she hadn't heard of or come across Ryan or Tiree. But somehow, she knew they were all okay and she would see them again one day.

She had encountered Faith and Wesley in London, and Faith had explained her absence from the main fight with an injury, sustained trying to rescue Wesley. She'd even apologised for how things had turned out way back when. Buffy would never like the girl, but she could forgive her in the presence of her penance. She was fighting the good fight now, and that was all that mattered.

Her thoughts drifted to Angel. She hadn't seen him since they left and he'd done his morose departed through the smoke. Three years previous it had cut her to the bone, now she was glad he was alive, but not entirely unhappy to see him leave. She'd heard he'd popped up in New Orleans where they'd left her mom, but upon hearing of her and Spike's continued happy relationship and his ability to walk in the sun, he'd sulked off into the night.

Spike had found that hilariously funny.

Giles had met someone on his travels with the army. A female colonel, Alice, Buffy thought her name was, and she'd accompanied Giles to Bath. She seemed nice, a little prim and proper but Giles liked that sort of thing. She probably had a wild-side in the sack, Spike said.

Buffy made a face at that thought. Not a visual she needed.

Arms slid around her waist and she smiled as Spike hugged her from behind.

'Enjoying the view pet?'

'Yeah. It's nice here.'

'Used to be a popular tourist destination when I was a boy. For the most part, Cornwall was untouched by the hybrids. Nothing here for them. They were interested in the counties further up – lot of army bases. But I wouldn't mess with the denizens of Cornwall if I were a bad guy. They're a hardy folk down here!' He mocked a Cornish accent and Buffy laughed.

'You sound like a farmer.' She giggled, turning in his arms.

'Oh ay my loveeeerrr.' He drawled, tickling her sides. She pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, leaning down to kiss him firmly.

'Where would my goddess like to go tomorrow?' He asked, kissing her back.

'I was thinking I'd try my hand at surfing.' She whispered.

'Anything you want, pet. Anything you want.' He smiled back.