AU from Primeval, the story so far: As Buffy faces off with Adam, the spell is performed but the demons break through. Buffy gets distracted and tries to save her friends, but fails. Spike gets her out and they escape, parting ways. Years later they meet again, and travel together on their way to fight Adam in Washington and end the worldwide tyranny of the cyborgs. They meet a young couple who aide them in the fight and have an Oz travelling with them too. Having taken a few days rest, they moved on and have just bumped into someone Buffy never expected to see again….

DISCLAIMER: All BTVS characters belong to Joss, I'm just borrowing them. Couple of OC's in there that are mine.


The Slayer was in a daze. She had been for the last 45 minutes, as the soldiers had led them to an underground bunker a few miles outside of Newark. Sergeant Mikels, the senior officer of the patrol unit that had been tracking the cyborg patrol they'd destroyed, explained that the bunker was built by a nervous millionaire during the Cuban missile crisis. It was massive, but the cost of building it had left the rich man destitute and he'd never been found. It was completely sealed, except for air supply, and it would take a lot for the cyborgs to find it. Buffy had been in awe when they had entered, and the others hadn't been much different.

Giles….Giles was alive. A bit worse for wear but he was alive. Two years and she hadn't known this. Why hadn't she known this? How had he escaped? Why hadn't he contacted her? So many questions. And the ex-Watcher was remaining stubbornly silent during their trip. Buffy frowned at his back as he walked in front of them, between the tents and piles of supplies in the hanger-like bunker. It must have been the height of a three storey house and the army had sectioned it off into living quarters, war rooms and storage. They had working Humvees and plenty of large explosives and guns. Buffy was definitely overwhelmed.

But for Spike, it was too much like being back in the Initiative. He was all too aware he was a vampire and that these army guys were quite likely to kill him. He kept close to Buffy, his only hope that they would see him as the ally he was. Ryan and Tiree did not seem bothered by the turn of events, but then, they could both pass for human. Although, as human as Oz was, he was still jumpy, his memories of a time in a cage too much for him to completely forget.

The group stopped outside a large sectioned off area, and the soldiers were dismissed by Mikels. Giles stood beside him, casting an impassive face over the group, his expression softening when it landed on Buffy. Mikels cleared his throat.

'We've got some spare beds in here. Living quarters are separate from each other – only fabric walls I'm afraid. This isn't the Ritz. We pair up round here. You two can stay in together – 'he pointed at Tiree and Ryan 'You can share too.' He looked at Oz and Spike. Spike made to protest but Buffy placed a hand on his arm.

'With all due respect, Sergeant, me and Spike stay together. No arguments.'

Giles frowned but nodded at the sergeant, who grimaced and pointed at Oz. 'Let's find you a bunk then, soldier.' He led the three off, whilst Buffy and Spike were left with Giles. The former librarian motioned to the doorway of the living quarters and led them through, showing them to the bunk originally left for Oz and Spike. He entered the "room" and motioned for them to sit down. The two sat quite close to each other; Buffy was leaning on Spike for all the support she could get and he was finding himself more at ease every moment.

Silence befell them. Spike shifted uncomfortably and Buffy could only stare at the father figure she thought dead. Giles' gaze flickered between the Slayer and the Vampire, his thoughts written clearly on his face. He was happy to find his Slayer – but not happy at the company she kept.

Buffy finally broke the silence, jumping from her seat and wrapping her arms around the watcher, tears spilling from her eyes as the emotion she'd kept inside since seeing him exploded out of her. She wept freely as Giles hugged her back and Spike watched the scene unfold before him, still feeling uncomfortable but feeling a lump in his throat at seeing the old guy still walking the earth.

After a few long moments of Buffy crying, she pulled away, a wet smile on her face as she apologised.

'Nonsense my dear.' Giles smiled softly and gestured for her to sit down. 'Why don't we take the time to reacquaint ourselves? I knew you had survived of course, but I wasn't sure where you were.'

Buffy nodded and spared a reassuring glance for her companion, who remained silent. 'I got out….Spike got me out. If I'd known you were-'

Giles cut her off. 'It doesn't matter. I didn't believe I had survived until I awoke several days later. But I want to hear your story first before I tell you what became of me.'

The Slayer took a breath. She desperately wanted to know if Willow or Xander had made a miraculous recovery but was too scared to ask the question. 'Spike got me out. I sent him packing and got my mom and Tara and Anya out of Sunnydale. We drove for mile. Tara and Anya are still working in camps as far as I'm aware. It's hard to keep track of anyone. I tried to get my mom out of the States but by the time we reached the coast, the cyborgs had taken over everything. Mom wanted to stay in New Orleans, she's been working with one of the bigger camps there. We keep in contact by letter, even though it sometimes takes months to get one there. I travelled about, saw Faith and Angel –' Spike stiffened at the mention of his sire '-but other than that, I'd not made any headway until Spike turned up with the news that they were mounting an offensive in Washington.'

Silence again. Giles absorbed all the information, chewing on his bottom lip thoughtfully. Spike watched him carefully, wondering how long it would take him to object to his presence in the slayer's life.

Buffy looked to Spike and then to Giles again. 'Giles….did Willow…Xander….were you the only one?'

The watcher pursed his lips and looked to the Slayer. 'After the demons broke through, I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, I was still in that room. I didn't see either of them. I was weak, I'd lost a lot of blood but I managed to get out into the main chamber. It was carnage. There were cyborgs picking through the carcasses. I made it to the top level of the frat house before I was spotted. Even then, I managed to escape, although the damage is visible.' He motioned to his missing lower arm. 'I have no idea whether Xander or Willow made it out. I have no idea how I survived. I only got away from Sunnydale in time by hot wiring a car and trying not to pass out from blood loss. The army picked me up at a blockade just outside of the town. I have been working with them since, trying to help them understand what was going on. Not that I understand the full extent myself.'

He looked to Spike. 'I understand you have been working with Buffy. You helped her get this far? Along with the others.'

'Yeah. And I intend on seeing the mission through.' Spike tensed in anticipation of a rebuke. Giles nodded and his gaze returned to Buffy, who looked slightly surprised at his easy acceptance of the vampire in her life.

'The girl and boy that were with you – neither of them are quite human. The soldiers shouldn't notice, providing they do not bring attention to themselves. They probably would not care either way. Neither they, nor Spike, are the enemy anymore.' He stood and looked down at Spike. 'That being said, I will not tolerate any harm to come to her, Spike. I have not, nor will I ever, forget what you are.'

Spike stood up so he was nose to nose with the older looking man. 'I won't let her forget either, Watcher.' He put emphasise on the last word and kept his ground as the Watcher turned and left the makeshift room. Spike was almost shaking, and he sank back down onto the bed as Buffy slumped onto her back. She groaned and wiped her hands down her face.

The vampire sighed unnecessarily and then looked over at the Slayer. She was covered in dirt and blood from the fight and he raised an eyebrow at a fresh wound on her stomach. 'You could use a shower and having that cut cleaned, missy.' He tapped her knee and she wearily dragged herself to a sitting position.

'That was tough. I'm tired.' She said, looking at her vampire with bright and tired eyes.

'No chance. Shower, food, medical attention and then you can sleep. I'll even sing you a bloody lullaby.' He smiled and smoothed her hair down. 'No fighting me on this Slayer.'

'What about you? You haven't eaten either.'

'I'll keep. Go now. Before I decide to knacker you out even more.' He winked and pushed her up towards the door. She went with a mewl of protest and then smiled before blowing him a kiss and leaving. He waited for her to leave then collapsed to his knees on the floor, moving his coat to the side and revealing the gash in the side of his shirt. A jagged piece of metal protruded from it, one of the demons had got a good shot in. He'd managed to conceal it from the Slayer but he hadn't been sure just how long he could hide it. With a grunt of pain he removed the shard, blood dripping onto the floor as he did so. His shirt was now saturated, his combats sticking to his skin with the blood. The metal clattered to the floor as the curtain that served as their door was pushed to the side and Giles poked his head in.

'Buffy, I just…' The Watcher stopped, seeing Buffy was not there and catching the vampire seeing to his wound. Spike looked up like a rabbit caught in headlights and the movement made his body jerk. Blood was pouring from the wound like something out of a horror movie and his vision began to swim as the Watcher came towards him. 'Spike…'

The vampire hit the floor with a dull thud. Giles stared down at him for a second, before picking up the metal shard and inspecting it. It was barbed and wicked looking and had likely caused a lot of damage. He hadn't even noticed that Spike was injured. Buffy hadn't either, otherwise she wouldn't have left him. He rolled Spike over and pulled the t-shirt up, checking the wound. It was deep, one of the vampire's ribs was protruding, and it looked fractured. There was only one way to heal a wound this severe before he was needed to fight.

And Giles was not happy about asking Buffy for it.


'My dark prince.' The voice was fading in and out to him. He felt groggy and his heart pounded in his ears.

That wasn't right for one thing.

He tried to look around but found his eyes were bound. Drusilla whispered in his ear and he turned to the sound but she was gone again.

'You fought so valiantly for me. And now you fight for her. My black prince has become a white knight.' He rolled over, trying to push himself up but found he was too weak to do so.

'But the ants are ruining your picnic my sweet. And their king is a tyrant bent on eating your very soul.' She giggled and he thrashed against whatever invisible force was holding him down. His heart beat faster and he felt beads of sweat pricking on his forehead. His lungs burnt with the need to take deep breaths and he began to panic against the restriction.

Drusilla gasped and pulled him up by his hair. The blindfold fell away from his eyes and he saw her beautiful vampire visage before him as she dragged him to his feet.

'But you don't have a soul. Do you?' The lilt in her voice was as if she wasn't sure but before he could answer, she plunged her fangs into his throat and the heartbeat that was pounding in his ears vanished.


He awoke with a scream. He hated the nightmares. They made him feel lost and terrified. He hated being so weak and so human.

But not as much as he hated the look of fear on the Slayer's face as she gazed at him.

They weren't in their room anymore. They were in a curtained off area of a medical wing and Spike could hear the machines and people outside of where he was. Buffy's hands were clenched in the sheet underneath him. His shirt was gone and he was wearing a pair of scrub bottoms. He noted with amusement that he was wearing boxers so he guessed Buffy herself had dressed him.

He looked down at the wound on his side. It wasn't as bad as he thought it should have been, considering he passed out. He didn't feel hungry either.

'You were out for four hours. I gave you some of my blood. The wound was really bad.' Buffy spoke quietly. 'Giles knows I've been letting you feed from me. He said he wasn't happy about it but that it wasn't detrimental to my health because you were taking care of me. He's been talking to mom. That's how he knows about you and your….changes. He went looking for me.'

Spike watched her. She looked exceptionally fragile at this moment in time. He raised an eyebrow in questioning and in a matter of seconds found himself with an armful of crying Slayer.

'Don't you dare ever hide that from me again. Don't let me worry like this again, you hear me?' She peppered his face with kisses and Spike was powerless under her onslaught. 'I can't lose you. I can't….I just can't.' She collapsed in sobs and the bewildered vampire put his arms around her, holding her tight.

'I'm sorry pet. I…it wouldn't have killed me. I would have recovered. I'm just a vampire, Slayer.' His words made her stiffen and she punched his chest lightly.

'You're not just a vampire.' She whispered, kissing him full on the lips. 'You're MY vampire and I'm not losing you.' She said nothing else as she put her arms around him and squeezed him, not tight enough to aggravate his wounds but tight enough to let him know her possession.

He let her. He wasn't going to argue.

Why would he when she was offering all he ever wanted?


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