Author's Note: There's really not enough love for Repede on here. So I figured I'd write my favorite navy-colored pooch something. You all know the story of the "Canine Hero", so I've decided to expand upon that with this. This will switch occasionally between third person and Repede's pov. Possible spoilers if you haven't seen the skit or finished the game. Maybe…

The Lower Quarter of Zaphias was one that not many enjoyed, but too many were forced to put up with. This included inhabitants as well as the neighboring quarters. Although the humans had social classes, labels, and other such useless classifications, Repede knew that such things were useless in the animal kingdom. The blue pooch rose from his spot on the bed set out for him by his master, Yuri, and stretched, allowing his tired muscles to prepare for the day ahead of them before jumping on the black-haired man's bed with a loud bark followed by a surprised shout that erupted from Yuri's lips.

Yuri groaned and slowly opened his eyes to meet those of Repede's, seeing a begging look. Figures, if he didn't want to spar with Yuri, he wanted food from him. The swordsman kept his eyes locked on the panting dog as he himself rose from his bed to get something for the warrior dog to eat. He opened the single cabinet in his room before pulling out a blue bag that, when shook quickly, made a sound the warrior hound couldn't resist. Two shakes and Repede was beside Yuri with a wagging tail and a hopeful glint in his eyes. He watched with anticipation as a bowl was filled with the chunky, meaty substance he loved so much then placed on the ground before his paws before he dug into it heartily. Yuri had a small grin on his face as he watched the dog eat and regain energy from last night.

The black-haired swordsman sighed and looked out the large window of his room. The somewhat peaceful atmosphere of Zaphias' lower quarter during the daytime occasionally surprised Yuri, having seen what really goes on during the shroud of night. Sometimes he wished that things could be just a bit better though, even if the only thing that did disappear were those pesky wolves. He suppressed a growl and tried to shake the images from his head before turning back to the warrior dog. Knowing he couldn't hide anything from Repede, Yuri wasn't too surprised with the dark look in his eyes. They both knew what the other was thinking and Repede walked to the door without another thought. Yuri smirked and opened it for Repede, grabbing his own blade before dashing out after him.


The Public Quarter seemed like a good place to start today's mischief before moving on to the Lower Quarter. Three wolves began looking around for one of their 'faithful' subjects and spotted one not too far from their spot by the marketplace. A small cat was perched on one of the multiple cart stands that lined the busy street market on a day-to-day basis. It wasn't too uncommon to see strays looking for a meal either. Which is why the few unknowing citizens outside this morning just brushed off the wolves that suddenly entered the area and began to pan out to trap the tabby cat before it was even aware of them.

The cat was content with licking her fur while three predators were slowly closing in on her, one of them made an indistinguishable sound to let the others know of his location before he leapt into the air to catch the cat. She shrieked, trying to run. But it was too late and the wolves' jaws clamped down on her ribcage with a satisfying crunch. The cat let her body go limp and so soon did the wolf let his jaw slack, allowing the smaller creature to flop out and land on the ground.

The cat whined and slowly opened one eye to look at her assailant, whose fangs were gleaming in the early morning sunlight as he spoke to her softly.

"Won't you be a dear…" he growled, "and fetch me something to eat?"

She looked frightened as she shook her aching head and awaited her punishment. As expected the creature before her became angry at her refusal and placed a paw on her broken ribs, rolling them along the ground as she screamed in agony. After a few minutes, a couple of humans arrived to watch the "filthy strays" duke it out, none of them having the decency to drive the wolf out of capital and help the defenseless cat. The wolf had stopped momentarily to growl a warning at them before resuming play. The cat cried out a bitter confirmation of the task set before her, the wolf allowing her to stand and walk away.


Repede and Yuri walked in silence to the Public Quarter, needing a few gels before they started today's training regimen. The canine barked and dashed off towards a stand where he saw a weak and bloody cat trying to walk around. Yuri had followed after him in anticipation, slightly sickened by the sight of a cat with blood covering her body, leaving large pools of it behind her. He kneeled down to get a better look, shooting a quick glance toward Repede who nodded knowingly.

"The Little Wolves."

"Woof!" Repede barked.

"What? You wanna stop them?" Repede nodded, excited, "B-but how are you going to do that?"

The warrior dog gave Yuri a knowing look, his gaze directed at the man's sword. Following the dogs eyes brought a small smile to Yuri's lips, "Let's go, boy!"

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