Remember that this fiction is a couple of years before the game. So Flynn (who appears this chappie) and others may not be like they are in the game. Also note that I'm not that great at writing battle scenes and Yuri's a bit difficult for me to keep IC. Tell me how I did and enjoy the fic!

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Never before had I really been outside the barrier of Zaphias. It was strange, but despite the fact that monsters were roaming freely, I hadn't been afraid. In fact, as I stared down my master and friend with fangs bared and claws itching for a taste of flesh, I couldn't have been more excited. I was a bit worried about being able to transition from fighting with a knife to fighting with my natural weapons… but I had to learn. After all, my pride was on the line now.

Yuri looked at me with a wide smirk. I guessed he was pretty excited too. He drew his sword and stared me down, aiming the tip at my nose with confidence.

"Ready when you are…" He said, daring me to make the first move, eh? I nodded my head and lowered my body closer to the rough, green grass below me. I felt the wind pick up then quickly die down as the situation became tense.

I roared as I jumped upward and descended upon Yuri with my claws stretched outward. He easily raised his blade to block me, my paws in slight pain from the contact, before he transitioned into what he called a "horizontal slash" and caught my stomach in a blur of steel. I yelped slightly as the blade bit into my soft belly and I was sent reeling on the ground. My paws caught the dirt and I was dragged a couple of yards away from my opponent.

I shook my now somewhat aching body, making a mental note to get back at him for that one, before charging again. This time, I stayed low to the ground. Yuri lowered the blade to block a mid-low strike and that's when I made my move. I faked a bite while using my back paws to push myself off of the ground with lots of force. As this was happening, I snapped at Yuri's sleeve and just managed to get a little piece of fabric, tearing it off. When I finished the move I was behind him and before he had time to react, I was upon him.

A quick leap and I mounted his back tearing lightly into his flesh and making sure the injuries were light. We were low on Apple Gels and I can't imagine my master being too pleased if we had to make another stop and steal run. When I stopped, Yuri had pushed his body off the ground, rubbing his back with a slight wince now and again. I guess I overdid it. His eyes glared at me somewhat angrily before a grin graced his features and he patted my head…

… God did I love it when he patted my head.

Shaking off that thought and regaining my composure quickly I sat down on the ground and sighed, Yuri joining me. The monsters were surprisingly quiet today. The few times Yuri and I had been beyond the barrier before we had gotten attacked left and right. Today though, I could see wild Boars grazing peacefully in the distance without a care in the world. It was almost a breathtaking sight. I had noticed the sun was higher up in the sky than it was when the battle started and heard my master's stomach growl slightly. I looked over to him with a half-smirk that he returned in full.

"Alright, smart ass. Let's get something to eat then."



I felt as though the world would just leave me alone when I ate. Every little problem seemed to disappear when food was poured into that empty bowl, placed before my paws, and devoured quickly. It felt nice though, not having to worry about anything. But as I enjoyed my 'kibble' and Yuri his sandwiches, I heard something. Perking my ears I became aware as I heard footsteps outside the door.

A growl escaped my mouth and Yuri finally acknowledged the sounds. A quick knock; three sharp taps on the wooden barrier between our world and the outside world followed by a voice I wasn't expecting to hear.

"Yuri? Repede? Are you two home?" The voice said.

"Flynn." I nodded as Yuri made to open the door.

Standing just beyond it was a blond male as tall as Yuri with short, messy hair and brilliant sapphire blue eyes. He wore a standard uniform for anyone below officer status; a green and brown tunic with grayish black pants. The young Sergeant looked about as eager to see Yuri as Yuri to him. They wore matching smiles and even I had a grin planted on my features as I looked at my second master with glee. After all, it had been about a month since his last visit.

"So… I heard trouble is beginning to brew down here again. What sort of mischief are you getting into now?" the blond soldier accused.

"Nothing. Repede and I have been trouble-free for about a week now." Yuri sighed and raised his arms in mock defeat, "I can't believe you would accuse me before you even heard my side of the story."

"Somehow I think I've heard that excuse before."

I whined. If someone didn't diffuse this quickly, I may see an all-out brawl within the next few sentences. Both men looked in my direction for a brief second before turning to look at each other once more.

"It's the oppressors of the animal kingdom this time. I swear to you, these are some mean creatures, Flynn. They attack cats, dogs and have been known to harm the humans of the lower and public quarter!"

Flynn breathed a heavy sigh and shook his head. I wondered to myself why Yuri would even waste his breath saying that to the more rational Flynn Scifo (and even today I wonder why he has a second name. I mean, I'm just "Repede"). As I had predicted, Flynn seemed to disregard Yuri's statement, or rather, claim and asked him again, albeit a little more irritated,

"If it's not you, then who is really doing causing havoc in the Public Quarter? I hardly think that a wild pack of mutts would be able to do anything on the scale which the reports state. "

I howled in protest. Walking to Yuri's side and sitting by his leg with a dignified huff. I looked at the dark-haired swordsman with a bright shine to my eyes and nodded.

This time Yuri's expression was the more common, "I told you so" that I would see during these squabbles.

"See?" He pointed towards me, "Repede knows I'm not lying! The Little Wolves are the Senate of the animal world."

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