Soubi! I command you to tell the truth for once! It's an order!" Ritsuka yells.

Ciel approaches the two, his butler following.

"Your servant is so disobedient! Just give him a good slap." He says, holding up a fist. His butler just stands behind him, a grim smile on his face.

"But I can't hurt anybody!" Ritsuka cries, his eyes getting big.

"Just try it, it's fun." Ciel says.

"O-Okay…." Ritsuka says, and turns to face Soubi.

"Soubi!" Ritsuka yells. "Where is Seimei?"

"He is dead," Soubi says.

"I just saw him two weeks ago at the Seven Moons Academy!" Ritsuka yells.


"Soubi, what is the Seven Moons Academy for?" Ritsuka continues.

"I cannot say." Slap.

"I cannot say, because I don't think you can handle it." Slap.

"Oh, and I do not want your ears." Slap.

"I'm not sexually attracted to you in any way." Slap.

"I think women are sexy." Slap.

"Okay, now's he's lying on purpose!" Ritsuka says, turning to Ciel.

"Hmm….He seems to be enjoying it," Sebastian says.

"Well, this is hopeless," Ciel sighs, "Sebastian, I want ice cream now."

"Yes, My Lord," His butler answers, scooping Ciel up and leaping into the distance.

Later, Ciel and Sebastian enter an ice cream store, and see Ritsuka and Soubi eating ice cream at a table. Ritsuka's mom is at a booth in the background, looking crazed and mumbling something about Ritsuka, and the Undertaker is at another booth, eating bone-shaped biscuits.

"How did you get here before us??" Ciel demands.

"Soubi knows teleportation." Ritsuka explains.

"It's how I manage to appear effortlessly on Ritsuka's second-story balcony every night." Soubi adds.

"Whatever." Ciel says, and he and his butler sis down at the table with Ritsuka and Soubi.