"FOP: The Pokemon Card Adventures"

Episode 2

The mysterious person turned out to be Timmy's crush, Trixie Tang.

"Trixie! What a surprise! I could've guessed you'd like the Pokemon Trading Card Game, being a tomboy and all..."
Timmy said.

"Well, my friends and I bought every booster box just for the rare cards, but I thought that it would be nice to give some to you. So, can I come in?" Trixie asked.

"Really? Of course!" Timmy said.

As soon as Timmy and Trixie came in, they sat down and opened their boxes, then went to open their first packs.

"Hey Trixie? What's up with this card? It's mostly artwork!" Timmy asked.

"Let me see." Trixie said. Timmy showed her the card: Lugia LEGEND (HGSS 113).

"Oh! That's a component of the ultra-rare Lugia LEGEND card!" Trixie said.

"Wow!" Timmy exclaimed.

As the two finished opening their packs, the two had gotten some very rare cards: Timmy recieved Lugia LEGEND (HGSS 114), a Prime Ampharos, a Prime Feraligatr, and a Arcanine. Trixie got both halves of Ho-Oh LEGEND, a Prime Meganium, and a Prime Typhlosion.

"Wow, we got some very rare cards!" Timmy said.

"Yeah, and I've been thinking: Do wanna have a friendly duel?" Trixie asked.

-Tsuduku: To Be Continued-