"Fairly Oddparents: The Pokemon Card Adventures"

Episode 34

Timmy and his friends are now outside the Water Club in Brightburg.

"Well, this is it; our last medal. What happens next?" Poof asked.

"We face the four Grand Masters." Timmy said.

"Who are they?" Poof asked.

"The four Grand Masters are the four best Pokemon Card duelists in the world. Each of theirs decks are legendary! They are: Courtney, the Metal Queen; Steve, the Water Kid; Jack, the Dimension Lord; and Rod, the Master of Creation." Kellen said.

"Okay, I'm going in." Trixie said.

"Wait Trixie! Take this Magnezone deck." Kellen said.

"Thank you." Trixie said before he went in.

Trixie Tang walked to the pool where a man was standing next a girl in beach chair.

"Excuse me, but I would like to duel the club Master." Trixie said.

"Sorry, but Amy is relaxing." the man said.

"Joshua, wait. This is Trixie Tang!" Amy said. "I'm Amy and I accept your challenge."

-Trixie: Electromagnetism vs. Amy: Rain Dancer-

"This duel will be for six prizes, and is over when one duelist takes them all! Also, the duel is over when one duelist runs out of cards in their deck or has no more Pokemon on their bench. Since Amy won the toss, she'll go first." Joshua said.

"LET'S DUEL!" both of them said.

"Go Squirtle!" Amy said.

"Squirtle!" the blue turtle said.

"I play a Goldeen to my bench, and end my turn." Amy said.

"I attach a Lightning Energy to my Electrike and attack Squirtle with Zap Kick!" Trixie said.

(Zap Kick does 20 damage due to weakness.)

"I attach a Water Energy to Squirtle and attack Electrike with Skull Bash!" Amy said.

(Skull Bash does 10 damage.)

"I attach a second Lightning Energy to Electrike, so it can use Thunder Jolt!" Trixie said.

(Thunder Jolt does 40 damage due to weakness; Electrike does 10 damage to itself. Squirtle is Knocked Out!)

"Go Goldeen!" Amy said.

"Goldeen!" the horned goldfish said.

"Fury Attack!" Amy said.

(Fury Attack does 10 damage.)

"I attach a PlusPower to Electrike to power up it's Thunder Jolt!" Trixie said.

(Thunder Jolt does 50 damage due to weakness. Goldeen is Knocked Out!)

"Go Goldeen!" Amy said.

"I evolve my Electrike into Manectric!" Trixie said. "Next I attach a Metal Energy so it can use Swift!" Trixie said.

(Swift does 50 damage. Goldeen is Knocked Out!)

"Go Horsea!" Amy said.

"Horsea!" the seahorse said.

"Swift again, Manectric!" Trixie said.

(Horsea is Knocked Out!)

"Go Horsea!" Amy said.

"Finish it with Swift!" Trixie said.

(Horsea is Knocked Out!)

"This duel is over! The winner is Trixie Tang!" Joshua said.

"Alright! We won!" Timmy said.

"Trixie here's your proof of victory: The Water Medal!" Amy said.

"Thanks!" Trixie said.

"I noticed this is your eighth medal. I'll tell you where the Pokemon Dome is. It's located in Downtown Los Angeles." Joshua said.

"Alright! See you!" Timmy said.

"Good luck beating the Grand Masters!" Amy said.

"We will!" Poof said.

Now that "The Pokemon Bunch" have all eight medals, they are finally ready to face the Grand Masters. Can they beat them? Keep reading "The Pokemon Card Adventures!"

-Tsuzuku: To Be Continued-

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