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Daniel Jackson yawned as his sleepy gaze focused on Jack's hallway clock. It was well beyond midnight; Valentine's Day.

He hated it. There was nothing special and nice about the whole Valentine thing. It was commercialized to death. He hated the cheery and colorful window displays, the happy couples smooching, trying to see how long they can last without air. Oh, and he hated all the in-your-face pink.

Sauntering towards the guest bedroom, he suppressed yet another yawn and rolled his eyes. Valentine's Day wasn't fun! It used to be an ancient old tradition where couples would meet each other around a forest campfire and would swap their partners - multiple partners that is.

Of course, Jack knew about his hate-relationship with said Holiday and had been so nice to invite him over for some beer until Jack himself went to bed early, leaving him behind to finish watching "Science and Pyramids".

Now, he found himself looking at Jack's bedroom door, wondering why the man had had a sudden urge to crash upstairs.

Until he heard a muffled giggle - a woman's giggle, no less, and as his heartbeat started to race, he tip-toed to the bathroom door, just in time to hear Jack's amused voice.

"Remote lasers powered by magnets."

Another whispering voice followed. He felt bad eavesdropping, but he just had to know.


"Remote lasers."

"Yeah, what about them?"

The whispering continued, though Jack's volume went up a notch.

"The answer to your question."

"What question? I haven't even said anything."


A few silent seconds later, Jack's voice filled the room again.

"I'm right, aren't I?"

"Jack, did you bump your head and forget to tell me?"

Daniel clasped his hand over his mouth, recognizing the voice. That was Sam! Oh, uh, he really should be leaving now. It was none of his business.

But you know, curiosity killed the cat. And in Daniel's case that wasn't only a metaphor.

"Sam, just humor me."

"Yes, you are right. Happy now?"

"You're just sayin' that."

Sam's sigh echoed off the walls. "What's really going on?"

"You asked Daniel that question, but not me."

"Oh, I get it. You're feeling left out."

"What am I? Ten?"

"Jack, you of all people know that I know that you are not that dense. You're brilliant; you don't have to prove yourself to me. I will always know who you really are." Daniel smiled at the obvious endearment.

"Wait for it-"

"For what?"

"Ah, my brain melted."

"So, you did bump your head. Who lost?"

"Why'd ya think I'd lose?"

A giggle.


"The door won."

Another giggle. Daniel's smile almost split his face in two - come to think of if, he never really heard Sam giggle out in the open. Laughing, yes. But that obviously flirtatious giggle? Nope.

"All right, you win this one. So, fearless leader, could you pass me the soap?"

Daniel heard water splash onto the floor.

"Why, my dear Samantha?"

The way he said it, gave Daniel goose bumps, her name rolled off his tongue like velvet on satin ending in a sea of silk.

That giggle again. "Maybe if you're lucky, I'll rub it all over you - especially-"

A deep moan and more water splashed onto the ground.

"-and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you do me."

Daniel's open mouth almost hit the floor as he stepped back and tip-toed into his bedroom.

So much for that "secret-we're-taking-it-slow-relationship". But Daniel was happy, more than happy, and maybe Valentine's Day wasn't all that bad. He crawled into bed and fell asleep with a smile on his face as the bathroom filled with naughty moans and laughter.

The End.