I own no one and nothing! NO powers are in this EXCEPT remy's eyes and John's obsession.


Remy sat back in his class and ran a hand through his hair. He SWORE that private school was the worst thing in the world. "Mr. Lebeau? Mr. Lebeau!"

He opened his eyes to see everyone looking at him while the teacher was tapping her foot impatiently. "Oui, Madmosielle Darkholme?"

"If you would be so kind as to answer the question."

Remy looked at the board and raised an eyebrow. "Quoi was de question?"

"Mr. Lebeau, you need to-"

"Ms. Darkholme, you have a call." said the intercom.

"Thank you." Ms. Darkholme said as she picked up the phone by her desk. "Hello? You don't...Irene...where is she? I'll be there right away."

Ms. darkholme hung up the phone and turned towards the class. "Madmosielle Darkholme?"

"I must go now. All of you can...read chapter five until someone comes and takes my place." she said as she left the room.


Raven Darkholme ran to the hospital's receptionist and said, "My daughter's here. Where is she?"

"What's her name, Miss?"

"Ms. Her name is Rogue Darkholme."

The nurse looked on the computer for a few minutes before finally finding her name. "Ah, yes. She's the one who got caught in the fire."

"YES! Now which room is she in?"


Raven ran down the halls and took the stairs to room #54. She walked inside and saw Rogue hooked to machines and more to help her. "Rogue?"

Rogue's eyes fluttered open and she smiled at Raven. "Hey, momma."

"My God, Rogue."

"IT's fahne. No one got hurt bah mah powers."

"No, but you're burned everywhere."

"They're onleh secondary burns."

"ROGUE! That's it. Your='re coming to school with me tomorrow. Some of the kids could use your help anyway."


"You'll come with me tomorrow."

"...Fahne." Rogue said as she fell into a deep sleep.

Tomorrow afternoon-

Remy strutted into the room with his arm around Jean grey. "So what are y' doin' tonight, Jeanie?"

"Nothing really. Why?"

"Would y' like t' do somethin'?" he asked as he took his seat behind her.

"Sure. Here's my number." Jean said as she handed him her number in red and others started taking their seats.

Just then Ms. Darkholme came in with a beautiful girl following her. She was on crutches and had several burns, but she was still beautiful. "Okay, students. Open your grammar books to page 250."

"Um, like, who's she?" asked Kitty Pryde as she gestured to the girl on crutches.

"This is my daughter. She will be with use for a few days because she just escaped a terrible accident."

"She burned. Why?" Remy asked.

"Ah was caught in a fahre, nimrod."

"Yes. My daughter was lucky to escape with secondary burns and a broken leg."

"What's your name, shiela?" asked John as he flipped his lighter.

"Rogue Darkholme."