Okay, everyone. Guess what...THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER TO BURNS AND PRIVATE SCHOOL! Then I start on the sequal. But enough of that.

The last chapter was a week before graduation. But today IS graduation. Have fun!


Rogue stood beside Kitty and Wanda as they waited for their graduation outfits. "Where are you, like, going to college, Wands?" Kitty asked as they stepped forward.

"I'm going to the Magnus College in Philidelphia. Some guy named Eric Lencherr offered the scholarship to my mom, so she lept for it. You guys?" Wanda asked while turning to them.

"Logan got me set up fer a college called Xavieh's School fer the Gifted Youngstehs. Ah asked 'bout Kit and he got her in ta." Rogue said as Kitty nodded.

"What about the boys? I know John's going with me, bout Piotr and Remy?"

"Piotr's going to an art college not far from our's. I'll, like, be able to see him whenever. Kurt, Scott, Jean, and the other's are going to Xavier's." Kitty said with a large smile.

Rogue looked to the ground. "Rems hasn' told me where he plans on goin'. Ah'm not e'en sure if he's goin' t' college."

"I'm sure he'll tell you once he finds one you'll, like, want him to go to." Kitty said as they were handed their outfits.


Remy walked into the gym with John and Piotr. "Can you believe that tomorrow is graduation, mate?"

"No, comrad. Soon we start college and then...we're on our own. What colleges are you two going to?" Piotr asked as he began lifting weights.

John smiled as he started the treadmill. "Wands and I are going to a college in Philidelphia. How about you, mate?" John asked while turning to Remy as he started on the punching bag.

"Don' know. Rogue told moi she goin' wit' de Kit, mais...Remy don' know where 'e goin'."

"Didn't you get offered scholarships, comrad?"

"Deux. Une in New Orleans and anot'er t' Magnus."

"Mate, if ya join me and Wands then ya can still visit Rogue."

"Dat's jus' it, homme. Remy don' want t' jus' visit 'is chere."

"Comrad?" Piotr asked as he put the weights down and turned to him.

"Remy amour 'er..."

"Come on, mate. We know there's more." John said while almost jumping out of his seat.

"John!" Piotr said sternly.

"Hommes...I'm IN amour wit' 'er. I wanna marry 'er."

John fainted while Piotr stared with wide eyes.


-The Next Day-

Rogue dressed in a green dress shirt and black pants before slipping on her robe and boots. Wanda and Kitty wore the same robe except Wanda wore a red corset and black shredded jeans under it while Kitty wore a pink tank-top and jeans. "Readeh for graduation?" Rogue asked as she pulled her hair into a bun and Kitty pulled her own into the usual ponytail.

"Do we even have a choice?" Wanda asked with a smirk as they walked down the school hall and into the boys.

"Hey, Piotr!" Kitty squealed out as Piotr lifted her up and into a hug.

Wanda and John met in a feverish kiss (Interesting relationship. One day she's tryin' to kill him and the next she's kissin' him to death) while Rogue leaned against a wall with Remy by her side. "Can ya believe it, cajun? We're gettin' out o' this Hell hole."

Remy chuckled before saying, "Non. Don' t'ink Remy can. Mais 'e gonna miss y'."

Rogue turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "Ya found a college ya gonna go ta?" she asked in surprise as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Now why is dat so surprisin'?" he asked as he began to nuzzle her neck.

Rogue pulled away and said, "'Cause ah was 'fraid ya weren' e'en plannin' on tellin' me."

He smirked and kissed her just as one of the teachers came down the hall. "Enough. Get to your places. We're starting in a few minutes."

Rogue pouted before pulling away and smiling. "Lateh, cajun."

She lead Wanda and Kitty down the hall and to their places. "I can't believe it, mate! We're going to be graduating!" John said while tackling Remy to the ground.

"Get off, homme." Remy said while shoving the pyromaniac off. "Now let's get in our places."


Logan and his friend, Orroro, sat in the stands waiting for Rogue to get her diploma. "When is Charles gonna get here, Ro? Stripes is soon gonna be up there."

"He'll be here. I even got Hank to take the jet so that they could get here faster. Now hush. John is going on stage."

The Principle got out a diploma and said, "I would like to congradulate John Allerdyce for graduating the New Orleans Private School."

John pumped a fist as he stood and grabbed the diploma. He then turned to the crowd and shouted, "YEAH! I'm a New Orleans graduate!"

The Principle rolled his eyes before saying, "And now you may exit, Mr. Allerdyce."

John did a little happy dance before leaving the stage and returning to his seat. "That firebug's gonna get himself in a heap of trouble for that." Logan acknowledged.

"It's his graduation, Logan. Let him enjoy himself." Orroro said with a smile.

Logan just grunted in response as more kids passed. After anoter half hour Rogue was three away from getting her diploma. He fervently looked around for Xavier and saw him and Hank walk in just in time. "There they are." Orroro pointed out, "See? No reason to get worried."

Logan slightly glared at her just as Hank sat down and wheeled Xavier beside them. "Which one is she, Logan?" Hank asked with a smirk.

"She's the one with the white stripe in her hair." Logan pointed out to the men.

"Impressive, Logan. Are you sure she wants to come to my college?" Xavier said while doing a quicky reading of Rogue's mind.

"She's a mutant, Charles. As long as she can control her mutation and get an education, she's fine." Orroro said just as the Principle said, "Now for an honor roll student that I'm pleased to congradulate. Miss Rogue Darkholme, it has been a pleasure seeing you graduate the New Orleans Private School."

He handed her her diploma as everyone clapped and she sat down. Kitty got her diploma for being an "A" honor roll student, student body president, and student councilor member while Piotr graduated as an "A" and "B" honor roll student with achievements in gym, art, and language. Wanda...she got "B" honor roll and an award in physics and social studies. Remy? He...well...he was good in french.


Rogue and her friends stood in the girl's dressing room while hurrying to get out of the robes. Jean and Scott were holding a graduation party and then the next day she was leaving for New York with them, Kit, Piotr, Kurt, and the others while John and Wanda went to Philidelphia. She still didn't know where Remy was going...or even if he was. "You, like, okay, Rogue?" Kitty asked as Rogue changed into an off-shoulder green top, black jeans, and boots.

"Ah jus' can' believe we're leavin' t'morrow." she said with a sigh as Wanda chaged into a red tank top, black shredded jeans, and combat boots.

"Good riddence." Wanda muttered.

"Oh, like, come on, Wands. You're not going to miss, like, one thing about this place?" Kitty asked as she put on a 'Hello Kitty' t-shirt.

"Nope. Not a thing. Now let's get to the party." Wanda said before grabbing both of their hands and dragging them outside to the waiting boys and their motorcycles.

"Bonjour, cherie." Remy said while his eyes ran over her body.

"Hey, swamp rat. Now, before ya start droolin', let's go ta the parteh." Rogue said before hopping on behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"As y' wish." he said before heading to Jean's house.

"Come on, zypo. Time to hit the road." Wanda said while joining him on his bike.

"See ya there, mate!" John called over to Piotr as they took off.

"Come on, Kitty. Time for the party." Piotr said before driving after them.

At the party Remy danced with Rogue while Jean and Scott hosted, Piotr and Kitty talked on the balcony, and Wanda and John made out in another bedroom. As Remy pulled Rogue closer, she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Remy can' believe y' leavin' t'omorrow." he whispered in her ear.

"Then come with me, Rem. Ya neveh told me what college ya plan on goin' ta. Come with me ta Xavier's."

"'M desole, chere, mais...can' afford it."

Rogue raised an eyebrow before pulling away from him. "Ya lahin', Lebeau." she said before leaving the dance floor with Remy hot on her tail.

"Non, chere. It...it's complicated."

Rogue turned to him heatedly and almost slapped him. "Complicated? Was it complicated when ya came ta New Orleans when ah was in a coma? Was it complicated when ya read mah journal? Oh, don' look surprahsed. Ah ain' stupid, cajun. Ah know ya snuck through mah stuff. Oh...and was it complicated when YA RAUINED MAH FRIENDSHIP WITH LANCE! Sure, swamp rat. Ya whole lahfe be complicated." she growled/shouted at him as she turned away.

Remy came up behind her and wrapped his arms around his waist. "Chere...Remy jus' don' know where 'e wanna go. It not 'bout money or merde like dat. Remy jus' wanna make de right choice."

Rogue glared at the floor before turning to him. "And what choice is that, Remy? The choice 'tween me and a good college? Maybe ah should help ya on that choice. Ah'm outta here." she said before turning to leave.

"Non, chere!" Remy said while grabbing her elbow. "Dat not de choice. Sil vous plait don' leave. It's jus'..."

"What, cajun? What can ya not tell me that seems so important?" she asked as she crossed her arms.

Remy took a shaky breath and knelt down on one knee as he reached for a small box in his trench coat. Rogue's arms fell to her sides as her mouth slightly fell open. He opened the box to reveal a silver band with an emerald heart and smaller ruby heart beside it. Holding the ring out to her, he said, "Ch-Rogue...I've been in amour wit' y' fer quite some time. I want to make it last longer. Sil vous plait...honor moi by becomin' mon wife..."

His eyes were pleading with her, but she didn't meet them. Instead, her shaking hands reached towards the box. When it was in her grasp she took it from him and said..."Ah'm sorreh, Remy. Ah'm not ready."

She closed the box and ran from the heartbroken cajun. She ran downstairs and onto the streets before running back to her apartment and slamming the door behind her. Rogue fell onto the couch in strong sobs as she began to cry herself to sleep. Packing could wait until the morning.


Rogue stood at the train with her friends and a duffel bag on her shoulder with a suitcase by her side. Her eyes were still puffy from crying last night and Kitty, Wanda, and Jean had come over to see what was wrong. She had quickly explained and they had helped her pack while trying to comfort her. As they stood at the airport, Rogue looked around. She was hoping Remy would come. MAybe not to say goodbye to her, but atleast to say goodbye to the others.

Taking a deep breath, Wanda turned to her and gave her a tight hug. "You better email me, skunk." she said teasingly.

Rogue smirked and lightly punched her arm. "Ya betteh get goin'. Y'all's plain is gonna leave soon." she said just before John tackled her to the ground in a hug.

"I-I'm going to-to miss you, shiela!" he cried while burrying his head in her shoulder.

"Wands! Get 'im off." Rogue said through gasping breathes as Wanda and Piotr pried him off of her.

"Sorry. Lost...lost my cool there, shiela."

"Homme, y' can' loose somet'in' y' neveh had." came an all too familiar voice.

Rogue turned to see Remy behind her. He took one look at her before looking back at the others. "Remy-" she started but was cut off by John hugging both of them in a bear hug.

Wanda chuckled amusedly before prying him away from the others and letting Remy give her a quick hug. "We got to go. Hope you'll keep in touch, bayou boy." she said while slinging her back over her shoulder and giving Rogue another hug. "See you soon, skunk." she whispered in her ear.

They then said goobye to the others and left for their plane. "Like, guess this means our's is leaving in ten, Remy. Stay out of, like, too much trouble." Kitty said while giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Remy smirked before saying, "Y' know moi, petite. Not'in', mais trouble."

Piotr then walked up to him and gave him a strong hug. "I will miss you, comrad. You contact, yeah?" he asked before putting him down.

"O' course mon ami." Remy said with a laugh.

Then Jean, Scott, Kurt, and anyone else I missed, gave him a hug and their goodbyes. "We only have a few, Rogue. We're going to drop off our stuff and let you say your goodbyes." Jean said with a small smile.

"But hurry, ja? You don't want to miss the flight." Kurt said teasingly before they left the southerners alone.

Rogue turned to Remy and was about to say something when he intervened. "Guess dis is au revior, Rogue."

"Don' call me that, cajun. Ah'm sorreh if ah hurt ya-"

"If? Dat's not an 'if', Rogue." Remy said with a small glare.

"Fahne. Ah'm sorreh ah hurt ya! Ah...ah jus' don' know if ah can deal wit' bein' a wahfe. It's not that YOU're the one that asked. Ah would marreh y' in a heartbeat-"

"Don' lie, chere. It not gonna get y' anywhere. Au revior." he said before turning to leave.

"Remy Lebeau, ah'm trahin' ta talk ta ya! Will ya give me a chance?" she asked as she ran in front of him.

"Non. Haven' y' hurt moi jus' by sayin' 'non'? Que more do y' need?" he asked before shoving past her and out of the building.

Rogue's eyes filled with tears before she looked to the ground. "Ya, Lebeau. Ah need ya."

She then grabbed her luggage and dropped it off before boarding the plane. Rogue caught sight of his motorcycle leaving and held back the fresh tears by turning away. College would be a new chance for her. A fresh sheet. The time to forget Remy Lebeau.


I would like to know who didn't see that coming. I mean come on! It's called BURNS and Private School. There was more school than burns so I had to add one last one to keep y'all on y'all's toes. Anyway. Hoped y'all like it. Soon I'll be starting on "Yes" and College. The sequal to burns and Private School.