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It was almost like watching a car wreck.

Slow Motion

He should have seen it coming. He knew that this day would come, but he didn't think it would be like this. It was inevitable that it had to end sometime, but not like this and not right now. It had started with him shooting a man in a morgue and he foolishly thought that the day couldn't get any worse, but he was wrong. The day had gone from bad to worse in a heartbeat. It had taken Paula's death to give him the strength that he needed to tell Jeanne that he loved her. He had fallen in love with her the day that he had not quite accidentally bumped into her. She was beautiful, funny and smart. He knew that he shouldn't love her because she was the mark. The one that he needed to get close to, to get to her father, but he did.

He stopped in front of the limo that stopped in front of them and wondered what Jeanne's surprise was. When the door opened and Rene appeared. He was very surprised, but quickly masked it. He didn't want Rene to know who he was, or tip him off that he was a federal agent, but little did he know that Rene already knew this.

When Rene leaned into his space he told him that he knew who he was and who he worked for and told him to get into the car with him and his daughter. He wondered if he would tell Jeanne who he really was. He had already dialed Jenny's extension before he hand handed them his cell phone.

He felt the blast as it happened and for a minute wondered what had happened. He looked back as soon as he knew that Jeanne and her father were okay. The limo stopped at a park that was nearby. Her father quickly got out and started dialing a number and he wondered if he was calling the police, or maybe Trent. He took a distraught Jeanne and led her to the park bench where he told her that he who he really was that his name was Anthony DiNozzo and he worked for NCIS. He told her that he was there because of her father. After that they got back into the limo and Rene took him back to the NCIS headquarters. He had wanted to say something to Jeanne, but didn't know what and when he did try she told him she didn't want to hear it.

He quickly gets out and walks towards the entrance of the NCIS headquarters. Making his way to the elevators and push the button that would call the call to the first floor. When the doors opened he stepped inside and pressed the button for the bullpen. He flipped the switch to stop the elevator and shut his eyes trying to keep together his emotions before he had to face his boss and co-workers. When he knew he was ready he flipped the switch that would let him continue to the bullpen. He hadn't expected that Trent was there, but he guessed he should have since Kort was working undercover with Benoit.

When he was called to Jenny's office he was kind of surprised that Gibbs had followed him, but was kind of glad that he was. He had told Jenny what had happened, but had refused to tell her what was said between Jeanne and him. He could see the smile that Gibbs had tried to hide.

The End