Title: Freedom Burgers
Series: Hetalia
Character/Pairing: America/England
Rating: PG-13
Author's note: springkink kink meme: Axis Powers Hetalia, America/England, eating food off your partner's body. Crack, utter crack.


England was stripped down, right on America's patriotic flag bedspread. He was blushing like crazy, and America considered this a major victory.

America smirked. "This is a good look on you."

"Idiot..." England said. He broke off with a moan as America licked the hollow of his neck. He kissed England, surprised how into it his fellow country was. For all that gentlemanly ways or stuff, he was completely unraveling in bed.

And then America moved away. Instead of a condom, he pulled out a hamburger and took a bite out of it.

"WHAT THE HELL? You're eating even at this time?! Unbelievable...even for a jerk like you!"

"I'm hungry," America protested. "I'm lightheaded! If I don't eat now, I'll collapse with all this energy I'm using!"

"You moron–!" England got up to pick up his clothes. He was red with a mix of fury, embarrassment and arousal.

"Fine, fine. I'll share. You're so cranky when you're hungry."

He broke off a piece and fed it to England. With his mouth full, England couldn't protest. He pushed England back down to the bed, and laid another hamburger on his chest. He considered hamburger his own country's greatest achievement even if they were technically German in origin. Screw Germany! (But not in that way. Ew.) They were now property of the US of A. He'd called them flagburgers or something. Or even better Freedom Burgers! That'd teach stupid Germany to travel in time and steal his ideas!

And England too seemed to enjoy the flagburgers. He moaned as England licked ketchup and mustard off of him. America swirled ketchup all over England, like he was painting him and lapped up the grease and sauce and saltsweet taste of England.

Except when climax came, he cried out Hamburger! instead of England. America was in the doghouse for weeks for that one. (And incidentally, England almost waged war on Germany. Though America couldn't figure out why he'd do a dumb thing like that...)