Title: The Bass Family Picture Show

Author: Shelby

Summary: One-Shots of hidden moments Breakfast at the Basses did not reveal, to hold readers over for the hopefully short-termed hiatus. Chuck and Blair in married life with Charlie and Max, maybe even little Ephram as well.

A/N: Okay so I got news back from the computer people and my files can be saved! For now though here are some of the hidden moments for Breakfast at the Basses I promised. The timeline will be all jumbled up since they are all one-shots. Tell me if you would like more.


"As I was saying gentlemen, Bass Industries has seen a recent decline in..." Chuck tried to regain authority in the board members meeting. However his voice trailed off when someone tapped his leg. He frowned and then looked down, when they pulled at the material of his pants.

"Daddy," Charlie whispered. Her brown curls framed her face as she stared up at him with large, doe brown eyes. He slowly glanced back at the board members who now all chuckled.

"One moment gentlemen," he nodded. They all started to quietly talk amongst themselves. He then bent down and placed his hands on her small hips.

"Charlie, what are you doing in here? You're supposed to be taking a nap in daddy's office, remember? Tell me the boys didn't run off too."

She shook her small head immediately.

"No daddy, they're still asleep, but I... Well I'm not tired," she whined. Her full lips formed a small pout.

It melted his heart. Despite the fact she had interrupted a very important meeting, there was no way he'd ever hold her responsible. All the board members knew that too and would never breathe a word of her being the cause it was paused. Mr. Bass's daughter did no wrong in his eyes and everyone knew that or wised up to it quickly.

"I'm sorry Charlie, but your mother said that you needed a nap. Why don't you just lie down on your sleeping bag and watch a movie?" he inquired. She huffed and he got his answer.

"Princess, you know if I could I would play with you, but this meeting is very important."

"I don't need you to play with me," she interrupted. Her small hands fisted the lapels of his jacket and she stomped her small foot.

"I just don't want to be in your office without you. Daddy, can't I stay here and be a part of your meeting too?"

Chuck smirked and shook his head.

"You would get bored..."

"No, I wouldn't. And I could help, daddy," Charlie proclaimed.

"I watch mommy sort papers all the time and I'm a very good listener. I could remember everything, or write it down for you. That way later you could have some notes on it like we take in school." Her small mouth moved fast and her words almost came out jumbled. She had started to get anxious.

"You'd have to be very quiet," he explained.

His daughter responded by pretending to zip up her lips. He chuckled and then stood back up.

"Well, if it's alright with you gentlemen, we shall continue now. Our newest board member has arrived, a little late, but it is her first day." He smiled at Charlie who now climbed into the empty seat next to his head one at the end of the table. She had to sit on her knees since she was so small. However, she put on a big smile and held her hands onto the table. All the older men looked to her and she waved at them.

"Hello," Charlie greeted. Her eyes then widened and she put her hand to her lips.

"Oops! I'm not supposed to talk. Sorry, Daddy... I mean um... Mr. Bass." She turned to her father and whispered.

Chuck winked at her.

"It's still daddy Charlotte," he assured her. He then looked back up to the men and motioned towards her.

"This is Charlotte everyone." All the men chuckled. Most of them had seen her before. She was always with one of her parents at events, even when she wasn't supposed to be there. She had made them all Christmas cards, but not knowing their names addressed them as Daddy's helpers.

Chuck then noticed everyone still stared at his daughter. Slowly, he looked down to see she had her hand raised.


"Actually I prefer Charlie," she clarified and looked at all of them.

"Just like her father," Mr. Farrar smiled. Chuck and Charlie both looked to him. He then chuckled.

"So which Bass will be leading us through the meeting?"

"Him," Charlie answered and pointed towards her father. Chuck turned to look at her and she clamped a hand over her mouth.

"I did it again..."

"It's okay," Chuck patted her head and then moved in front of the chart again. He started to explain things and Charlie started to doodle on the blank paper in front of her. After a while she had started to hum, not realizing it. It wasn't until all men looked at her, her father included, she did.

"Sorry," she giggled. Chuck nodded and then looked for the paper he needed.

"That's alright. Have any of you gentlemen seen the paper with all the expected percentages on it?" he looked around the room. Charlie flipped over her paper and then covered it quickly. Only she had done that louder than planned.

"Is that it?" he raised his eyebrows in question.

"Daddy, I'm sorry I didn't mean to... I... I only colored on the back. See," she started to panic and held it up for him.

Chuck picked her up and took the paper.

"No, don't make me leave. I'm sorry. Everybody, I didn't mean to!" She looked to all the men.

"I'm not making you leave. Sweetheart, calm down. No one is mad at you," Chuck promised and kissed her cheek. Charlie then buried her head in his chest out of embarrassment. He explained the chart, but found himself distracted by the picture on the back. Finally he finished, but continued to stare at it.

"We're finished here, gentlemen you may go," Chuck nodded.

"Is it supposed to be over? Or did I mess it up?" Charlie whispered. She had finally pulled herself away from his chest a bit.

"Don't worry Charlie. You didn't mess anything up," an elder board member smiled at her. She turned to look at him and her expression softened.

"See," Chuck smirked.

"Now what is this picture of?" he held it out for her to see. Only instead it caught the eye of all the business men as well. None of them who usually scampered from the room moved. Charlie pointed towards the table so Chuck took her to it. She then was set on top and held it up for everyone to see.

"This is a picture of all of us," his daughter explained. All the men leaned forward and squinted to see. She took a deep breath and then continued.

"…except, we are having our meeting in Hawaii. Seen this is me and daddy next to the sandcastle and this is all of you with your umbrellas for the sun. Only instead of charts we are listening to our dolphin friends who can tell the future. So they are telling us to do business with the mermaids back here in the ocean." Charlie was very serious throughout the whole thing.

"Here, everybody let's pass it around," she instructed. When she handed it to the first man he chuckled, but looked it over.

"I think we should let your daughter take over the company, Charles. Meetings in Hawaii don't sound too bad," Mr. Farrar chuckled when the picture was passed to him. Charlie looked to her father for a response.

"Trying to steal my business from me?" he teased and picked her up again. Charlie giggled and shook her head.

"Oh no, daddy! I wouldn't do that! It was just make-believe!"

A man handed her back the picture and then they all started to shuffle out. Chuck sat down on the table and allowed her to stand in his lap. He of course held her up, the last thing he wanted was her falling backwards.

"Well alright, but how about you come to work with daddy so one day you can have Bass Industries," he suggested.

"Like a Christmas gift?" Charlie frowned in confusion.

"No, not quite," he chuckled, "It's more like something that is your right to have because you're my daughter. Of course you'll have to share it with Max, but we can just let him think he's in charge. We know who will run things."

She laughed and slapped his chest playfully.

"But..." her brow furrowed, "What is rights?"

"Rights are what you are entitled to," he responded.

"What does that mean?"

"Well it means... You see..."

"Daddy I'm never going to understand this," Charlie pouted.

Chuck thought it over and then smiled.

"Yes, you will. This all means that you get Bass Industries because you're Charlie Bass," he pointed gently to her.

"Okay! Can I say that for other things too?" She beamed.

"Anything you want," he agreed.

"Now..." Chuck knew Blair would be here soon. And as adorable as this conversation had been they needed to get going. Plus, they would have to explain why Charlie had not taken her nap.

"What are we going to tell mommy when she asks why you did not have to take your nap?"

"Because I'm Charlie Bass," Charlie smirked.

"Oh no." Chuck's eyes widened as he realized what he had just done. Blair was not going to be happy about this...


A/N: I thought this was a cute little snippet to hold you guys over. A look into the past and such, well what did you think?