Bella's POV

"NO ALICE! I DON'T WANT TO GO SHOPPING!" I screamed at Alice as we walked to her car.

"You need new clothes! The last time I got you clothes was last week, and you need more! So just get in the car and be quiet, okay!"

I sighed as I got in the car. As we got to the mall I could smell more vampires, so I stood on guard.

As we walked in Alice asked me to get her a frappé. (In this story they eat food and sleep) As I walked over to Starbucks I saw a huge group of girls. I heard them think "god he is so cute I wonder if he will ask me out" and "I wonder if I fake a faint he'll catch me"

God I hate people like that. Well, at least I know he has gold eyes. (she saw it in their mind) So to be nice, I walked over, got the drink, and went over to the mysterious man. I came up, gave him a hug and said "Come on baby, you've got to come and hold my bags." I half scolded. I gabbed his hand and walked away into some random store. "Ha! I bet those crappy girls just got a big surprise" I thought to myself. I turned around to look at this man that I just saved from a long time in hell.

Edward's POV

I could smell a vampire that just walked in, but I couldn't see any. All I could see were human girls. They surrounded me while I went to get my drink.

Where was Jasper when I needed him? Oh, in some store shopping for a new tux and messing with some humans feelings! Then I heard the thoughts. "god, he is so cute, I wonder if he will ask me out" and "I wonder if I fake a faint he'll catch me." God I hate people like that! Well, at least I know she has gold eyes.

She went to get her drink and then came over to me. If I could blush, I would have.

God she was beautiful. She was perfect in every way. She then said "Come on baby, you've got to come and hold my bags"

Wait, what? 'baby hold my bags' was she just scolding me?

She grabbed my hand and walked into some random store. She turned around and stared. I could not stop looking into her eyes…..until I heard them!

Alice's POV

As I dragged Bella into the mall I smelled vampires, but I knew they had gold eyes from my visions.

I asked Bella to get me a frappé and then went into Fredrick and Nelson's. I walked in and saw the cutest pink dress ever! So I went to try it on! I came out to look at myself in a full mirror when I heard the most wonderful Texas accent in the world.

"Well darlin' you do look pretty fine in that dress."

If I could blush I would have. I turned around to see him.