Title: Shared Stories
Series: Hetalia
Character/Pairing: Greece/Japan
Rating: I'd say it'd verge on G if you don't realize what Greece is talking about.
Author's note: springkink kink meme: Axis Powers Hetalia, Greece/Japan, Japan finding Greece's Christmas toga rather...interesting.

Everything Greece is mentioning has a homosexual connotation. Shudo was a practice similar to Ancient Greece's Pederasty. Ganymede was Zeus' young, and very beloved conquest who he even brought home instead of just impregnating and forgetting about. Apollo had the most love affairs with men of the group of gods. So yes, Greece wanted to get Japan alone and talk about the gay all night long. Mmhmm.

Thanks to Reo for helping fine-tune some aspects.


Japan stared, and he wasn't one for staring. He was always polite, even when being rude, and the rest of his fellow countries were quite strange, to put it lightly. They wore many bizarre things, but he had never come across an outfit that made him completely unwilling to look away. Greece wore a filmy drape of cloth – toga, was it? It exposed one shoulder, and a section of his chest. He wore golden sandals that had intertwining straps that went all the way up his ankle. He had been chatting amiably with several members of the conference, but after seeming to catch sight of Japan out of the corner, he turned and gave his full attention to him.

Greece smiled. "You keep staring. Do you think I look weird?"

"No," Japan said. He shook his head and looked down, his face flushing. "You look...good."

"Thank you," Greece said. "Mama Greece used to wear clothes like this."

"It looks comfortable," Japan admitted.

"You should try it sometime. I'll have one made special."

Greece put his arm about Japan, much gentler than France's lascivious ways, than Italy's affectionate and...energetic ways. It felt easy, comfortable as a warm morning in bed. It was a sort of touch that Japan didn't mind.

"It's very lively here," Greece said. He looked out to where America and England were having a spat. Again. Japan noticed that his neck was very elegant, an odd thing to notice, but then Greece was considered quite handsome. There was a reason that people said handsome men were 'built like a Greek god.'

"They're noisy," Japan said. America and England's fights gave him a headache.

"We should go somewhere a little more quiet, then."

He lead Japan over to a corner near the balcony, and while the noise wasn't entirely gone, it was more muted, at least.

"I told you about the old stories, right?" Greece said.

"You told me some. Some of Zeus, and Heracles..."

"Heracles is my favorite. He's my namesake. We still have three more pillars to get through for him," Greece said. He tilted his head, and stoked his chin thoughtfully. "I should tell you some more. About Zeus and Ganymede, and a few from Apollo. In exchange, tell me some more of your stories."

"Which ones would you prefer?" Japan said.

"Tell me about the practices of Shudo, and more of Samurai loyalty... And a little more of Amaterasu."

Japan brightened. He always loved talking about Amaterasu and Samurai.

"It's very beautiful outside here. Let's go where it's a little more quiet," Greece said. "We'll look at the stars and talk all night."

"Will you point out constellations for me? I'm trying to memorize them"

Greece smiled. "Of course."