Counter Strike Action Edition

Counter terror is was sitting in base waiting for terrorist to come. He had bee not here twelve minutes and alreadt he was bore d. He had join Countre terroris when he was only six but he was fast so they said "you can join now even though the law". He knew that the magic god man had make it so that re spawn was no good so he was real. He held his h bar tiht as the frist bullet was thrown away by him. The sun was on and out the window nothing was see able due to the sun being strong tofay. Even he could no see but he had grenade which was large and he chuck in general direct of enemis who scream "Grenade" one the decided to be hero and threw his friends body ontop so every one would be alive but yet they where all covered in jim. Counter terrorsit was alone today for it was a suicide that he was one. They tell him no one can defend so we are sending you because you are best of all men. He look up from his cover which was a trash can and shot bullets at them killed ones head off. He then got night vision goggles to see good in this light. He shot again this tim hitting a guy who was dressed light a faggot (no fense ment by rude comment gays are okay). He duck into can so they could not shoot but one who was been terrorist long time and had motor buk ran otu on bike. He was fast but counter rerreorist had good bullets and shot the tire which went "KABOOM" and he said "hooray" as he jumped up and down but then he was hit by RPG and got cut on the arm so his aim would be worse then it was now. He fir but this time he no hit and again this time in the same are making his aim worse. He then held gun in one hand like girl from trespasser so that his arm would no effect his arm. He then shoot and kill a terrorist but not just one two with one shot. Not there is only one but his is was in hiding. When he ran out of cover so he had to get up he ran and tripped on a bullet as it flew past his ear and fell onto his knife which was one his belt killing him instantly. Counter Terrorist had done that he won the game but there is always another he yelled at himself.